Millennials – The Most Progressive Generation in US History


With each generation, America is becoming more and more progressive and open to liberal ideas. Many theories abound as to why, ranging from increased access to higher education, more forward thinking public schools, or simply that new generations are absorbing and building upon the foundation for progress laid by their parents. Regardless of the reasons for this shift in American values, it is unquestionably true that Millenials are the most liberal generation in US history, and their views are fundamentally changing our society from the bottom up.

One thing that sets Millenials apart from many previous generations is that they never experienced the draft, and forgoing that trauma has allowed them to develop a strong sense of compassion and a heightened sensitivity to the feelings of others.  As a result, Millenials are distinctly non-confrontational and adhere to a strict moral code of political correctness. This code is designed to eliminate offensive hate speech, previously protected under the guise of ‘free speech’, which causes emotional distress to downtrodden members of our society such as women and minorities. As a result, America is becoming a far more tolerant and pleasant place to live, especially for historically oppressed members of society, many of whom still suffer emotionally as a result of inter-generational trauma passed down from their ancestors.

Millenials also understand the value of education better than any generation before them, and are wary of the pitfalls of entering the workforce without a solid college degree. For most of America’s history, college was reserved for the elite, and the majority of young Americans were forced to seek careers in the private sector, which imbued them with a singular focus on ‘profit’ above all else. Today however, student loans are available to all, and young people are encouraged to study subjects that interest them, without worrying about career prospects. This has allowed young people to mature in a stimulating social and learning environment, and form opinions on a broader range of societal issues facing our world, before embarking on a career.

Millenials are also more tech-savvy than any generation before them. To them, texting and social networks are second nature, making them the most sophisticated social species the world has ever seen. Millennials routinely interact with thousands of people on a daily basis, while consuming vast sums of information from the internet. This ability to both consume and proliferate information over the web gives them incredible influence in the world, and is allowing them to effect change at a global level.

Older generations often criticize Millenials for being ‘lazy’, ‘entitiled’ and ‘ignorant’ of how the world works, but in reality it is older generations who are clinging to the failed ways of the past. Millenials recognize that ideas such as unregulated free markets and closed borders simply aren’t working, and need to be replaced. To them it is obvious that diversity, tolerance and equality should be valued above all else, and that any idea that stands in the way of these principles needs to be torn down, no matter how ingrained it may be in the American psyche. Change isn’t always easy for older generations, but that’s why in order for society to progress, proponents of old ideas need to die off, so that proponents of progress can rise up and bring us into the future.


  1. unfortunately, these millennials tend not to share the same level of support for ISRAEL ISRAEL ISRAEL. This is something that needs to be watched and scrutinized.

    It’s clear that the further we come, the more we have to do to overcome anti-Semitism. Otherwise 7.0 million more jews will shortly die just as they were throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s, culminating in the announcement right at the end of WW2 that precisely that many had been killed.

    These millennials have lots of privilege that they need to check and must be on the lookout for extremism in their ranks when they support things like a Palestinian State, for example.

    Clearly, though, diversity is our greatest strength. Look at an organization like NASA, they started diversity in 1972 and look at them now! Look at how much greater and stronger the level of achievement is from that agency. It’s amazing how significant a change blacks and other minorities were able to do to NASA. Diversity is about making things level…and it’s leveled NASA and everything in its path. Made it totally stronger.

    ISRAEL ISRAEL ISRAEL though, hasn’t yet gone into multicultural mode…I am worried about them. They clearly need the strengthening of diversity. Millennials may help that.

    This stuff about student loans though…college should be FREE. It’s a human right. So is health care. FREE. How dare anyone try to profit from this sort of thing?

    The ease of debt has enabled today’s students to study interesting degrees like black or women’s studies and then go to work at Starbucks. How can we not love this outcome? It’s win/win for all sides. Once we raise the minimum wage to $15/hr or higher, then EVERYONE will have access to a good wage and we will have peace, tolerance, and diversity everywhere.

    Many racists do try to defend the charges of hate speech by alleging that the statements are “true.” What is this TRUTH they speak of? Truth is not to be preferred to the feelings of minorities and women. If something hurts feelings, then it cannot really be true, can it?

  2. Millennials are not the most progressive generation in US history.

    Our millennials are the most progressive generation in world history. Period. No one beats our millennials. If you disagree with the best generation ever, then they rightfully have the duty to shut you down in order to protect the current order.