Trump Triggers The Entire Nation

Trump Smile

Trump’s inauguration has sparked unprecedented protests across the country, uniting disenfranchized groups from communists, feminists and social justice warriors to people of color and undocumented Americans. All of these people are outraged that Trump was inaugurated, despite their repeated calls to cancel his inauguration and shut down DC. The protests are now intensifying across the country as the victims of Trump’s bigotry become more triggered than ever.

As predicted by the AT, the pussy hats were a great success, bringing out thousands of womyn to protest Trump and make their voices heard.

The demonstrations have also attracted communists and anarchists, who have dazzled the public with their fiery tempers and aggressive protesting style.

Many protesters have also used the following sign to show their solidarity with oppressed Muslims, and their respect and admiration for Islam.

The accredited media, Hollywood, celebrities, top political figures, billionaire philanthropists, foreign governments, the British and Saudi royal families, Davos, The UN, The IMF, The Bilderberg Group, The Council On Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission are doing their best to stop Trump and report his shortcomings and misdeeds, but they can’t do it alone. They need YOU, the people on the ground to do your part and speak out! If we all speak out together and call Trump racist, then we can make a real difference! So get your boots on, print off a sign that says “Fuck Trump”, grab a jumbo latte and join THE PEOPLE! If every progressive stands up and does the right thing, we can end this nightmare once and for all. It’s time for us to save our democracy by overthrowing Trump.

Black Flies Matter
Black Flies Matter
Make my vote count
Make my vote count

What airline was this? We need to get them on Grab Your Wallet immediately.
The way they mishandled this was a travesty. The least they should have done was give the couple an upgrade to first class. This woman is a hero and should not be mistreated like that.
Look at how much we have fallen in just the 2 long days under Trump. If this is what speaking the truth will do we are on a short road to “Trump Hell”

Where were the other passengers they could have stopped this injustice by starting a boisterous “Trump Sucks” chat. Perhaps burning some Skymall magazines would have convinced them of their miscarriage of justice.

Why are Trump supporters even allowed in airports. They should all be declared as terrorists.


Beautiful photo spread MDB, especially the pussy hats. For some reason I imagined them to be a primitive form of modesty garment. You learn something new every day here on AT. That’s why it’s such a great site!

Black Lives Matter

We need to keep wearing our pussyhats as long as that chauvinist scum occupies the White Nationalist House.


Thanks for keeping us up to date, MDB. Obviously a lot of “news” sites are carrying this story, but very few of them can match the unprecedented levels of accreditation to be found here.

I have to confess, I hadn’t seen the poster showing an hijab made from a US flag before, but I greatly admire it! Although the US flag can be quite triggering for victims of past Republican military aggressions like VietNam and Libya, what could better illustrate – beyond all question – the all-American nature of Sharia?

Of course we’ve all heard alt-Right haters make the imbecilic suggestion that Islam is misogynistic, despite the fact that the leaders of the world’s most Islamic country, Saudi Arabia, love and cherish their womynfolk so much they’ve actually enshrined their leisure time in law.

These rules – vigorously enforced! – ensure womyn in Saudi Arabia can’t be exploited by Western capitalists who might otherwise force them to work, drive a car, travel in public without consanguineous male companionship, expose their wrists or ankles to oppressive Male Gaze, etc.

Ironically, I don’t believe there’s any such Progressive legislation here in the so-called “liberal” West, but then, unlike us, the Saudi people haven’t had to reverse the appalling legacy of tens of centuries of White Male Privilege.

Make my vote count
Make my vote count

Did anyone notice the well groomed beard on the womyn in the lower left with the pink pussy hat. I wonder who xer’s hairdresser is. They do admirable work.
Also I read that some of these garments were handcrafted. I wonder if xer knitted it xerself or if it is store bought. It appears to be very well made and I admire the craftsmanship.


You have a keen eye! Yes, I noticed a number of such womyn marching in solidarity with their more beard-challenged systers. We had a quick show of hands in the common room today, and agreed the Department must issue a statement reminding the government of the rights of all womyn to free medication to promote facial hair growth.

It’s unclear how much influence this will have on the incoming fascist Trump regime, but it is (quite literally) the least we could do.


Those could be real men, Trump’s agents operating under-cover. Seems so, from the look of disgust on their faces, standing in the pink muck.
But as you say, it could also be hormone treated womyns to make them equal to castrated men (what is the plural of womyn? Do we have UN recommended dictionary that gives us the correct spelling without any micro-aggression and micro-assault?).
Any treatment of womyns with testosterone, should be monitored by Bill Gates, Soros and Al Gore. Don’t want to overdose and create any real men. That would play into Trump’s hands.


I am lost here. Are womyn who have beards or ones without beards beard-challenged?


As a deep admirer of the Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, I was greatly triggered by Trump’s shameless plagiarising of Bane’s speech. It is quite shocking how Trump tried to fool us, The People.