Breaking: Nigel Farage has a Paranoid Meltdown

Nigel Farage broken by hate.

One of the most hateful men in all of England, Nigel Farage, has had a paranoid breakdown. Speaking at Hillsdale College in Michigan Farage became increasingly agitated and then began to shout and rant the most preposterous nonsense. It is clear that he has gone completely insane. For his own safety and the safety of others he may need hospital care.

Closely following recent, credible, allegations that Nigel is a from cradle fascist – he has now had a most bizarre episode were he became so confused and paranoid that he truly believed that he is a modern day Winston Churchill and the young progressive left are fascists. He screamed paranoid delusional right-wing conspiracy theories about our hard working teachers not teaching our children but indoctrinating them in fascism. His outburst left many in the audience traumatized.

We warn you that the following is the pathetic crazed ravings of a man who has broken his own mind – it is extremely shocking to watch.

They have breed among our younger people, not just to be indoctrinated to one point of view but to think the other point of view is unacceptable, should be protested against and even should be banned. –Nigel Farage

Nigel’s alternative post-truth reality has finally cracked his fragile mind and now, for him, left is right and day is night. We hope for safety’s sake Nigel gets the help he so desperately needs.

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Black Lives Matter

Nigel Farage needs to be ARRESTED for hate speech. That filthy pig probably smells like Cheetos from his disgusting love affair with Trump.


He should be banned from re-entering the United States, as he is undermining our democracy. The courts should ban him without Trump’s approval. Trump wasn’t allowed to have a Muslim ban, which means he isn’t allowed to control who comes in and out of the country – that’s a decision the courts get to make.


I agree. Can’t we just drone this guy? He should be violently assassinated in the name of peace.

Watching Farage was like watching a train wreck…claiming that progressives who just want to shut down HATE, fascists? C’mon, Nigel, that’s the talk of fascists! Fascists want to defend the right of people to think and say things that are clearly HATE. Love WILL trump hate and if necessary it will do it with extreme violence.


It is good that you are finally coming around.

Logic and “reasoning” have been regarded as racist by CRT scholars. I have read their articles. Math as well.


He’ll make an excellent zoo keeper at Trump’s Zoo.
What better way for common core students to learn, than to visit these progressive elites at the zoo, and hear from the horse’s mouth.
Soros – social justice, color revolutions
Gates – cashless economy, biometric id, mass vaccination, GM mosquitoes, GM food
Al Gore – global warming
Christine Laguerde – central banking, and global financial control
Symone Sanders – social justice
Hillary Clinton – social justice, feminism
Ingrid Newkirk – pet euthanasia

To learn about central banking’s influence on global warming, Trump can put Laguerde in the same enclosure as Gore. Effect of sting of GM mosquitoes and bloating from GM foods on feminism, put Bill Gates with Hillary Clinton. A few combinations, and all common core lessons will be covered.


Yes, I can confirm he is going through a paranoid meltdown. What I don’t know is exactly when this first began. Some say it was just before this speech but I think it is more like 10-15 years ago. The problem with Farage is that he has not been in politics for very long and therefore is guilty of bringing ‘real-world’ experience of ‘work’ and unaccredited ideas. I believe that only individuals who have taken accredited degrees like CRT, Black Studies* and Womyns Studies should be eligible to be elected as public representatives.

* speaking of Black Studies (not studies of color, which is offered by the art college next door) Birmingham City University offers one of the few ‘Black Studies’ courses and it is highly recommended (see

As the Guardian writers: “Black studies is an interdisciplinary subject that focuses attention on the experiences, perspectives and contributions of people from the African diaspora. …Movements such as Why is My Curriculum White? and Rhodes Must Fall show that students are tired of some of the unrepresentative and outdated knowledge and experiences being reproduced in British universities. And when students cannot relate to the subject matter of the courses they become alienated and disinterested.”


This would amply qualify Michelle Obama for the presidency, as she has a minor in African American studies and a major in sociology from Princeton. She is clearly more qualified than Trump as she has already spent 8 years in the white house as first lady, whereas Trump will only have spent 4 years by 2020, if he makes it that far.

I should also add that people of color who complain about whiteness and demand decolonization, are still perfectly entitled to use every so-called “white invention” on a daily basis without being hypocrites, as these things were built on the backs of people of color or in many cases stolen directly from them.

Brian Williams deep behind the Iron Curtain
Brian Williams deep behind the Iron Curtain

I regret having to tell you BLts this but Trump is not even president, it is FAKE NEWS.

Hillary is all moved in to the soon to be name changed white house. Thanks to the FAKE NEWS, Hillary’s approval ratings have fallen from 89 to 79 percent.

We have a special op coming up, but due to it’s sensitive nature, I can not even hint at what it is. I can say it is THE REAL DEAL. I will reveal the news after its successful conclusion.


I have no doubt that Russia hacked the elections. EVERY accredited poll showed that Hillary was leading by double digits. I watched CNN during the election campaigns and I barely saw a single person at Trump’s rallies, but Hillary had hundreds. Trump needs to be impeached NOW.


If black people don’t like something, NO STONE must be left unturned to pander to them, cater to them, and appease them to try to get them to like it. Only THEN does the subject in question have legitimacy.

Black people should rise up and REJECT the white world en masse, take off your shoes, clothes, stop using the written word and other white oppressions!!!! Return to the land!!!


But these so-called white inventions were built on the backs of slaves and/or stolen from people of color. Black supremacists who hate whites have EVERY right to use these inventions on a daily basis without being hypocrites.


I had to keep pinching myself each of the 19x I watched Nigel Farage’s so-called Nervous Breakdown in Michigan. Contrary to popular opinion, I believe this is a terminal case of HEAVY METAL!

The recent outbreak started upriver in Flint, but now is spreading to rural areas like Hillsdale. Nigel is a goner for sure, but there’s still time for the rest of us. Students at Hillsdale College must stop using local water for take their meds. Switch to tonic or cool-aid. For cheap skates, a water meter reader told me if you boil water and stir vigorously, it separates light and heavy elements. But he’s been wrong before.

Most important is to watch the video as many times to recognize the tell-tale signs. In my day, we used heavy metal RESPONSIBLY. What’s wrong with today’s youth?


I think it’s just a case of progressophobia, which is common among old white men who refuse to check their privilege and move on from traditional conservative values. People opposed to progress need to get out of the way or be silenced.


Why is Nigel Farage even allowed to be on the internet? He is clearly a racist, xenophobic, homophobic fascist. Why are we allowing fascists to have free speech in the 21st century? Free speech is for decent people, not hate-mongers. Fascists need to be shut down!!

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

I think just a few minutes with Sunsara Taylor will put fear into him.

She made Tucker Carlson look like a fool last night. I hope we can get as many representatives like her in the public spotlight before the next election.


It seems to me that even though some say the Venezuelan revolution is failing I would propose the opposite.

Take just one example

Many years ago I visited Venezuela. As I was walking down the streets I could not help wondering why were people so fat? Then I saw capitalist operations like corner empanada stands all over the place with the citizens lined up and snarfing down the empanadas at some cheap price.
Now however due to the success of the Chavista revolution people are slimming down in droves all over the country. This is due to less capitalist influence and shows the power of Socialism.
Think of the health benefits that accrue to the people and the government in lower health care costs. This is why you see no antibiotics or cancer medicine in drug stores because due to the revolution these medicines are not needed now. People have lost on average 19 pounds in just the last year based on accredited news reporting.

Also less food intake equals less need for toilet paper.


That’s an interesting point, this is indeed more evidence of the success of socialism.


The fascists were socialists, the nazis that came later on were also socialists. Nothing has changed