Obama’s Legacy – The Most Progressive President in US History



President Obama is undoubtedly one of the most forward-thinking and successful presidents in US history. His achievements, in the face of vicious right wing opposition, have been nothing short of outstanding. Many items that have been on the progressive agenda for decades such as universal healthcare, have finally been approved by congress and the Supreme Court. And what’s even more miraculous is that while achieving these progressive goals, Obama has managed to completely turn the economy around from one of the worst recessions in US history.

When Obama took over from the republicans in 2009, America was on the verge of collapse, after eight years of unfettered capitalism and deregulation under Bush. When Obama took office, he swiftly took charge of economic policy with a series of fiscal stimulus packages designed to supplement and enhance our Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing measures. The results were nothing short of extraordinary. The S&P 500 steadily rose from a low of around 680 in 2009 to a recent record high of 2190. This will undoubtedly go down as the greatest economic turnaround ever achieved by a US president.

Obama’s single greatest achievement however, has to be the Affordable Care Act, which has been a dream of liberals and progressives for decades. Obama and his team skilfully navigated numerous obstacles in congress and the Supreme Court to finally pass a bill ensuring that every American, regardless of economic status or documentation, has access to healthcare. To this we can add his executive orders restricting the use of dangerous firearms, which were also skilfully navigated past congress. And to top it off, Obama has managed to bring American national defense into the 21st century by reclassifying broadband under telecommunications, allowing the internet to be better controlled and regulated.

It’s sad that Obama was not able to complete all of the items on his agenda, such as a ban on semi-automatics, amnesty for undocumented immigrants, and the TPP, but his achievements have been exceptional nonetheless. It’s now time for us to focus on Hillary’s campaign, and ensure that she overcomes her temporary bout of pneumonia to defeat Trump in November. We must make sure that the tremendous progress America has made over the last eight years is not undone by the republicans. We must also continue to build on our achievements, in order to permanently transform America into a nation that values equality over profit, fairness over greed, safety over risk, and tolerance over bigotry.


  1. Obama is undoubtedly the greatest president in history. Fortunately, the Democrats have an unbelievably deep bench for future Presidents:

    Hillary Clinton, President 2017 – 2025
    Michelle Obama, President 2025 – 2033
    Chelsea Clinton, President 2033 – 2041
    Malia Obama, President 2041 – 2049
    Sasha Obama, President 2049 – 2057

    By that time, hopefully the TPP, the EU, Mercosur, and the African Union can merge, and we can get rid of term limits once and for all.

    • Nice choices. I think white males should be ruled out for the foreseeable future, as we have a lot of balancing out to do. With a string of female Presidents in office, at least we won’t have to worry about endless wars and fiscal irresponsibility. If the world was run by women there would be no war.

      • This campaign unfortunately shows how far we still need to go to eliminate Male Privilege. The corporate media has repeatedly engaged in sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton’s health, claiming that womyn somehow lack the fortitude to hold executive office. That is why we desperately need Hillary Clinton to shatter the glass ceiling once and for all.

        As a womyn, Hillary has a long record of promoting peaceful resolutions to conflict. She deserves a Nobel Peace Prize every bit as much as Barack Obama. But obviously the Nobel Committee is still very much an “old boys” club.

      • Why would anyone war with us when Obama has left us broke and a chaotic third world cesspool. Ps, Obama care is a complete middle class killing failure. Liberalism is parental disorder.

        • Wow. How can any self-respecting womyn support the Patriarchy over our first Black/LGBT President and soon-to-be-first Womyn President? That statement is WAY outside of the mainstream — have you ever even watched the View??? And how can you question ObamaCare when it gave us healthcare, including birth control and reproductive health services? Are you against healthcare???

    • You really need to lay off the drugs, it’s making you say really stupid shit. If you keep it up you may find yourself in a padded room with the whackjob Hitlery Clitongue.

  2. Despite my admiration for the man, I have still some reservations. After the outstanding campaign to bring democracy to Libya, he showed some signs of weakness in 2013 (and still today) when he tried to find a compromise with Russia over Syria. Fortunatelly with Hilary Clinton we can expect to have the best of the best, the best of Obama and the best of senator McCain all in one person.

    • Yes, I agree that we need to take a much tougher stance against Russia, who are the primary threat to the US right now. Hillary has what it takes to negotiate a peaceful resolution with Russia, but she’s also not afraid to fight if push comes to shove.

    • Obama is doing everything possible to stop the Russians. He imposed severe sanctions and has even written them a number of letters. The problem is that the Rethuglicans — through voter suppression efforts, including voter ID laws — have controlled Congress since the Syrian conflict began. They have blocked Obama every step of the way. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is working directly with the Russians to subvert our democracy. Coincidence? Highly unlikely. If the results show a Donald Trump victory, we’ll know who’s responsible, and Obama will need to continue serving until we can resolve the situation.

  3. I think Putin has a large penis. Statistically, Barry’s penis should be larger than Putin’s but Barry IS half white so I’m not sure. If Putin is truly sporting a monster, he may have shown it to Barry (by accident of course) in the restroom after a State dinner. This may have caused jealousy to build in Barry’s mind causing him to lash out and blame Russia for everything. Of course this is not Barry’s fault, it’s the white mans for holding down the black man for hundreds of years. This understandably builds rage and hatred over time. Then to have look down at someone’s beast of a unit and meet his eye, him knowing he has just defeated you. It’s not fair! And it’s not Barry’s fault.
    I think this explains a lot.
    WW1 was started over much less than this.

  4. When a president is sworn in, the first thing that happens is he get to look at the “Book of Rules”. In this sacred text are all the secrets that have been kept from the public, for fear of spooking the heard. For example: Time travel exists, why do you think GW Bush said:
    “One of the things important about history is to remember the true history.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., June 6, 2008

    True history is only available after the fact, which is confirmed by history.

    As for The title of most progressive, I kinda doubt that any time traveling president would be able to gauge the progress of progressive policy making,
    the words don’t make any sense at all.

    • Who would have thought! This needs to be investigated immediately – Putin and Trump would be the primary suspects, as the article suggests. We have to get to the bottom of this issue now. And what person in their right mind would vote for Trump now that he is likely to be under investigation for murder?

  5. President Obama’s economic policies and series of fiscal stimulus packages have led to the most impressive economic recovery ever! The number of billionaires in the US increased dramatically during Obama’s Economic Recovery, from 403 billionaires in 2009 up to 540 already in 2016, confirming the President’s ability to maintain a healthy economy.

    • Maybe for the top 1% but the middle class has suffered tremendously. With the debt the idiot in the white house has racked up, our children, grand children and great grand children will be paying for it.

      • The debt can be rolled over. It need not be paid down.

        That is the biggest advantage of having a fiat currency under the professional control of a Central Bank.