Understanding How Beliefs Progress: An Introduction


The Accredited Times aspires to be THE progressive thought leader on the internet today by being a tireless advocate for the truth. Sometimes readers find what we report unpleasant or hard to believe; for instance, that Donald Trump is completely under the control of Vladimir Putin. But we report the truth: regardless of what people think.

As a consequence, the analyses and facts you’ll find here (and, quite often, only here) are frequently at the cutting edge of progressive thinking. Profoundly new ideas commonly seem shocking, or even farcical to the uninitiated or under-educated, but, over time, they come to be seen as merely contentious, and – eventually – accepted as obvious truths. This typically happens over the course of many years, as professional academic progressives tirelessly and selflessly opine in paid columns in the credible media, and less advanced thinkers gradually discover what all the right-minded people say they believe. But as that early researcher of truth Edward Bernays came to discover, burdening the more progressive ideas with “facts” or “reasoning” can sometimes hinder their acceptance, so here at the Accredited Times we make an effort not to bedevil our writing with too much of either.

So how do beliefs progress? Take, for instance, the idea that gender is a social construct. Only a few decades ago, the idea that a womyn could have “male” genitalia† would have been laughed at; whereas now it’s patently obvious that xer should be allowed to use womyn’s restrooms along with all the other womyn.

Another example: only a few generations ago, people expected to be paid interest on their savings. The idea that you would have to pay a bank to lend it your money, as an unsecured creditor what’s more, would have seemed absurd. If you were thinking of ever retiring, you might even consider it harmful! However, top economists, by virtue of academic tenure, were unchecked by such idea-narrowing selfish considerations, and were able to glimpse the truth: interest rates were damaging the economy by harming capital formation. Now, virtually every central bank is considering introducing zero (or even negative) interest rates in order to reverse the terrible consequences of their decades-long policies of setting rates far too high (but don’t tell the Islamophobic alt-Right that modern academic research has shown Islam was – yet again – right “on the money”: lending at interest harms society).

As you read the many improving articles this site has to offer, keep in mind that much of what you’ll discover here will, inevitably, come to be seen as “mainstream” thinking and increasingly start influencing policymakers. You can feel proud to be part of the movement to advance Western Civilisation with fresh infusions of the best ideas the whole world has to offer; ideas like Sharia, which, in common with many great new ideas, is hundreds of years old.

† How can genitalia be “male”? What a preposterous idea! Maleness is a social construct, not a biological byproduct or anatomical accident; as I tell my students, Progressives should view Maleness the same way we view the archaic US Constitution: as fluid, and open to interpretation and re-interpretation.


Great article Accredited Thinker! I don’t know why some people struggle to believe that we’re serious on this site. Our views are shared by the vast majority of politicians, economists, journalists, academics and think tanks in the west!


Great article, we never stop learning and your article serves as a timely reminder that progressive thought always becomes mainstream in the end.

Make my vote count
Make my vote count

You are so correct on your comment. It was just a few years ago I was throwing blood on people wearing dead animals and now you hardly ever see furs worn in public anymore.

Black Lives Matter

Social justice is all about society and justice. Society needs justice, and justice needs society. That’s why we need socialism.


Correct. Social justice is moral and just by definition. If you disagree with social justice, you are a BIGOT, BY DEFINITION! How can somebody honestly disagree with justice for society??


marble-mouthed garbage. i’m begging ya to end it here.


Black Lives Matter

Why? So bigots like you can go without having your transphobia challenged? We need more progressive journalists, not fewer. They are doing God’s work, just like Goldman Sachs.


I do not understand your reference to Islam in this sentence:
“Islam was – yet again – right “on the money”: lending at interest harms society”
There is nothing wrong about lending at interest, it’s paying an interest on deposits (rather than taxing them) that is morally wrong. All great economists like Paul Krugman will confirm it, what is good for the banks is good for us.
I do not want to appear s someone who wish to attack Islam though, but even the most enlightened and civilized Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia understood that this Islamic reference to interest rates was misunderstood.


Yes, I think bankers are the true authorities on these matters, with no disrespect to Islam. But surely, negative interest rates are Halaal even by the strictest interpretations of the Koran? If paying interest is immoral, then paying negative interest must be virtuous.


Hope the accredited thinker’s article is being syndicated, in particular his insight that Donald Trump is totally under the control of Vladimir Putin.
Some of my best friends are Russian, and they say exactly the same thing, except in Russian. Apparently Putin has an advanced degree in Critical Mind Control which gives him the edge over Trump.
Great article, Accredited Thinker!