Conservatives' War on Science


It’s no secret that conservatives are anti-science. Conservatives constantly rail against the science of Climate Change, vaccines and GMOs, as well as social science, and the most important science of all, economics. The right wing mind is eternally fearful of anything new, and of anything that might challenge historical dogma. New discoveries threaten many of the values that the right cling to religiously, such as the patriarchal family, property ‘rights’, traditional eating habits, and free market capitalism.

The science of climate change is rapidly influencing the way we organize society. We all know that we need to have fewer children, use public transport instead of driving, eat less meat, and live generally more frugal, more sustainable lives. The white working class however, has become accustomed to a culture antithetical to these goals. It’s a culture that worships capitalism and encourages driving large gas guzzling cars, eating steaks, and having large traditional families. Climate science is therefore a particularly inconvenient truth to this large segment of society, which explains this community’s irrational denial of climate change and hatred of environmental science.

The science of economics is also eating away at conservatives’ traditional ideas about capitalism, such as the notion that important companies should be allowed to fail, or that interest rates should be allowed to rise. Economists understand that letting a systemically important financial institution go bankrupt could send the economy into a serious depression, and that interest rates need to be controlled to manage the economy for the common good. Many conservatives reject these scientific facts in favor of traditional ideas of personal responsibility and free markets, attacking every economic policy implemented by our government and Federal Reserve.

Social science is also increasingly challenging the long held beliefs that gender is binary, and that race is purely biological. We now realize that gender and race fall on a subjective continuum defined by how we view ourselves and what we feel. To adapt to these scientific discoveries, politicians are taking new measures such as affirmative action and requiring gender neutral bathrooms, both of which conservatives vehemently oppose.

It’s sad that despite the advancement of science, conservatives remain committed to keeping us in the past. This is not only standing in the way of social and economic progress – it is also putting us in severe danger, as measures to tackle climate change such as a global carbon tax, are repeatedly shut down by bitter clingers. We need to focus more on early education, in order to promote the acceptance of scientific conclusions, so that we may continue to move forward as a society, and respond to environmental threats with decisive action.


  1. Poignant observation, as always MDB. Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on the times we’re living in.

    I always wonder why conservatives (some of them closeted neo-nazis) cling so much to the past. It is as if something, just for the reason of being old, has merit for them. I really can’t understand it.
    We live in complex times. Man-made climate change, racism or sexism are just a few of the issues threatening our survival. That’s why I am glad we have the farseeing leaders in place to tackle those issues on a political level. So not all is lost. Yet. We need more progressive organizations such as the UN, WTO or the EU to help advance all of man- and womankind.

    Advancement doesn’t know borders and so shouldn’t we. Look forward, not backwards. Learn from our modern ideals and create a safe space for everybody! Down with thhose hideous ideas from the past!

    • Yes. Unfortunately globalization is yet another necessary economic transition opposed by conservatives. We need to get people to understand that global problems, such as climate change, need global solutions. We need to empower global institutions such as the UN, and pass important trade deals like the TPP, so that we have to the tools to address our global challenges.

      • Agree on this post…Conservatives are totally anti-science.

        I mean, imagine those who still believe that GENETICS dictate or influence outcomes among humans…talk about cretins and Neanderthals. It boggles the mind that in current year there are still people who believe that humans are subject to the laws and forces of Evolution and that we are not all TOTALLY EQUAL in every way except skin color. We are ALL born a totally blank slate and influenced by society to become what we are. Evolution and genetics have no relevance to humans, to assert otherwise is to use “scientific racism” which has been so thoroughly debunked by fairness advocates and social justice warriors through their collective strenuous wishing that it blows my mind right out of my head that people still believe this claptrap.

        The medical profession is actually STILL using race to change parameters in drug trials…I recently got a blood test that supposedly had different reference ranges for different “races”!?!??! Don’t these Nazi motherfuckers know we ALL bleed red and that there is ONE race, the HUMAN race?!??! Social justice theorists have PROVEN this by their bold assertions, what more needs to be said??

        Race does not exist says popular science figureheads and other persuasive television personalities; there is no scientific validity to it…the entire medical community and clinical technicians are seething modern-day Nazis!!

        Gender also has no scientific validity; you can be whatever gender you identify with. THIS is what liberal social justice and trans- advocates tell us. This is science.

  2. I must be conservative because I cling to the old biology of male and female and do not believe that a surgeon’s knife can convert one into the other, not even with hormone therapy. Perhaps in the future when genetic engineering gets advanced enough then males and females can switch back and forth. But until then all that surgery and drugs can accomplish is to turn a healthy fertile functioning organism of one sex into a eunuch, not in any way into the opposite sex. But I guess this attitude makes me stupid. But I’d rather be stupid and old fashioned than psychotic.

      • Why would gender studies be more scientific than biology and physiology? Gender studies is political, you silly person you. You must think we’re all stupid idiots like you out here in cyberspace.

  3. “Conservatism” is just another word for RACISM. They don’t want to have ANYTHING to do with science unless it’s seeing the effects of their dog whistle code words like “limited government,” “tougher policing,” “deregulation,” the “national anthem,” and “tax cuts.” “Conservatism” is all about maintaining White Privilege. They put us in chains four hundred years ago, and they want to put us in chains again today.

    • The reason the non-white peoples of the world remained so retarded for so long is precisely because they failed to learn the value of limited government. Whether white people exist or not, whatever people do exist will want limits on their government, unless they are stupid and prefer totalitarian government.

      • Keep blowing the dog whistle, jsolbakken (if that is your real name). First, you embrace Straight Privilege. Now, you’ve embraced White Privilege. Surprise, surprise — another bigoted, heteronormative “conservative.”

        I like how you blame the victims of White Privilege for the results of White Privilege. Racism? Slavery? Segregation? Colonialism? Imperialism? Islamophobia? Have you ever even taken a Critical Race Theory course???? Tell me — how were the native People of Color on this continent supposed to succeed when “conservatives” WHITES immigrated without documentation, stole their land, destroyed the environment, gave them blankets infused with smallpox, and put them on “reservations”? How were the Mexican People of Color supposed to succeed when “conservatives” stole their land as well and discriminated against them in housing, employment, lending, and so forth. How were the native People of Color in South Africa supposed to succeed when whites implemented apartheid? “Conservatives” are about one thing: rolling back the clock on civil rights.

        FACT: Gender is a social construct.

        FACT: White Privilege exists.


          • So who built Disneyland? You didn’t build that. SLAVES built the White House, and PEOPLE OF COLOR overwhelmingly built Disneyland on non-union, sub-$15 wages. Whites stole Alta California and then abused People of Color so they could enrich themselves off minority lands, yoking minorities like mules for labor. Where’s my 40 acres and a mule? Oh, that’s right, more broken promises, just like the broken treaties with the Native Americans. But, of course, the Native Americans are to blame for the results of White Privilege.

            Whites have been oppressing People of Color for centuries, stealing the labor and genius of minorities for their own benefit. If you look back at all the great scientific inventions, People of Color invented just about everything. Ever driven a car? Thank an AFRICAN-AMERICAN not only for the car, the roads, the streetlights, and the stoplights on the street — all AFRICAN-AMERICAN inventions. Ever eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? — another AFRICAN-AMERICAN invention. Ever used a mop? — oh, that’s right, probably not, since you just oppress minorities to mop for you on wages under $15. In any event, yet another AFRICAN-AMERICAN invention. What did “conservatives” invent? — (1) White Privilege, (2) Straight Privilege, and (3) Climate Change Denialism.


            • Obviously people of color were toofa king stupid to build Disneyland until white men told them how to do it. A lot of those white men were probably fags, though, so you have that on your side. And didn’t O’bammy say that if I like my privilege I can keep my privilege?

              • So African-origin people could build the pyramids, but not Disneyland? Give me a break. Obama said you could keep your DOCTOR — and millions have, including 20 million people who now have healthcare thanks to Obama.

                • Scientists theorize that all modern humans came out of Africa. So we’re all African origin, nothing special about it. And Anglos stole Disneyland from Mexicans, not black people. You’re getting mixed up. I bet you’re actually a white person like Rachel Dolezal and you ain’t a person of color at all in any case. You’re really just an opportunistic communist idiot and you’ve got somebody else’s chip on your shoulder, not even your own chip. Very pathetic.

      • Idiot! “Limited government”‘ is what whites use to oppress minorities! The free market is just a mechanism to spread white privilege! Whites discriminate and refuse to hire minorities into important roles – they only employ them to do dirty slave work. We need AGGRESSIVE affirmative action and reparations to balance things out. White privilege is a DISEASE that needs to be WIPED OUT.

        • Without white people around how will the people of color and gender and sexual disorientation know what to do?

  4. Can we have safe spaces from which people like jsolbakken are banned? Those right wing people are just distorting the concept of freedom of speech, freedom of speech should exist only when you have serious, scientific debates, like what’s the best way to promote the gender theory or what’s the best way to abolish cash or the punishment that should be adopted against gold hoarders, but I was traumatized by his posts today!

  5. R.I.P. Darren Seals. I think we should take a moment of silence for this hero who fought against oppression. My guess is that some right wingers will try to claim that he was shot by another black, but we all know that white oppression was responsible.