The Transgender Vote Is Once Again Under Attack


(image Georgina Beyer, the worlds first transsexual politician)

With early reports of massive bullying of trans-gendered voters by angry white male Trump nazis – it is important to clear up just what the legalities are when it comes to trans-gender voting.

Obviously every identity has a vote – it’s called democracy. So if a person has transitioned from one sexual identity to another they have the legal right (and moral duty) to vote as both the before and after sexual identity. Often this is a simply process as trans-gender people usually will have identification for both sexual identities.

Things become a little more complicated  with the gender-fluid. As they often change sexual identities multiple times – they, for the most, neglect to get new identification each time. But the fact that they don’t have identification should not stop them from voting one vote for every identity that they’ve ever identified with.

In a recent interview with President Obama he clearly stated that undocumented citizens have nothing to fear when they show up to vote – regardless of their immigration status or lack of identification. So this also applies to the gender-fluid. Our advice is, if you have any problem voting as a second, third, or fourth sexual identity at any one polling station – consider them extremely transphobic and just make one vote and move on to another station for your next identity’s vote. Hopefully you’ll find a polling station that is inclusive and you can get all your voting done in one location.

Remember Trump’s goons are out and about trying to body shame the trans-gendered out of voting. Be strong, don’t let this happen to you, and remember that President Obama has clearly stated that no identification does not impede on your democratic right to vote.


It’s insane, even some accredited media give Trump as the winner, but with the seasonal adjustment he would need to lead by 15% to maych Hillary’s score. Hogwash. I’m sure that tomorrow morningTrump will be defeated


We need a second election! This was NOT supposed to happen!!

Puyloubier (@Puyloubier1)

Looks like at least one of the L G B T Q factions didn’t bother to vote, but was it the L or the Q? B was in both camps so couldn’t have made the difference.


How’s the mood at the Accredited Times office this evening?


Why don’t you just shut up!! Russia hacked these elections and you KNOW IT!! All of you Russian spies are going to ratted out and prosecuted!!! This is not over!!

Puyloubier (@Puyloubier1)

How could this possibly have happened? All the accredited polls had it nailed on for Hillary and Newsweek had already reported her coronation. Now the alt right will be claiming the elite-owned media had been using psy-ops all along to try to influence the vote.


What the hell is happening?? Every accredited poll said we were way ahead?? I told you this was going to happen – Russia has hacked our elections!! We need a second election!!!

Puyloubier (@Puyloubier1)

If the white votes are all discarded (as they should be) we won hands down! The non-white vote is around 87% based on accredited exit polls so I hope Trump will respect this overwhelming affirmative vote.