In Defense of George Soros


Paranoid right wing extremists have recently started accusing every progressive and forward thinking group of secretly working for the well known philanthropist, George Soros. While it’s true that Mr Soros donates much of his time and money to progressive causes such as fighting racism and xenophobia, promoting global union and fighting climate change, it’s obviously not true that every group on the left is on his payroll. Furthermore, the right simply assumes that Soros is universally hated, while providing no evidence of wrongdoing. Soros is often painted as an evil capitalist with sinister ulterior motives, but his actions are perfectly consistent with his stated progressive goals.

Many say that in this world, no good deed goes unpunished, and for many prominent liberals that statement seems truer than ever. George Soros is far from the scrooge-like capitalist that many on the right portray him to be. On the contrary, most of his time and money is donated to entirely selfless causes. Some may argue that Soros’ background in the financial industry puts him at odds with most progressives, but the fact is, he has used those profits to achieve unprecedented good in the world, funnelling money out of a corrupt and greedy industry into progressive think tanks, forward thinking presidential candidates, and a myriad of important social causes. This puts him in stark contrast to right wing special interest like the Koch Brothers, who instead spend their time sabotaging progressive causes to protect their own business interests.

In addition to his humanitarian work, George Soros is also instrumental in advising governments on economic, social and foreign policy. Soros has been proactive in warning governments about the dangers of Russian expansionism and the need for immediate action to quell this threat. He has also been advising Europe about how to fight nationalism and the importance of creating a comprehensive plan for housing and integrating Syrian refugees. He has also pushed for police reform in America and funded organizations aligned with Black Lives Matter.

Overall, Soros’ actions speak not of a man with devious plans for world domination, but rather of a man who simply seeks to use his fortune and influence to promote progressive causes and make the world a better place. For all their raving about Soros’ supposed evil plans, right wingers consistently fail to acknowledge the time and money he has spent on charitable causes for no profit at all. It’s sad that those on the right cannot recognize the good that one man does, simply because his ideology is different from theirs. Their closed mindedness and resentment will be their downfall, as philanthropists on the left continue to put their money where their mouth is, and help us make our vision of a free, open and fair society a reality.


  1. Anyone who criticizes George Soros is an ANTISEMITE. Let’s just be honest about that. This is current year and it is simply WRONG to criticize any person of the jewish faith for anything.

    Soros gives his money for progressive GOOD and anyone opposing his efforts is a hater, bigot, white supremacist, Nazi (who wants to kill 7.0 million jews), xenophobe, racist, bitter gun clinger, nationalist, nativist, anti-tradist, ignorant fool who believes black lives do not matter.

    so check your privilege before criticizing a jewish person.

      • It naturally follows that any and all criticism of Mr. Soros’ various philanthropic organizations and enterprises, their funding and endorsement of a veritable *galaxy* of bona fide grassroots Social Justice organizations and movements, and the policies and direct actions taken by these same, is neccesarily also anti-semitic in the extreme.

        ps: – Why George no Peace Prize, already?…

    • Indeed Ben. – To continue with your literary analogy, I see him more as Tom Bombadil: – serenely sitting above it all while perma-beaming a gaze of pure benevolence upon all, as he quietly labors away behind the scenes in his own quiet, humble and inscrutable way, for the ultimate benefit and good of all creation.


  2. look let’s be honest about this. globalism is good because if you’re not for globalism, then you support the only other inevitable alternative —–world war 3 and global nuclear genocide.

    what kind of person supports global nuclear genocide? all you right wingers are out of your mind. globalism and global govermnent is the ONLY sensible policy to move civilization forward , anything else is a warm psychopathic embrace of global thermonuclear war and killing billions of your fellow citizens of the globe.

    if you support global nuclear genocide , our precrime units might have to place you in pre-jail using a pre-trial approved by panels of pre-judges.

    global ordum uberalis!!!!

  3. Paranoid is right. I have personally worked for George Soros, and let me be the first to say that Mr. Soros is a leader, a visionary, and a wonderful human being/reptilian. One time we were meeting at a worship ceremony for the owl god Molech, and — can you believe it — I forgot my magic underwear. Mr. Soros, though, ALWAYS BRINGS AN EXTRA SET in case he, you know, “has an accident.” Upon learning of my plight, Mr. Soros graciously loaned me his extra set. At the end of the ritual, Mr. Soros let me keep the underwear and told me that he hoped it would bring me luck while protesting police brutality. It did — I called five police officers “crackers” that day and then closed the evening by eating a box of Ritz crackers. Delicious. Thank you Mr. Soros, and especially thank you for the funds you have given me and my fellow social justice warriors for opposing the police.

    • Soros is an absolute life saver for progressives such as black lives matter, who don’t have the resources or privilege to fight the system. Thanks to Soros, many of the BLM leaders are now sporting bright orange sneakers, brand new watches and expensive suits, meeting with the president and doing interviews with CNN. Finally, the anti-police movement is getting recognized and being taken seriously. I feel like this movement is really going somewhere now. People are listening, and we are changing the world! This is only possible because of the generosity and vision of Mr Soros and others like him.