Antifa – Taking Social Justice To The Next Level


With the rising tide of fascism in the West, a new force has arisen to fight back against this bigotry. A group of activists known as Antifa (short for anti-fascists) are taking Western countries by storm, in support of policies like open borders, further affirmative action for minorities (soon to be a majority, thank goodness), a ban of dangerous firearms and an increase in social spending. Their views are shared by the majority of distinguished political figures, billionaire philanthropists, celebrities, academia, Hollywood and all major news networks, but this is still an anti-establishment group, because the word “fascism” conjures up images of riot police abusing lowly protesters. Because of the common perception of the word fascism, anyone who is against fascism must be speaking truth to power.

Antifa are at the front lines of the fight for progress and are not afraid to use intimidation and physical violence to promote their cause. Their most notable achievement has been to shut down Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley who was planning to engage in hate speech. Antifa physically attacked anyone attending the talk, set things on fire and chanted slogans until Milo was forced to cancel his speech.

Antifa and the left are celebrating after this success, and are planning to continue this strategy of silencing hate speech with violence into the future.

Antifa is mostly made up of young white males, who call for their own destruction and extinction through mass immigration and dysgenic social policies. Thus they are doing exactly what is required of them in order to be progressive. Whites cannot be progressive and want to exist at the same time – that is simply not allowed, and Antifa accept and fully embrace this.

After decades of trying to convince the right with reason and evidence, only to be ignored and derided, the left has realized that reason simply doesn’t work anymore. The only way to spread our message is through physical aggression, social shaming, shouting, eye rolling and snarky remarks. This strategy is winning over hearts and minds across America and is guaranteed to spread progressivism to every corner of the West. So if you’re a progressive who is sick and tired of right wing bigots, then why don’t you consider joining Antifa, and putting an end to fascism and hate once and for all.


Don’t see an AR or AK in the bunch. How can you end hate without a 30 rd mag?



Oh wow – the Antifa are so brave.

It’s fun playing Anarchists when you’re really for a big inclusive world progressive government.

Down with the fascists!

Black Lives Matter



That could be the next big hash BLM.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Our fears will be ending soon. Obama has set up his OFA group and is in charge of the shadow government. As soon as him and Richard are done wrestling and water kiting he will get back and the SWHTF. He has trained 30,000 already and Flynn is gone. I think in about 2 weeks, after the coup is done, we will be celebrating King Obama.