Is Trump a True Supporter of Israel?


After what seemed like a reluctance to vocalize his support for Israel, Trump has more recently attempted to show his support for America’s most valued ally. However, looking back over Trump’s history, one has to question whether his support for Israel is as pronounced as many hope it to be.

Prior to Trump’s more visible endorsement of Israel and his long overdue AIPAC speech, Trump came under fire for his outrageous statement that he would be ‘neutral’ on the Israel-Palestine conflict. This is a shocking statement coming from a man who has a real chance of becoming President. Trump has yet to retract these words, despite widespread criticism from foreign policy experts who claim that his lack of support for Israel demonstrates a serious naivety about America’s foreign policy objectives and our strategic and unbreakable alliance with Israel.

Hillary on the other hand, has not been afraid to show her unwavering support for our strongest ally, stating that

America can’t ever be neutral when it comes to Israel’s security or survival, because in Israel’s story, we see our own, and the story of all people who struggle for freedom and self-determination

Trump’s lack of clear support for America’s greatest ally is unprecedented for a serious presidential candidate in recent US history, and this has many foreign policy experts worried about what a Trump presidency could mean for our relationship with Israel and how this would affect our objectives in the Middle East.



    The greatest ally anyone has ever had or ever could have…or ever will. It could take all day to recount the awesome things this indispensable ally has done for the USA over the years.