Trump – The Greatest Micro-Aggression in the History of the World


Submitted by richandrenee

As we all know, Hillary Clinton is the most qualified presidential candidate that the world has ever been lucky enough to know. It is therefore somewhat ironic that she will be running against a man that can only be described as the worst candidate ever and literally a living breathing micro-aggression of gigantic proportions.

To get a feeling for what the educated young people are thinking and saying, we spent three weeks just listening in on conversations in various college libraries. Before we go any further we must mention, that as so much of what was spoken about Trump is just to profane for print, the following is somewhat biased against Hillary.

Without further ado we are excited to bring you a list of eight of the stand-out phrases spoken about both candidates, all heard whilst we listened in unobserved.

Donald Trump

1. The greatest micro-aggression in the history of the world

2. A racist misogynistic orange bigot

3. He rigged The Apprentice and he’ll rig the election too

4. Filthy predatory pussy grabber

5. He got his money from his white privileged father

6. A nasty divisive homophobic bully

7. He’s made a lot of people of color homeless

8. Stinks of boiled beetroot and sweaty butt-cheeks

Hillary Clinton

1. She’s already my president

2. The most compassionate inclusive woman of all time

3. I love her for her integrity and work ethic

4. Fearless liberator of the Libyan people

5. President of the world

6. She’s worked hard for and deserves her modest savings

7. Only she has the strength to stand up to the evil Putin

8. You can smell the hope, love, and freedom

Well the young people have spoken and we’d have to agree that yes Hillary Clinton is already our president and Donald Trump most certainly is the largest micro-aggression in the history of the world. Stay safe and happy Hillary voting everyone.


Did you see his malodorant new ad “Donald Trump’s Argument For America” where he attacks the establishment? It ooze antisemitism, the sole thing that is missing is the Horst-Wessel-Lied in background. Youtube unlisted it temporarely but that’s not enough.


He is beyond the pale. His attacks on the “establishment” are ridiculous. Attacking the institutions that are essential to the smooth running of our society is like a toddler throwing a tantrum at their parents because they aren’t allowed to drink poison.

Imagine the lies if it was Hillary who had to be escorted of stage because of a threat in the audience. She was going to faint, she need a jab from her doctor …


Well said. But it’s worse than that – his attack on the ‘establishment’ is plainly subversive and is clearly funneled directly from the Kremlin. I simply don’t know how anyone cannot see that Trump is working directly for Putin to overthrow our liberal progressive democracy?? It’s become so obvious – he supports Assad, he wants to weaken our population by repealing affordable healthcare, he refuses to support the moderate rebels in Syria, and he refuses to recognize Russia’s multiple blatant acts of aggression (most recently sailing through the English channel and aggressively attempting to stop for fuel in Spain!). If Trump wins, the election needs to be called off and Obama needs to have third term!

Puyloubier (@Puyloubier1)

Thankfully, this is now purely preaching to the choir because almost all media outlets are saying exactly the same things, picking up on every minor misdemeanor of Trump and shutting their eyes to all the alleged ‘major felonies’ HRC is wrongly accused of. She is, of course, entirely innocent but the Evil Aggressive Putin is trying his best to convince the voters that saintly Hillary has somehow been involved in Satanic rituals, major corruption, breaching state security, child trafficking etc. Stop it, I say!

I’d like to see NATO rules rewritten so that a mere verbal insult against Hillary is treated as an act of war and we obliterate those Aggressive Russians. We would not be the aggressors, however, because they started it! Maybe in the sake of national unity we should have 10 minutes of hate when the people have to watch speeches from Putin and get to outdoor their righteous anger. Even now, the tears are dripping on to my keyboard such is my unconditional love for our leader.


Forcing people to watch 10 minutes of Putin every day is dangerous if you use an incorrect dubbed version provided by some incompetent so-called certified Russian translator. I’m well-versed in Russian due to my heavy consumption of vodka and the fact that I read the comic book “Tintin in the Land of the Soviets” when I was a child (well, I had just the French version but it was still better than nothing) and I can tell you that although they try to make Putin appear coherent in such videos he is constantly calling for the death of Americans, the subtitles are misleading


Yes the patriarchal crypto-fascist nursery-rhyme (read propaganda) “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is simply lies. Verbal insult against Hillary are an act of war.

We really need a new government department to regulate against the alt right and their fuhrer Putin’s ever increasing hate speech.

Setting aside a short time for hate each day where we can collectively express our righteous anger against the evil Putin and his alt right followers is a great and original idea. Good thinking++.

Puyloubier (@Puyloubier1)

The alt right are traitors and are truly blinkered, unable to see simple truths. Even now, these conspiracy theorists are bleating on about so called 9/11 inconsistencies in the official body of facts. Well, hello! A fact is a fact because it happens to be true otherwise it wouldn’t be called a fact, duh!

In order to preserve our cherished freedoms and free speech for which our ancestors have fought, these people need to be incarcerated.


Hillary’s just been clear by the FBI again – that’s twice now. Twice she has fully exonerated – happy days are here – not that we doubted her for a nano second. When will the evil alt right admit that they’re liars?

Puyloubier (@Puyloubier1)

It’s kind of reassuring that the FBI are showing just how neutral and objective they are that they are willing to reopen an investigation and shut it just as quickly because no one is above the law. No doubt the Republicans will have some conspiracy theory about this as well.


I Love Hillary, and I’m not even American. I’m sure it’s been asked before, but why doesn’t she run for President of the Universe? The best candidate by far, despite having conceived a(n adorable) child. Herr Trump, on the other hand…the blood boils. White men only know how to hate.

Puyloubier (@Puyloubier1)

I could be mistaken but ‘president of the universe’ is not a title which presently exists, although POTUS is clearly the closest to it. There was once a man called Julian Felsenburgh (I think) who once held a similar title but that was a different time…and I might be getting confused.

It would be a bit beneath HRC to have to ‘run’ for such a title in any case, as I’d like it to be bestowed on her automatically in the way that honors like the Nobel Peace Prize are awarded.