How Capitalists Destroyed Venezuela


There is much talk about Venezuela in the alternative media, which touts the country’s dire situation as a “failure of socialism”, without any knowledge of history or economics. The accredited media on the other hand, has largely ignored the situation in Venezuela, as covering it would only give more credence to the extreme right. But for those interested in the real story, this article breaks it down for those willing to listen.

The tragedy of Venezuela is nothing new. This is a plight that has affected communist and socialist countries throughout the last century, from the Soviet Union and Maoist China, to Cambodia and Cuba. To the layman, it appears that communism and socialism is at fault, but the trained historian and economist will tell you a different story. The shocking reality is that before descending into chaos, every socialist regime has enjoyed a golden age of prosperity. There was a time during the Soviet Union when worker morale and productivity was unprecedented, and citizens enjoyed some of the highest standards of living in the world, and the same can be said of Communist China and Venezuela.

So what caused each of these stunning socialist successes to eventually collapse? Well, the simple answer is that the capitalists who watched as the proletariat received free food, housing and healthcare by the millions, were fearful that citizens in other countries would catch on to the benefits of communism, and would seek to nationalize industries and end wage slavery. In addition, other capitalists looked on with greedy eyes as the natural resources of these countries were distributed to the proletariat. So, out of greed and fear, capitalists set about sabotaging these regimes by undermining their economies. In the case of Venezuela, oil companies and pro-capitalist governments collaborated to crash the price of oil, Venezuela’s main source of income. As a result, their economy has collapsed, and the consequence is what we see today.

Some aspects of the golden age of socialism have survived to this day, such as Cuba’s world class healthcare system, which millions of Americans travel to every year to receive treatment. Many progressive nations such as Canada and France have also copied some of the best aspects of communism such as free healthcare and free education, but the capitalist opposition to nationalization has kept these countries enslaved by corporations. It’s sad that the real story of Venezuela and socialism hasn’t been explained to the majority of the public, but the fake news media has become so powerful that overcoming their disinformation is a mammoth task. So the best we can do at this point, is simply ignore the situation in Venezuela and hope that people don’t use it to draw false conclusions about socialism. Either way, progressivism is rising globally, and will soon be unstoppable.


This article is right on point. 26 years ago, it appeared that the Soviet Union totally collapsed, and after the Iron Curtain fell and we could see into the bloc, it appeared that they hadn’t progressed in decades. The bloc appeared dilapidated and antiquated. Poor, squalid. But we know now that this was an early form of “fake news” just like that stuff about the Berlin Wall being there to keep East Germans inside. It was a wall like Trump wants to build, to keep others OUT. So many westerners were trying to get into the Soviet bloc to enjoy the workers’ paradise and posh living conditions that they had to build a physical barrier to stop them. West Germans were trying to join the advanced GDR spy economy where a significant percentage of the people were employed to monitor for seditious thought of the others. This is the type of economy we should endeavor to build as we currently see TRUMP as President and know that only through lots of spying and violence will we ever achieve liberty and peace.

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Trump is freeing the modern day slaves and he doesnt even know it. Our illegal immigrants work 12 hours a day in the hot sun we have due to co2 while making way less than minimum wage. Its important to have them leave and come back legally so we can continue oppressing whitey together.

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Newsflash: they wont be coming


It is obvious that Socialist nations like ex-Soviet Union and Venezuala are far superior to the capitalist model. We know this is the case because, all across the West, our progressive leaders are putting in place the very same policies that we saw in the Soviet Union. Any inefficiencies that might have caused such economies to be less than optimal will not exist in the new paradise because we have something that was not around in Stalin’s time – technology. Our leaders are putting in place (if it’s not there already) the data and processing infrastructure necessary to be able to dict…organise all our lives for the better.


At present, the prices of goods and services are completely at the mercy of the random forces of the free market, making rational economic calculation completely impossible. Once supply and demand are set by wise and all-knowing accredited economists, success and bounty are assured!


“I think that the first people who should read this book are our brothers and sisters in the United States, because their threat is right in their own house. The devil is right at home. The devil, the devil himself, is right in the house.

And the devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the devil came here. Right here.[crosses himself]

And it smells of sulfur still today.” – Hugo Chavez’s address to the UN General Assembly.

Two people, led by the same God, go down different paths. One gets cancer and dies, another (the violent “devil”) ends up as a 3rd rate painter.

Venezuela is a failure of globalization. Nothing to do with communism. Both communism and capitalism lead to the same thing, oligarchy, one cannot be better than the other.

Countries that fail early, will recover early. As they say, collapse early and avoid the rush.


A clear case of police brutality!


Viva Chavez y viva la revolucion.

Black Lives Matter

Socialism works every time it’s tried. Sweden and Venezuela are just more examples of socialism in action. Workers of the world, unite!


It seems to me that even though some say the Venezuelan revolution is failing I would propose the opposite.

Take just one example

Many years ago I visited Venezuela. As I was walking down the streets I could not help wondering why were people so fat? Then I saw capitalist operations like corner empanada stands all over the place with the citizens lined up and snarfing down the empanadas at some cheap price.
Now however due to the success of the Chavista revolution people are slimming down in droves all over the country. This is due to less capitalist influence and shows the power of Socialism.
Think of the health benefits that accrue to the people and the government in lower health care costs. This is why you see no antibiotics or cancer medicine in drug stores because due to the revolution these medicines are not needed now. People have lost on average 19 pounds in just the last year based on accredited news reporting.

Also less food intake equals less need for toilet paper.

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