Vault 8 – Russian Hacking Tools Revealed!


The Accredited Times has received a shocking leak from an anonymous source, revealing an extensive Russian hacking network which has been spying on US citizens and government officials for years. The leaks also indicate that Trump has been working with the Russians to spy on and blackmail his political enemies, including Hillary and John Podesta. 

Here is a breakdown of the leak:

  1. Russian hackers have installed back doors into all major operating systems, firewalls and antivirus software, allowing them to bypass security and access confidential information on all electronic devises
  2. Russian hackers have been spying on Americans through the cameras and microphones on their electronic devices
  3. Russian hackers have even figured out how to remotely control motor vehicles and airplanes in order to carry out assassinations 
  4. Russian hackers admit stealing John Podesta’s emails and hacking Hillary’s server, despite Hillary following every security protocol – Hillary destroyed evidence of the emails in order to hide them from the Russians
  5. The Russians modified many of Podesta’s emails on the server, in order to concoct evidence of wrongdoing, including making it look like Hillary was given the debate questions 
  6. The Russians hacked many of the electronic voting machines during the presidential election, while making it look as if the hacks had come from the US Department of Homeland Security
  7. The Russians have been logging all Skype conversations for years in text format, and have been using this data to blackmail Americans 
  8. The Russians have career-ending dirt on Trump and his whole family, and have been using this to blackmail him into following Putin’s orders

We cannot reveal the identity our the source due to fear of repercussions from the Trump administration. As you all know, Trump has launched an all out assault on the accredited media, so it is IMPERATIVE that you get this leak out to everyone you know before Trump shuts it down. Don’t let them censor the truth! The people have a RIGHT to know about how Russia is interfering with our elections, compromising our national security and working with Trump to crush our civil liberties! Send this to everyone you know!


I’m not surprised at all.

This is why we ALL need an Amazon Echo in our homes so that everything we do and say can be recorded and tracked. If we have nothing to hide, this will provide us the evidence so we can prove our innocence with respect to collaborating with the Russians.

People use Alexas all the time, I was just at my gf’s relative’s house and her husband has one. It was integral to his home as I recall he asked Alexa to dim his kitchen island lights once and it failed. Clearly I must get 2 or 3 of these immediately…just indispensable. Maybe he thought he was on Star Trek asking the computer to do things for him. He said “well if you don’t have anything to hide…” and I totally agreed! I asked him if it’s ok for them to watch his wife in the shower, and his answer disturbed me in that he believed in this “privacy” thing all of a sudden. Oh well. She’s probably planning acts of terrorism in the bathtub.

NEVER EVER name your sources, MDB. That’s unaccredited to do so. It’s enough that you claim that they are part of the intelligence “community,” whatever that actually is. I’ve driven past the CIA many times and I have friends who live near there, making me kind of part of that “community” as well.


This Russia hacking is becoming very serious and something needs to be done about it.

Brian Williams Reporting - Behind the Iron Curtain
Brian Williams Reporting - Behind the Iron Curtain

Brian Williams reporting from Moscow. After our close encounter of the 3rd kind with the Spetznaz, we have once again penetrated deep into the Russian Base known as “the hole”. This is the report you have all been waiting for…According to our mole in the hole, Proof Positive Putin is using Vault 8 to facilitate FAKE NEWS using a diabolical Prop OR Not Cyber warfare team using the code name “inverted vodka bear-trap 69” AKA Foxhole! Due to national security secrecy, that’s all I can say for now…this is Brian Williams, exclusive special report for the Accredited Times. Goodnight.


Have a good night Sir. You have done well.


“A terrible moment a dozen years back during the invasion of Iraq when the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an RPG.” Brain Williams NBC Nightly News, January 30, 2015.
Still healing buddy?


Is nobody in the least bit frightened that the Russians have gotten away with this despite the laws that are in place to prevent exactly this? It is clear to me that the CIA are powerless to protect us unless we give them greater powers of surveillance and a much higher budget. Since I have nothing to hide, I would be happy to accept a small reduction in privacy and other freedoms just to be able to sleep better at night knowing that someone is protecting me. These right wing libertarians really make me sick!


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I think this was discussed in earlier AT articles, but my mental disABILITIES do not allow to remember when/what!

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This is obviously fake news. Take the first point – how can you install back “doors” on Microsoft “Windows”? On a wall or firewall maybe, but a backdoor on Windows, that’s funny.
Bill Gates would be a fool, if he were to let backdoors on his OS. It is not without reason he named his OS as Windows. ATMs, biometric readers, and so many things are secure, because they run on Windows.


One problem. Proof. There is no proof. Just like there is no proof yet of Obama using electronic surveillance on Trump Towers. All of this is fake news until proof is on the table. Next subject please.