The Case For An Annual Global Music Contest


The Eurovision Song Contest has helped unite Europe for decades following World War II, helping Europeans forget their differences and join a single marketplace ruled by the EU Commission. Every year, the most talented groups of singers and musicians from each country in Europe compete in a celebration of diversity and unity. But why should this song contest be limited to just Europe?

It is undeniable that we live in an increasingly globalized world, as multinational corporations continue to transcend international boundaries, and global governing institutions take a greater role in influencing national policy. But in order to truly embrace global unity, we need a universal culture with shared traditions. A global music contest is the perfect way to start developing this culture, allowing us to showcase our differences, while giving a platform to various public figures and global leaders to make inspiring speeches about globalism and global challenges like climate change.

We can no longer deny the need for global governance, as people around the world demand that America and Europe open their borders and share their prosperity with the rest of the planet, and business titans espouse the benefits of the TPP and TTIP with international courts that operate above national supreme courts. During the global music contest, millions of wide eyed children will tune in to see the wonders of global diversity, and listen to inspiring speeches about the need to come together as a planet behind a unified vision for peace and prosperity. Let’s make this happen, and make 2017 the year when globalism finally reaches out to the masses and captures the hearts and imaginations of millions of people around the world.

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Special Snowflake
Special Snowflake

If you are in Europe, be sure to televote. We need to make sure that Russia does not win any prizes!


Yip, Russia will probably be excluded from the contest until they get new leadership.


Of course! Everyone attending will be wearing at least six different colored wristbands for various social justice causes. And the global government will provide a global living wage, for sure!

Black Lives Matter

EuroVision is racist. Why hasn’t Beyonce won yet?


Wow – I’d like to see Conchita Wurst host Worldvision. That would show the homophobe Putin a thing or two.

Bill Hill
Bill Hill

Please tell me country and western musicians will be banned! They’re the ones that voted for the orange terror. I hear they carry guns as well – and we all know guns have a nasty habit of killing innocent people of color as well as those from poor Middle Eastern countries that are simply trying to obey their Prophet’s commands. It sounds like this music contest will be a racist event if they don’t bar musicians from the US – not all US musicians are racists and Nazis, but we can’t take the chance that one will slip through and get onto the stage.