A School Curriculum For The Current Year


As white conservatives across America revolt against common core and progress in education, progressives are nevertheless plowing on, and continuing to transform our education into something fit for the Current Year.

Traditional education focuses only on Eurocentric relics of an oppressive past such as science, mathematics, European classical music and art, Eurocentric history, English literature and Christian moral teachings. These are all products of white privilege, which seek only to promote and amplify whiteness, which is a scourge upon the planet. Racists will claim that these teachings and the white race gave rise to almost every invention in the modern world from physical constructs like electricity and airplanes, to works of art such as Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, the Mona Lisa and Shakespeare’s plays, to abstract concepts like Greek philosophy. But numerous modern progressive scholars and activists have proven that these inventions are either valueless or have been stolen from other races and cultures. Critics of Europeans and European culture therefore feel entitled to use all of these inventions on a daily basis without viewing themselves hypocrites.

The following proposal outlines which subjects should instead be front and center of our modern education system:

Sex Education

Few progressives disagree that our children are grossly under-equipped with the knowledge necessary for a healthy and enjoyable sex life. After decades of conservative indoctrination about the evils of sex, many children are afraid to explore their true sexual identity, and are condemned to a life of comparative celibacy and sexual frustration. When the sexual impulses of children are contained, this repressed energy inevitably expresses itself in undesirable ways such as hate speech and extreme right wing views. We need to give children the tools they need to enjoy sex in all its forms from an early age.

Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is taking universities by storm and transforming campuses into the most racially sensitive places on earth, where white arrogance, cultural appropriation and microaggressions are punished harshly with social shaming and in extreme cases legal action and career loss. Critical race theory teaches students about the driving forces behind inequality in America: white privilege, whiteness and white supremacy, and the need to tackle these issues head on by heckling and lecturing whites, implementing affirmative action policies and encouraging non-white immigration.

Social Justice

Social justice is no longer just for college professors, unemployed activists and politicians. It has now become the very bedrock of our society, and the basis for all political discourse. Children need to be educated from an early age about the injustices that plague America such as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, antisemitism, misogyny, ableism, ageism, body shaming, white privilege, male privilege, thin-privilege, christian privilege and Eurocentrism. When children have a grasp on these basic concepts, they will be equipped to engage in the political process just like any adult progressive.

The Holocaust

Children need to be constantly taught about the greatest atrocity committed by whites in history, so that a similar tragedy is NEVER repeated again. Through regular school trips to the local holocaust museum, children will learn about where the slightest adherence to racism and Eurocentrism leads, and the need to relentlessly pursue progressivism and physically attack anything deemed to be fascism, for the good of humanity.

The Evils Of Colonialism

In order to accelerate the decolonization of the planet, it is essential that children are taught about the unforgivable sins of European colonialism and how this has lead to global poverty and the accumulation of stolen riches in the hands of whites. This includes educating children about the vicious crusades against innocent Muslims, and the enslavement of African Americans, and the reparations that are owed to people of color as a result.

We need to radically transform our education system if we are going to continue making progress as a country and continue advancing the rights of the most oppressed and least fortunate among us. This is the 21st Century, and the time for progress in education is here. We need to build a bridge to the 22nd Century, starting today, so that our children can live in the diverse, progressive and tolerant society that we all envision.


hear, hear…what an article.

I feel like the Holocaust should have been the first item, however, and among the greatest ills, “anti-Semitism” should have been first. And probably repeated a couple of additional times. In fact, now that I think about it, a 2nd reference to the Holocaust would probably be warranted just so nobody could ever think that we were diminishing the jewish experience by “equating” it somehow to anything else, even which killed far more innocent people.


In my own school many years ago I was taught precisely nothing about gay and lesbian history and little more about transgenderism; when I entered the real world with my pitiful education of science, maths, English language and literature, languages (mostly white so they don’t count), economics etc. I was at an immediate disadvantage. When I applied for jobs, time after time the person who had studied CRT at places like Portland Community College got the job ahead of me. ‘Sorry son, but your cv doesn’t demonstrate much past social activism’ – this was a phrase I heard so many times.


More likely Transylvanian propaganda, since Vlad the Impaler was Transylvanian.


LGBTQ+ is already history? Good riddance. Can’t expect technology to help the sterile genders to breed, without introducing unwanted mutations.

The Darwinists taught us that the more mutations we have, the more choice for selection to operate, and find fitter specimens. What a bunch of crock!


societies misfits