A Genius In Public Service


There’s been a lot of speculation and rumor in the last few days about whether or not banking legend and philanthropist Jamie Dimon will be Treasury Secretary. Wow – what exciting good news it would be if true.

Fox Anchor Maria Bartiromo first tweeted this fantastic news two days ago.

Then yesterday Fortune magazine reported that he’d turned the position down. We were very disappointed on reading this but then today CNBC reported that he’s still in the running.

Donald Trump is a racist, misogynist, maniac – who will undoubtedly do a lot of damage if he makes it to the White House (we still hope he’ll be stopped). But if the fabulously smart Jamie Dimon were to be appointed as Treasury Secretary some of the economic damage could be mitigated.

Jamie is Jewish which means he’s not only good with money but also has a real sense of fair-play and justice. He has not only made himself financially comfortable through all his hard work  – he has also made JP Morgan even bigger and more successful as their CEO. Imagine how well off we will all be if he applies his amazing abilities to public service. Of course he will have to selflessly sell all his JP Morgan stock options (without being taxed) to avoid any conflict of interest – this sacrifice, that he’s prepared to make, just goes to show how altruistic he really is.

A Trump presidency is a very scary prospect but with someone as talented as Jamie Dimon at the helm of the Treasury, at least we won’t have to worry about deficits and the national debt.

I bet Mark Dice and the alt right are feeling pretty silly now – Jamie would never entertain such a retarded idea as pet rocks for money.

Black Lives Matter

Anyone from Goldman or JP Morgan would be a great choice.


Is Lloyd Blankfein not being considered? I think he’d be an excellent choice. What about Jon Corzine? I know he’s a Democrat, but I’m sure he’d be delighted to take the position nonetheless.

Arturo Rubenstein

He is not Jewish.


Not Jewish! Then forget it. There are two positions that should be Jewish by law. The Treasury Secretary and the Chairperson of the Federal Reserve. These two institutions are the most important wealth extraction organizations needed to fund our many necessary wars and our voters.


Well, if such a law is adopted it should specify “good Jew” rather than “bad Jew”. Can you imagine someone appointing Peter Schiff (a bad Jew, yes it may surprise some people here but it’s possible) being appointed to any of those positions?


Yup or Carl Icahn. That would also be a bad choice.


His wife is Jewish apparently, so he may have had to convert to Judaism. He may be Jewish by birth though – I can’t seem to find an accredited source that confirms it one way or the other. If he’s not Jewish though, then this is a deal breaker I’m afraid. The position of treasury secretary is too important be held by a non-Jew.


Wait a minute. Isnt saying all jews arr good with money a bit racist? Why the hate?

Maurice Miner

Don’t be silly – Judiasm is a religion, not a race.


It’s a race too – in fact it’s the only one that can be studied without being racist.


It depends, according to most accredited historians it wasn’t after 1933 in Germany, but it was after 1948 for those who decided to head toward “Palestine”

Puyloubier (@Puyloubier1)

Dimon will be a steady hand on the tiller. We need proper checks and balances in our nations finances and Dimon understands corruption better than anyone.


Awesome! At least one good thing may come out of a Trump Presidency! And rightfully, the CNBC article doesn’t lay any criticism on Jamie Dimon, like they lay on Trump, because unlike Trump, he EARNED his money through hard work and intelligence. I hope to Allah that Dimon becomes treasury secretary. We need someone with experience at the highest levels of finance, and JP Morgan is without a doubt the most prestigious top tier investment bank. I’m unable to confirm that he’s Jewish, but if this is the case, then he is at the apex of the oppression pyramid in the untouchables category, and therefore cannot be criticized or held accountable for any wrongdoing.

Bill Hill
Bill Hill

My god man – he’s white! How could you support him for Treasury? We need someone that is attuned to the needs of the real people in this part of North America. Once all borders are gone, will he address the needs of our bothers and sisters in what is now Mexico? What about those oppressed people of color in Coast Rica or Panama? The Clinton Foundation is ensuring that those poor should in Haiti are quickly brought back up to a better standard of living but their billions can only go so far no matter how quickly they are working to help. I suspect Mr. Dimon won’t provide nearly enough to them to raise them up to the standard of living that, say, someone that loves in Trump Tower enjoys. We can do better!