Where Does The Left Go From Here?


As the dust settles on what is – let’s face it – a regrettable election and set-back for the progressives among us, the natural question is: Where does the Left go from here?

Hillary had some excellent initiatives, including the inspirational phrase “Stronger Together!”, but did not appeal enough to the hearts and minds. Did the perfidious Russian mole Julian Assange convince the people that Hillary’s heart was not, after all, as white and pure as the driven Siberian snow? We must do some honest Chakra-searching so that the revolution gets back on track.

A Great Idea Ready To Try Again

For myself, I am convinced we need to give International Socialism another try. It is the only way to guarantee ridding the world of inequality and capitalist exploitation, bring peace to the world, end racism, and ensure tolerance and respect of our LBGTQIAETC. communities.

As I write these words, I can already hear the strident objections: “But socialism simply doesn’t work!”, “What about the 40 million people who died under Stalin, the millions under Pol Pot”, and other non sequiturs. To which I reply, a Great Idea does not become bad simply because it was way ahead of its time and poorly carried out.

GMO Is The Way To Go

Think of it this way. During Stalin’s time, agricultural production and technology was far less advanced than it is today. Whilst it is true that a great many perished under Stalin’s initiatives to collectivise farming (колхо́з ; eng : collective farm) because of insufficient yields, the rise of great sustainable agricultural companies like Monsanto has meant incredible advances in the safe production of food. From a given acreage of land, we can produce 10 times as much grain as we could 50 years ago. So, although our accredited socialist plan will require mass de-urbanisation, we should have no fear of the ‘friendly-fire’ that occurred under Uncle Joe.  Years ago, the Irish Potato famine caused untold misery, not because the Irish were fussy eaters and only ate potatoes but because they were incapable of growing other crops in poor conditions. If only they’d had an ethnically enriched community to suggest  exotic crops that would grow successfully in those dark times.

Not All Pot Is Good For You

Pol Pot was another socialist pioneer who had his heart in the right place but somehow lost the plot and downsized the intelligentsia out of fear. Could this happen in today’s America? I somehow doubt it. Pol Pot was afraid of highly-educated intellectuals who would think freely and question his methods. Today, although the common core education program is a great step forward for our school children, it encourages healthy groupthink and progressive ideas rather than dissent and creative thinking. We are far stronger as a nation as a result and can be confident that people will not think in selfish ways.

Finally, we can be sure that every worker will do her/his bit for the national effort. The use of RFID chips to monitor movements (yes, no more lost productivity due to “cigarette breaks” on the job!) and control over bank accounts through the eradication of cash guarantees obedience.


If we can somehow get through the next four years, we have every reason to look forward to a very bright future indeed. As Hillary would say in her inimitable way, We Are Stronger Together!

Black Lives Matter

Socialism works everywhere it’s tried. We need an economy based on sharing instead of corporate greed.

Puyloubier (@Puyloubier1)

Exactly. When some criticise the results of socialism they focus only of selfish indicators like personal wealth. It’s hard to quantify peace, tolerance and happiness but these are more important than pure cash.


Great article. And yes I agree, socialism has got a bad name because of poor implementation, but the fact is capitalism has killed far more people than socialism. Capitalism has literally killed BILLIONS of people due to starvation and lack of access to basic rights like healthcare! Proponents of the ‘free market’ never tell you that though. They would have you believe that communism somehow killed hundreds of millions of people. How exactly? By providing them with food and shelter? It doesn’t make any sense.


It’s hypocrisy reallly. For years, Europe would say nasty things about the Soviet Union. Then the EU quietly stole their ideas and implemented them! The cheek. Supposedly this was forecast to happen in an obscure place called Fatima if you believe the weird religious folk.


Capitalism also failed during 2007-2008, and Obama corrected it by intervening in the markets. Since then we’ve had record stock market highs and created thousands of jobs, proving that central planning works.


I’ve got an idea. Why doesn’t Hillary run again in 2020? She should keep smashing into that glass ceiling until she shatters it once and for all!!

Puyloubier (@Puyloubier1)

Let’s make her the sole candidate so that no-one rigs the election like this time.


It was kulak wreckers that caused the “problems” with collectivization – it would have gone smoothly without these hostile petty bourgeoisie thugs.


It was America that ruined the Soviet Union with sanctions and various subversive attempts. Oil companies are responsible for Venezuela’s collapse. Communism functions perfectly when left to its own devices.

Puyloubier (@Puyloubier1)

Exactly this. Capitalism is inherently unpredictable and chaotic. Communism brings order out of chaos. It works just fine; as a boy I used to marvel at the Soviet Union’s potassium output doubling every single year.

Black Lives Matter

Too many whites . . .

Diversity is key.


Putin is also anti-GMO, and wants millions of people to starve due to organic farming. Another reason why we need to invade Russia.


The alt right’s little fuhrer Putin has parkinsons and a lesion on his tongue – he is a very sick man.