A World Without Climate Change


Scientists have warned about the impending natural disasters which threaten to ravage our planet should we fail to curb our excessive greenhouse gas emissions. But no matter how catastrophic their predictions, stubborn and backward conservatives refuse to accept even the simplest laws aimed at fighting climate change. Since conservatives are inherently greedy and selfish, and have a complete disregard for future generations and the health of our environment, many social scholars are experimenting with the carrot instead of the stick, by educating people about the many benefits of a world without climate change.

Scientists now have realistic computer models that can accurately simulate the climate under any scenario, and what these models demonstrate is that without anthropogenic greenhouse gasses, the climate would remain remarkably stable and hospitable to human life and endangered habitats. The models show that global temperatures are unlikely to change much, if at all without human intervention, and the incidents of a range of natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, volcanoes and earthquakes are all likely to fall drastically. The global scientific community agrees that the current climate is perfect the way it is, and any change induced by humans would destabilize the planet and cause chaos throughout the world.

Picture a world in which your family can live in peace on the gulf coast, without fear of hurricanes and floods. Think of a world which allows Japanese and Indonesian villages to thrive without fear of tsunamis wreaking havoc on the progress they have made. A world where the tropical sun continues to feed the rich habitats of the Great Barrier Reef, and the northern lights continue to light up the skies of Scandinavia. This is the climate that Mother Nature intended us to live in, and it is perfect in every way, down to the finest detail.

Deniers will argue that the climate has changed radically for millions of years without any significant human intervention, but this misses the point. The fact is, almost every climatic variation in an over-industrialized world is predicted to be severely detrimental to our survival and the well-being of the planet; whereas natural climate change is good for us and the planet. Natural variations in the climate allow the planet to maintain a stable equilibrium. We have no business interfering with nature, and any attempt to do so will inevitably end in disaster. So to those deniers who still refuse to accept simple measures to tackle climate change such as a global carbon tax, I would humbly ask you to consider the benefits of living in a stable, hospitable climate, and to ask yourself what price you are willing to pay to pass this on to your children and grandchildren.


Well spoken indeed! Who wouldn’t dream about a world without earthquakes? Just as we need our global Elites to decide what’s best for us in economics, politics and society, so do we need their invisible hand when it comes to steering the climate. For our common good, of course.

Submergence Divergence

The elite’s invisible hand’s relentlessly stroking new sea level promotion of a most unimaginably wet future dream. Deep stuff.

One person’s earthquake’s another’s organic lifeblood substantiation. Like Al Gore’s new $10mil beach villa. Note he didn’t buy no boat. Ha ha.


Yes exactly. Scientists have studied the climate and know what the ideal climate is, and people who argue with the scientific consensus are allowing these natural disasters to continue to ravage the poorest communities in the world. At some point we have to admit that climate change denial has real consequences to many of the world’s most victimized communities, and we have to come to terms with the fact that not all speech can be permitted. There simply have to be consequences for climate change denial – there are no two ways about it.

Submergence Divergence

Simple consequences: waterboarding, clearly.


Or prison sentences, as many progressives have suggested. This is not a game – millions of peoples’ lives and the future of the planet is at stake here.


We already know how hurricanes are racist

“The death toll in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew is 339. That’s what environmental racism looks like. #BlackLivesMatter
— Aura Bogado (@aurabogado) October 7, 2016”

Haiti is sitting alone on that island and people just died and died and died. Because of climate change. Nobody was ever dying on Haiti until this. The whites were so pissed off that after ending slavery and granting independence in 1802, the natives not once but twice killed all of the French and other whites in a mass slaughter in Haiti. So they globally warmed and send hurricanes to punish the Haitians who would otherwise be living in peace and harmony with nature.


Absolutely right. Climate change specifically affects people of color, and is predominantly caused by white males. Black Lives Matter is rightfully protesting this insidious form of racism and white privilege.

Submergence Divergence

Just as here: http://heatst.com/culture-wars/did-you-know-hurricane-matthew-is-a-racist/

Namesake, of course, one Matthew Hale to wit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_F._Hale

Notice the whiteness of hurricane clouds:comment image

Black Lives Matter

We need to stop beating around the bush. Climate change is GENOCIDE against PEOPLE OF COLOR. Whites attack People of Color for moving to “their” countries (even though People of Color originally owned their supposed lands). But where are we supposed to go now that global warming has ravished our homelands? Saudi Arabia regularly reaches 109 degrees in the summer. 109 degrees!!! And you tell me global warming is not a problem??? I’d say that’s a BIG problem.

Maurice Miner

BLM, you da man! You are exactly correct that Climate Change = Genocide!

We need to immediately tackle the white/color disparity in terms of the EFFECTS of Climate Change. 97% of scientists agree that the effects of Climate Change are far more evident upon the Po’ Folk, and that whitey (’cause racism) is generally not affected, and THEREFORE disbelieves!

I think that a well-funded bi-partisan Senatorial Investigation may well get to the bottom of this dichotomy.

Kevin Jupiter
Kevin Jupiter

I dont care how much it costs or how inconvient.

We must stop producing co2

Who supports outlawing cars, planes, and any other carbon burning device

Black Lives Matter

I’m with you 100%, and “I’m with her” too. I would like to see solar powered planes. They should work better given the closer proximity to the sun. Birds fly without internal combustion engines. We should be able to do the same.


Greenhouse ‘gases’ is misspelled in the second paragraph.