The Pope Checks His Christian Privilege


Few would dispute that Pope Francis is the most progressive pope ever to grace the Vatican. Almost a millennium after Pope Urban II ordered the First Crusade against innocent Muslims, we now have a pope who welcomes Islam, and apologizes for the many sins of Christians throughout history.

During his flight back to the Vatican after a trip to Poland, Pope Francis was asked about the recent stabbing of an 85 year old French Catholic priest by a group of Muslim attackers who burst into a church service. The Pope responded:

“I think it is not right to identify Islam with terrorism … It is not right and it is not true … I don’t like to talk about Islamic violence because every day when I look at the papers I see violence here in Italy – someone killing his girlfriend, someone killing his mother-in-law. These are baptized Catholics.”

So true. In any case, the Muslim attackers were probably exacting their revenge for the millions of innocent Muslims killed during the crusades.

Pope Francis has been very vocal about Europe’s moral obligation and Christian duty to accept Muslim refugees. In a moving speech on Good Friday, Pope Francis begged Europeans and Christians to have compassion for the plight of Muslim refugees, and to welcome them with both arms:

“We instinctively try to run away from suffering, because suffering is repugnant to us. We come across so many faces disfigured by the afflictions of life and too often we turn away.  How can we not see the face of the Lord in the face of the millions of exiles, refugees, and displaced persons who are fleeing in desperation from the horror of war, persecution and dictatorship? For every one of them, each with a unique face, God reveals himself always as the one who courageously comes to our aid. Like Veronica, the woman whose face is unknown to us, who lovingly wiped Jesus’ face.”

The Pope has also asked Christians to apologize to the LGBTQ+ community, indicating once again that Christianity is the most anti-gay religion in history. Do you see Muslims apologizing to homosexuals? Of course not – because they have nothing to apologize for!

From mourning the death of Fidel Castro to comparing Trump to Hitler, Pope Francis has proven himself to be a progressive through and through. We are blessed to have such a forward thinking Pope who is finally willing to admit the sins of Christians and give Muslims their rightful place in Europe, where they will eventually outbreed whites and Christians. This is karma for the crusades and colonialism, and a price that we must all accept and welcome.


Some extremists would try to argue that when Christians do terrible things, they act against the clear teachings of Christ which in a nutshell are to love God and one’s neighbor; conversely when muslims behead people and persecute Jews and Christians they are merely following specific teachings of Mohammed. However, we know these arguments should be rejected out of hand because our progressive leaders UNANIMOUSLY agree that Islam is a religion of peace. It doesn’t matter that such people never give any evidence for why they say this and actually know nothing about Islam.


Very nice one Pbier. There’s a good and bad in every religious. But extremely religious must be discouraged. Let us live in peace in one nation under God. We should also love one another and treat one another with respect and be honest and. And be grateful to God.


The pope is right to talk about moral equivalence, because we are ALL the same.

EVERY race does it. It doesn’t matter if this or that race (a social construct) does it 20x as often, it is wrong to associate ANY behavior with any other attribute. That your brain has apparently evolved to do EXACTLY THIS is irrelevant, because you’re a racist.

White neighborhoods get shot up just as much as black ones no matter what the ShotSpotters say. Because slavery. Whites commit just as much violence as arabs despite statistics (data-driven racism) to the contrary. God doesn’t care about statistics, He wants you to love your enemy and if your enemy is in the act of trying to kill you, to love him even harder.


Since the Crusaders took preemptive action against the innocent Muslims with no provocation, historical grievances are entirely understandable.

The sporadic incidents we have seen recently from a few lone wolves are simply the Muslims getting in their revenge first for some Christian atrocities yet to happen.


The crusades!?!?!? What kind of historical ignorant are you?

Charles “The Hammer” Martel is the one who started all this crap with his program of ethnic cleansing of muslims in Europe in Tours in 732! They were just refugees looking for a better life and he began a 700 year process to drive them out of Europe and eventually also their parasitical lackeys, I mean the jews who paid the jizya and were allowed to remain in Europe enriching the local cultures by helping the muslims or whomever was the dominant power.


Again, there are Christian bigots so extreme that they will shamelessly quote Matthew 24 at you wherein Jesus said ‘and many false prophets will appear and lead many astray’ and twist this to claim outrageously that He was referring to Mohammed. They will then point to Peter 2:1-3 (always the same verse!) ‘there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them.

Whilst an extreme interpretation of the above has it that this is precisely what was happened with Islam, and that the Koran does indeed ‘deny the Master’ on many levels, a huge mental leap is required to get there. These bigoted Christians will also quote Jesus’s teachings about false prophets ‘you shall know them by their fruits’ and claim Islam’s fruits are pure evil.

Thankfully, most Christians today are not like that and actually believe that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, and that Islam is a religion of peace.


and religious cuck…i mean evangelicals, have just raised $100,000 to upgrade a jewish center to upgrade its security to protect it from bomb threats that it probably called in to itself! At first glance, jews sure seem to run a lot of scams, but Christ wants us to care and give the clothes off our backs to whomever asks without even a shred of due diligence!

Congress is pushing for $50M to protect them and more from called in prank bomb threats…not actual bombs. All for monoethnic community centers…god bless diversity!


Experts have demonstrated the mean-average years between the Catholic church electing fruitcake pontiffs is 188.4 years. This one was right on schedule.


Papa Che as some of us Argentinians call him is very progressive. His secret dealing with Obama and the US to ensure a fair deal between the USA and Cuba was very enlightened. Human rights and the ladies in white in Cuba have experienced a very significant reduction in the amount of violence they are subject to every Sunday marching in white to the local Catholic Church for human rights reforms. Now instead of actually receiving broken bones during the march or being sent to prison these women only receive a bit of pushing around or being thrown to the pavement by the Castro regime and if needed sent to the local police station only for a few hours versus the days they had to endure before Papa Che’s interventions.

Papa Che was instrumental in reducing this level of violence. Thank you Papa Che. As both Che Guevara and the Pope are Argentinian we call him Papa Che with affection. While Che Guevara was much more enlightened in culling fascists using the firing squad method with court proceedings of ten minutes or so before the sentence was executed, Papa Che has done his best to change the Cuban policy so that any fascist dissenters are merely thrown into prison for a period of time which actually helps these dissenters lose a ton of weight.

While I know Papa Che surely favors Che Guevara’s methods due to international fake news sites he cannot openly favor the true methods of progressive reform that Che Guevara operated with.

Thanks AT for helping all of us remember Papa Che in the positive light he deserves.
Viva La Revolucion

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The Pope is inconsistent with his value system. He uses the word “subsidiarity” quite often, which is an organizing principle that delegates issues to the lowest, non centralized authority or individual. So if a business doesn’t want to bake cakes for LBGTQ+, then it is their value system, and decision, no government can regulate that. If someone doesn’t want to take health insurance, but pay doctors on their own, they should be able to do that.
Why does the Pope then approve Agenda 2030?. Why idiotic fluff should be imposed by the UN, when people, families, communities, and local governments can and should deal with issues including gender binaries, cashless economy, vaccination, and sustainability as they think fit.

Too many eunuchs are being paraded as emperors to push the globalist agenda. Electronic voting has made that easy.