Wikileaks Threatens US National Security With Vault 7 Leak


Wikileaks’ latest leak, dubbed as “Vault 7” alleges that the CIA has somehow been spying on ordinary citizens in collaboration with top tech companies. As usual, the fake news media has accepted the leak as gospel and is eagerly using it to justify their baseless conspiracy theories about the “new world order” and a global control grid that can spy on and assassinate individuals at will. Nowhere in the alternative media is there any concern for the grave threat to national security that Wikileaks poses, which threatens the safety and livelihoods ordinary citizens. 

The documents allege that the CIA can listen to and watch people through pretty much every electronic device connected to a network, bypassing most encryption. The documents also allege that Obama’s CIA spent 100 billion dollars on developing new cyber warfare technology that was subsequently lost to America’s enemies. The documents ludicrously suggest that cars, planes and medical technology can be remotely controlled by the CIA and used for assassinations. We know that this is false, because it is a conspiracy theory.

Unlike the fake news media, CNN took a day to respond to the alleged leak, and did their due diligence instead of jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions. When CNN finally did publish an article on the leaks, they made it clear that the documents consist largely of “allegations” and “claims” by Wikileaks themselves, for which the evidence is still unclear. The article also focused on the finer, seemingly insignificant pieces of information in the leaks, instead of only reporting the sensational parts like alternative media. From CNN:

WikiLeaks has a long history of publishing authentic documents that have been stolen or leaked from government agencies, corporations and powerful individuals. However, this latest batch has not been authenticated by independent experts. CNN is reviewing the material.

Some believe that this entire leak is simply a ploy by the Russians to distract from the ongoing investigation into Trump’s Russian ties. In any case, this leak will soon blow over, and the accredited media will be back to reporting the things that really matter, such as Russian aggression and Trump’s incompetence, racism and fascism.


Google’s motto is “do no evil,” so it is impossible that they were involved, complicit, or even as some alt-righters claim “totally fucking in bed with” the NSA and CIA as a data provider.

In order to execute these hacks, they have to get executable code onto your phone, which would require telco participation and we know that because doing this to americans is “illegal,” the CIA would never do such a thing.


I think that not all progressives have got the new memo:



Remind you, it is different from memo in 1940’s to 1980’s, when progressives thought that CIA is bad and Russians are good, and some progressives even gave A-bomb blueprints to Russians.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Vault7 is simply a division that the Russian agency known as Wikileaks has fabricated to divert attention from their interference and collusion with Trump to discredit Hillary and get Trump elected. They and RT and Russian paid Trolls are the only reason we have this fake president.
Read the report from the 97 intelligence agencies who all confirm it happened.
The highly accredited Dossier put out by the esteemed Mr. Steel confirms as well.
The CIA can’t operate in the USA and Obama can’t authorize wire tapps. Obamagate is fake news and another diversion.
Rachel Maddow has this all spelled out and Rep Adam Schiff is going to get Mr. Steel to testify. We got him where we want him now.
Me, Rosie, Michael Moore and Sulu are hot on his trail.
About 3 more weeks and Hillary will be our president.


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Wikileaks is acting in tandem with CIA, there is hardly any useful information in vault7. All useful hacks have been redacted, and identifying information removed.