A Summary Of The Inspiring 2017 Davos Conference


Every year, the world’s global elite meet to discuss global affairs and how to solve the global economic challenges facing humanity. These meetings are of utmost importance, and are given ample media attention by all accredited media outlets. The people at Davos are selflessly dedicated to the betterment of others, and have forgone all self interest. They want YOU to be richer, more informed, freer, and happier, and the topics they discuss every year reflect that.

This year, the issues discussed ranged from trade to climate change, and the threat that Trump poses to global progress. World leaders spoke about the populist ‘uprisings’ (in quotes because they are right-wing uprising and therefore not legitimate) in Europe and America, and why they are misguided. Technology experts spoke about how technological advancements are scaring working class whites into supporting extreme trade policies to protect jobs in outdated sectors such as manufacturing, and how the future of jobs is in services and app development.

The most inspiring words however, were undoubtedly from President Xi Jinping of China, who warned of the dangers of Trump’s protectionism in the form of tariffs and various policies to support American jobs, and how the future is in globalization, not nationalism. China has never implemented policies to support Chinese companies, and has only ever focused on a global economic vision that includes all nations, so they are speaking from a position of authority on this matter.

China also warned about the very real threat of climate change and the dangers of Trump’s inaction to tackle this impending disaster. This message resonated with progressives throughout the Western world, who are appalled that conservatives have the gall to ignore top scientists who have been predicting environmental disasters for decades as a result of CO2 pollution. Skeptics argue that the climate has varied wildly for millions of years without human intervention, but this is to ignore the verified and infallible computer models which confirm that without anthropomorphic CO2, the climate would remain optimal for humans and the environment, and WITH CO2 it would definitely be worse.

This year, the Davos conference hasn’t garnered as much attention as it usually does, due to the rise of fake news and Trump’s seemingly endless series of scandals and misdeeds, which dominate the media day after day. Hopefully however, once the fake news media is shut down, we can return to a world in which the agendas of important conferences like Davos remain front and center, and are the subject of every dinner table conversation. Davos are the true leaders of the world, more so than elected leaders of nation states, and they need to be listened to and taken seriously. For the good of humanity, we should all take heed to their wise words, and do our best to spread their message far and wide. For it is only with knowledge, that we may truly change the world and turn our vision of a new world order into reality.

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MDB | China has never implemented policies to support Chinese companies, and has only ever focused on a global economic vision that includes all nations | true | As a communist country, China believes in a globalist economic paradigm. Under globalism, everyone wins.


Outstanding article! It’s great that you observe China’s selfless contribution to the world.


Excellent article. President Xi has been an inspiration to the entire world during his recent crackdowns on corruption and abuse of power within China. He should be in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize soon


China is run by a totalitarian communist fascist politburo!


You must be confusing China with Russia. Davros always has an impeccable policy of excluding the riff raff from their mountain summit. MDBs article is about Ji Xinping and the inscrutable way he wowed the fat cats of Davros with that speech. No way is a name like his Russian!


China is one of the most progressive countries in the world today.

Yes, like all human institutions, their government is not perfect, but what’s important is that they have sincerely done what’s best for the people. We know this for a fact because that’s what communism is: freedom of the proletariat from the chains of capitalist oppressors, which, due to the harder nature of pig-iron-free capitalist steel, make the most oppressive chains possible.

Sure, they made a few mistakes along the way, and there are elements of their economy that can be made even more efficient by diligent central planning; but look at where they were, and where they are now. To suggest the wealth creation coincidentally arising from the chaotic, selfish decisions of free-market profiteers, could even BEGIN to match that arising from the altruistic decisions of communist organisers – all selflessly working to a single glorious plan aimed at improving the lot of everyone in society – is absurd on its face.

Must break frame on the AGW issue- listen, the science on AGW and especially the effects of CO2 climate forcing are inarguable at this point. And, yes, I refrained from forming a clear opinion on this until I had actually read the science. Do not take bs capsule summaries from ZH to get your opinion of this, do what I did and get a subscription to AAAS and read Science every week. There are a zillion real scientists who are producing work on AGW or Climate Change or whatever you want to call it. Global average temperature continues to rise and the effects of human sources are documented and pretty well understood, and yes they include cooling effects from atmospheric albedo due to things like aerosol contamination over the Indian Subcontinent which is actually responsible for alteration of rainfall patterns as far away as Africa, along with solar output variation. In the history of the planet, yes, there have been many natural occurrences with ALSO altered the climate. That is not what is the case in THIS particular occurrence. Bleaching of coral reefs, dramatic rise in oceanic acidity, and the heat content of the oceans is providing irrefutable evidence that you cannot parody away simply because the messengers of it are unalloyed idiots. Whether or not the apocalyptic scenarios will manifest are arguable, but what is NOT arguable is that human activity alters the climate and that CO2 is of primary responsibility in heat accumulation. Many other greenhouse gases contribute to the effects in varying degrees but CO2 is the biggest fish. To distill hard science down to the masses, many shorthand efforts were made and to underscore the dramatic nature of the anthropogenic effect, YES, the scientists (political people) at the top of the various organizations lied and falsified CERTAIN climate records and were dishonest regarding various aspects of the magnitude of the effect. The problem is that if you actually bother to read the real science, and I mean peer-reviewed and sourced papers with their OWN models and their OWN data, you will find that the conclusion in the aggregate is inescapable. At this point, the knock-on effects are coming whether we like them or not. The world is not going to end. But if you review some of the more significant extinction events in the history of the planet, most were concomitant to a marked change in surface and ocean temperature. If you want a good starting point, skepticalscience is a place you can go. For example, meterological orgs worldwide are *not* falsifying their data. Ocean ice measurements are not falsified. There can be layperson misunderstandings about what the data means and these are frequently exploited by people who simply refuse to believe that there is any problem, similar to those who whistle past the graveyard of African overpopulation, including the UN projections that at current birthrates, Africans will be a majority of the earth’s population by the end of the century. These are serious issues and… Read more »

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