Climate Change – A Global Emergency


Scientists are extremely concerned that far too little action is being taken to stop climate change. Politicians have spoken about fighting climate change for over a decade, but virtually no meaningful legislation has actually been passed and our government continues to allow millions of people to carelessly emit greenhouse gasses with absolutely no regard for the future. This article examines some of the catastrophic implications of our planet’s careless behavior and what we can do to fix it.

The Science

A great resource for anybody who wants to learn about the science of climate change is Al Gore’s excellent film “An Inconvenient Truth”. Al Gore’s film notes the stark correlation between carbon dioxide and temperature.

As you can see, as the level of carbon dioxide increases, so does the temperature. Scientists have also developed realistic computer models that simulate the climate under thousands of permutations of every known climatic factor to see which factors affect the climate the most. The models show conclusively that of all factors, only greenhouse gasses produced by humans have a statistically relevant effect on the climate.


The Consequences



The implications of our reckless industrial greenhouse gas emissions include sea level rises of approximately 8 meters and an elevated risk of droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes and an assortment of other natural disasters. In addition, scientists predict that climate change will destroy natural habitats and cause many species to go extinct.

The Optimal Climate


Scientists are still working out what the best climate should be. It’s a tricky question, because there are millions of different ecosystems and billions of micro ecosystems all over the world, probably most of which have not been discovered yet. But this is not deterring scientists from looking for an answer. Some scientists believe we should divide the world up into different climatic sections and allocate an optimal climate for each section. Other scientists believe that we should change the climate over time, so that we have ‘managed climate change’ (Please note this is not the same as ‘climate change’ as it is managed according to scientific principles in order to provide maximum environmental utility). However every accredited scientist admits that we need to manage the climate by controlling greenhouse gas emissions in order to achieve better outcomes for the planet.

Some Solutions


Renewable Energies

It’s time for us to start taking renewable energies seriously. And we can’t simply rely on the ‘market’ to come up with solutions on its own. Our government needs to aggressively fund innovative green startups who come up with creative solutions to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Our government needs to invest heavily in renewable energy sources like wind farms, bio fuels and solar panels. There is absolutely no reason why we should depend on fossil fuels, when there are so many renewable technologies capable of replacing them.

Global Emission Penalties

Despite the efforts of our leaders at the Copenhagen conference, the global carbon tax was never fully implemented. Once again, the extreme republican factions have held the world and future generations to ransom by refusing to pass a piece of sensible legislation regulating greenhouse gas emissions. The UN needs to start enforcing legislation on a global level and bypassing the nation states. Once we have a global legislative process and enforcement apparatus, we can begin to implement these changes at a global level.

Control the Population

The global population now exceeds seven billion people and population growth is only accelerating. Each of these people needs to be fed, housed and transported, and all of these activities emit greenhouse gasses. It may be a controversial view, but the scientific reality is that we absolutely have to cap the population in order to control greenhouse gas emissions and achieve the climatic optimum. China has already woken up to the dangers of uncontrolled population growth, and is implementing a firm one-child policy with forced abortions for those who choose to ignore this law. These kinds of measures are going to be necessary on a global scale in order to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Crack Down on Climate Change Deniers

It’s sad that in the 21st century, we still have people who question official scientific conclusions. There is absolutely no disagreement among the world’s accredited climate scientists about the reality of climate change, but this hasn’t stopped climate deniers from questioning it. When scientists are predicting a global catastrophe unless we act soon, climate deniers are advocating no action whatsoever to curb greenhouse gas emissions.


One of the challenges of fighting climate change is that the benefits are in the future, but sacrifices are in the here and now. I wish climate change wasn’t real. I wish we could just have unregulated industry and uncontrolled population growth; but unfortunately that just isn’t possible. The green economy may not be as economically prosperous as we might have hoped, but at least it is sustainable. It’s time for America start taking climate change seriously and stop pretending that this is an issue we can simply ignore. It’s time for us to make sacrifices for our children and make the planet a better place for future generations.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. The spectre of a planet where the average temperature is 2 degrees higher than now is too horrifying to contemplate. It is a pity that so few are dedicated to spreading the message about climate change, and I applaud your efforts to do so.

    Indeed, without the selfless efforts of people like Al Gore and David Suzuki, who have spent endless hours trudging through airports on their way to backwaters such as Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro, and Kyoto, and endured the tedious hours in committee when each piece of evidence is carefully examined, tested, and debated so as to arrive at a full and complete picture of the climate situation. As noted above, it’s an issue we cannot ignore, and we can be thankful that dedicated public servants are ever vigilant to ensure that no data is left out, or massaged to fit pre-conceived notions, or even made up!

    I for one think Al Gore is as deserving of his Nobel Prize for the noticeable effect he has had on the climate, just as much as Barack Obama deserves his Peace Prize for his contributions to a safer and less war-like planet. I challenge all the crypto-Republican/libertarian/anarchists to point out the last right winger to win a Nobel Prize.

    • Excellent points polarbear. It’s saddening and worrying that so few people genuinely appreciate the efforts of philanthropists like Al Gore and the hard work of the officials who are actively solving the problem of climate change.

  2. We are fortunate that the inherant need to talk about the weather/climate is organically hardwired into even those who are prematurely born. Extinction, deforestion, endless terror wars, herbicides, depleted uranium, pesticides, spent nuclear fuel pools/etc pale into insignificance when talking about the weather…../climate.

      • why are you citing non-accredited sites that are filled with doomer silverbugs and libertarians as evidence? These things have no place in civilized progressive discourse

        • Thanks for pointing that out TRAV777. It was the only link i could find about ‘peak debt’ and the like, conforming to my own ruminative constatations.
          RE: The Silver bugs.
          Yes, many of these hapless PM’s experts have not even discovered the link (And are thus excluded from the contemlation of higher matters.) between supply and demand, and why precious metals bugs of any kind are the product of a way of thinking attributed to a prehistoric age as ti were for them.

          For instance, the only reason the price of gold has not reachced one dollar an ounce (If even that.) is due to the massive buying of central banks and those who do not not know what to do with vast sums won at various stock market lotteries and the like.

          It is the case that the only demand for gold is amongst a smaller and smaller pool, who, vaingloriously re-assert demand for the precious metals by selling them back and forward to each other like central banks for instance.

          Seemingly, not one of them knows yet that such things as PM’s only have value on planets where there is clean food/water, perfect unchanging climate, and more or less intact ecosystems. A little silver of course is of some value for its antibiotic action, but fortunaetly for them, a tiny amount is enough to supply them for a lifetime. Or merely a tube of Silver Sulfadiazene will do, or two.

          The fiat currency producing beings there have exclusively, them themselves, systematically destroyed the superflous demand for gold/silver amongst the ordinary inhabitants en-mass there by increasing the height of their ceilings as it were, and of course by the destruction of what they call ‘the ecosystem’ there.

  3. I’m so glad to find this website. I agree so much with everything that is written here, and I don’t understand why more people can’t see the good the Obama administration is doing.

    We have come a long way in such a short time, especially with womyn’s rights, and LGBTQIA rights. Obama has overthrown the White Male Patriarchy, and now finally PoC can have their voices heard! It is a great time for our country. Even my Wiccan Coven is making progress to getting tax exempt status. Maiden Bluebell tells me that we might achieve that in a few years and become an accredited religion.

    This is all thanks to the wise American people, and new immigrants who voted for Obama, and is changing out country for the better. I am thrilled about the future progress we will all share in and enjoy!

    That being said, I wish the website was more inclusive. I find it a bit racist that only white bears are featured. Bears of color need to be represented as well, and it would be nice to have some gay, lesbian or trans* bears represented too.

    Please work for better inclusion of all genders and colors, even in the Animal Family.

    • Thanks for the complements Cyndi. Point taken. I will make a special effort to be more inclusive and implement a strict non-discrimination policy here at the accredited times. Racism and sexism simply will not be tolerated on this progressive accredited site.

      • it’s not your fault, MDB…as a man, you are born with incapacity to “understand” and not to discriminate against women and restrict “access.” If you’re white then you are born also naturally racist. You must work extra hard to overcome these things and the further you go to do so, the further you will have to go. Really, only your death and the extinction of your people will ever satisfy the terrible legacy of slavery. We can never really make good as a species until we’ve extinguished racism and transformed our embarrassing nation into something like…Zimbabwe.

    • You are wise, as only a woman can be. Diversity has benefited us all, transforming places like Detroit from its shameful place as the wealthiest city on the planet into the shining beacon of diversity and vibrant enrichment that it is now. Unfortunately, rather than accept this, white males stole all the jobs and ran away and hid them. So now, commute times into urban office cores are huge and millions of gallons of fuel are expended in traffic jams annually…all because of racist unwillingness to live within the type of enrichment and vibrancy that Detroit offers. Some people are just soooo closedminded. Bears are much more inclusive, brown, white, etc., they all get along and should be a model for the rest of us.

      The animal kingdom is in a state of harmony where all species work together to ensure inclusion and diversity. Never do you see a species try to be the fittest and survive even if it means outcompeting other species. That is simply abhorrent and just not natural. Also, animals SHARE. They don’t try to hoard all of the food or land, treating it as their territory or something like that. Humans are the ones who are selfish and destructive. We go around damming rivers and cutting down trees for crying out loud!

      • Trav, you almost brought me to tears with your most eloquent prose.

        Diversity and sharing is the aspirational choice for the collective, and your excellently chosen example of Detroit lends substantive credence to your thoughts.

        Victory will ultimately be ours, once the world gives up its addiction to Carbon!

    • Cyndi, thank you. As a newly accredited writer, you have given me something to strive towards. Your insightful commentary into gender and color are on point and beyond valid – it’s truth, pure and simple truth. As a straight white male, my life is a story of privilege, and to a large extent voluntary ostracism of others. Every measure of success that I’ve enjoyed was a grant of privilege, nothing and I mean NOTHING was truly earned. As for ostracism, I can’t even begin to comment. I’m ashamed. Maybe a good first step is to go to a local bath house I’m aware of and spend time in the back room. I suspect it’s time for me to be a receiver and pay penitence. Thank you for promoting the progressive agenda that we know to be truth everlasting!

  4. I think it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the message is not being trampled by the vast and disproportionate financial support given to the Deniers by Big Coal/Big Oil.

    We need to impose appropriate financial and social sanctions upon the Deniers (remember – they are destroying our entire way of life!), followed by suitable re-education in the collective morality.

    If all else fails, then we should be seriously contemplating ostracision or even humane exit procedures.

    I am so glad that I stumbled over this wonderful nascent progressive blog – we need a voice of reason to shout out over the Tea Party/Republican trolls who infest everything these days. Well done, MDB!

    • It is good to have yet another voice of progressive reason here. Those deniers need to be muzzled. It’s inarguable that humans change the climate, from aerosol pollution over the indian subcontinent (affecting rainfall in Africa) to the liberation of zillions of tons of carbon which took several hundred million years to deposit into the earth. The oceans will acidify and climate will change. Will the earth die? No…just a lot of the humans who multiplied in a more benign climate. Deforestation goes hand in hand with CO2 liberation. But, nuclear power is scary and so we shouldn’t try that. We should join with California in eliminating ALL coal plants and just import our coal electricity from Arizona.

      Of course, government-led programs are the answer, as always…and more diversity. We need as diverse a science population as we can find to get atop this issue immediately.

      • I had a dream that by increasing their, ‘debt ceiling’ that is now famous throughout the cosmos on that planet of theirs, the concentration of CO2 could be diluted until the amount of carbon was so rarefied it became one of what they themselves call a ‘noble gas’ there.

      • Dilution, by way of more of an exponential increase of their fiat currency production is the solution, and now their only hope on that ill fated planet of theirs.

        You are right, about those “scary” endlessly smoldering nuclear fires their maleficent nuclear intelligentsia have built for them all themselves there, as if carbon and greenhouses were not hot enough without these, already.

      • Another excellent point Trav. As much as I respect accredited scientific views, science is largely a white patriarchal discipline. Imagine the scientific discoveries that we are missing out on from women and minorities? We need to work to make science more inclusionary so that we can incorporate the perspectives of many different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. This is the key to solving climate change once and for all.