Brexit – The Case To Remain


Tomorrow, Britain will have to make an important decision about whether to continue building on the progress of the European union and promoting a brighter future for all Europeans, or to reject European unity and pursue an isolated existence in an increasingly globalized world. Numerous experts from Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and executives at Goldman Sachs Investment Bank, to President Barrack Obama have warned about the dire economic consequences if Britain were to leave the EU; but this has not stopped far right alarmists from creating their own hypothetical doomsday scenarios if Britain were to remain. In this article, I will make the case that European unity is the only practical way forward for Britain; economically, culturally and politically.

Professional Leadership

The European Commission is able to pull its talent from a large pool of gifted people across multiple nations, each with their own expertise, leadership styles and political perspectives. This large pool of leadership talent allows the EU to build a highly skilled and diverse governing team, equipped to deal with today’s global economic and political challenges. Individually, EU nations would struggle to deliver the exceptional leadership that the EU is capable of producing.


The EU plans to finalize the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership by 2020, which is designed to give companies that operate in Europe and the United States the tools they need to negotiate more effectively with nation states. This would allow them to grow the European economy by doing business more effectively and creating more jobs. The European Commission has estimated that the TTIP will boost the EU economy by 120 billion Euros. If Britain chooses to go it alone, it will be cut out from this economic growth.

Greater Clout in Global Negotiations

Individually, each nation state has little to offer on the international stage, and is thus in a vulnerable position when negotiating with economic giants like China and the United States. The EU on the other hand is a global superpower, capable of negotiating the best possible international deals on trade, security and the environment.

Helping Refugees

The majority of Brits want to help destitute Syrian refugees fleeing Assad’s brutal regime, however there is a growing resentment and xenophobia emanating from Britain’s far right that opposes actions to house and feed those who need help. The EU has drafted legislation for fining EU nation states hundreds of millions of Euros for not taking a sufficient number of refugees, which promises to discourage nations from pandering to the far right.

Cultural Enrichment

The EU brings together a wide variety of cultures, making the European experience vastly more exciting, enjoyable and rewarding. Soon Turkey will join the EU, allowing EU citizens to experience this nation’s rich cultural history and breathtaking natural beauty, visa free. The more diversity, the more we learn from each other, and the better equipped we are to solve the economic and social challenges that every nation faces.

United we are Stronger

Together, we are always stronger. No man is an island, and similarly no nation can reach its full potential by cutting itself off from the rest of the world. A vote to leave would be a vote for economic catastrophe and isolationism. If you have the right to vote in this referendum, there is only one logical choice. Vote remain, and send a message to the right wing demagogues who would like nothing more than to crush European unity and the European spirit. For it is only through unity and by working together, that we can create a brighter future for not only Britain, but for the rest of Europe and the world.


      • Is this page a joke? You cite TTIP and allowing in a flood of refugees as the “Positive” for “Remain”.

        You had nothing else on there that was positive either just platitudes of “stronger together” (I assume militarily? with a European army??).

        You probably flipped many votes to Brexit with such lunacy. You’d have better luck if you just wrote one point “A rejection of nationalism”.

        But many people aren’t quite ready to destroy their British identity in favor of a “European” nationality.

        And you use reactionary like it’s an insult. As if the modern stagnant economic growth or decaying institutions are “progress”.

      • By the way, the truly reactionary idea is to have a European Customs Union (the goal of Germany in WW1), and a political superstate of all Europe (the goal of Hitler in WW2).

        As the Vichy French put it, “One Europe under Germany” was the goal of WW2.

        Today, the Allies have reversed their gains and instead granted their sovereignty to a Union under Germany. What irony! And a European Union that hates Israel too. Herr Merkel has done her part.

        Germany has officially won WW1 and WW2.

  1. MDB
    One of the best post i ever read.Short and precise.It is surprising to know that your views strangely coincide with likes of rothchilds,osbourne and soros.Great minds think alike,as said by one philosopher.

    It is our cultural duty to bring more diversity and more progressivisim in EU-UK and USA.Without progressive thought,west would wither and die.

    • Thanks global. Yes, it is only thanks to our tireless pursuit of progress that the West continues to transform and grow. We cannot allow the west to fall back into the fascism from whence it came. Instead we must eternally pursue progress in favor of nationalism, fairness in favor of profit, and reparations in favor of selfishness. The EU embodies these values and this vision, which is why it must be preserved in the face of opposition from the far-right.

  2. Thank you for this clear-headed and not-at-all sarcastic column. The people of the UK need to realize that if they leave the EU their cell phone rates will go up and vacations in Greece will be more expensive. This is an economic catastrophe that the EU technocrats can avert if given the power to do so without any oversight.

  3. I do not agree. It is much more important that the people of Great Britain get their country and democracy back so the can be free to rule themselves and not EU(SSR). It is a chans in a life time to get out of the dictatorial union. Like if Poland or Ukraine had a chans to leave USSR by referendum in 1950. Make Britain Great Again, vote to leave!

    • Learn to spell and punctuate, you dumbass fuck!!!!! Can’t even write the language of the country you’re defending. All this crap about Great Britain. A country whose wealth is based upon slavery; a nasty little fact the nationalistic troglodytes like yourself either don’t know or choose to forget. Have you seen the reverse Darwinism that is going on in Britain? The lazy, stupid, tattooed masses. What does the EU have to do with that? Complacent, outdated and deluded – ladies and gentlemen we have your average Brexit supporter.

  4. You, MDB, are a clueless fool. Nothing that you ever write stands up to any serious scrutiny. The world is in such a mess because it seems that there are many millions just like you. God help us.