Marine Le Pen Desperately Tries To Cover Up Her Antisemitic Past


As the French elections grow near, Marine Le Pen is coming under scrutiny for her party’s historical callousness towards France’s most prized minority group. France has the largest Jewish population in Europe at over 3.3% of the population, an estimated 500,000 people. As we know from the oppression pyramid, Jews are the most historically oppressed group, due to the extensive coverage of the Holocaust in the media, school curriculums and Hollywood movies, and the prevalence of Holocaust museums spanning every corner of the Western world from Canada to South Africa. Offending this small but powerful group of people is not only unwise politically, but also reeks of the worst kind of bigotry – antisemitism.

Marine Le Pen’s father, the previous leader of the Front National party, repeatedly indicated that he questioned the official narrative of the Holocaust, and in one of the worst cases of antisemitism ever witnessed, referred to the Holocaust as a “detail” in history. A “detail” in history?? A detail?? The Holocaust is the worst atrocity committed by whites in history! This is drilled into the minds of even 3 year old whites in countries like Britain, France, America and Australia who were on the other side of the war. Whites need to be constantly reminded of what happens when they have an in-group preference and start looking out for themselves instead of looking out for the rest of the world. It leads to the worst atrocity in history, so check your privilege!

As if Marine Le Pen’s father’s comments weren’t enough, she has recently proposed taking away the dual citizenship of non-European and non-Russian dual nationals! This would mean that millions of Israeli-French dual nationals who advocate French polices that benefit Israel, would have to choose whether to be French or Israeli! This is one of the most shocking policy proposals I have ever seen in my life as an accredited journalist. I am simply shocked beyond words. As the AT covered in a previous article, dual citizens are the backbone of America and other Western countries, as they provide an international perspective, and help shape the country’s foreign policy, immigration policy and trade deals to benefit the global community, instead of selfishly benefiting the country’s native inhabitants.

Thankfully, accredited experts have predicted that it is near impossible for Le Pen to win the second round of elections. The French electoral process was specifically set up to prevent bigots like this from ever holding office, and never has France needed these anti-bigotry measures more than now. The rising populist movements in white countries are becoming scary and unruly. Progressives need to take the to the streets to protest against antisemitism, racism and Islamophobia, before the world enters a new dark age of fascism, in which white countries put the preferences and interests of their own people above those of everyone else (i.e racism). The time to act is NOW.


I support Hitler’s FINAL solution

Send them all to Madagascar!



This site needs to do an article on the 5% ers. New anti-white males material is needed for a change of pace.

Members of the Five Percent Nation subscribed to the idea that all white people are “weak, wicked, and inferior,” as stated by Michael Muhammad Knight, who has written two books on the Five Percenters. As he put it, whites were described as an “errant child who needs to be corrected.” While Smith claimed that black women did not contain God in them and were seen as subordinate, he still believed they held a higher standing than white people.


Our pal Yakub, creator of the White Man, comes from the 5% ers

Revelations have yet to reach the point of revealing who created the Yellow Man and the Red Man.

I personally believe that Yabub’s selective breeding resulted in a superior race not subject to sickle cell anemia, lactose intolerance and with a reflective white skin, reducing the odds of the sun frying out their brains.

Blonds with their naturally reflective hair are obviously the peak strain of his forced evolution.

6,600 years ago, a ‘bigheaded scientist’ named Yakub wickedly created the white race through selective breeding on the Greek island of Patmos, which is now a lovely place to vacation. Unleashing this plague upon humanity, Yakub initiated the decline and eventual enslavement of the Original Man. Up until this point, everything is in agreement with the instructions of Fard Mohammed, the sketchily known teacher of Elijah Mohammed, the founder and prophet of the Nation of Islam.

Vulture White Privilage
Vulture White Privilage




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Translated from French to English, ‘Marine Le Pen’ means ‘Literally Hitler’. With a name like that, how could any proud beret-wearing French person vote for her? If we fail to learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it!

carbon trader
carbon trader

What if we like history, can we repeat it?


Situation in France makes my progressive head explode. On one hand, we all agree that Jews are the most oppressed people in the world. On the other hand, we also agree that Muslim religion is peaceful and adherents to that religion are nice, oppressed people very high on oppression pyramid. What should progressives make out of the fact that Muslims (perhaps lone wolves) are driving Jews out of France in droves?

The only sensible solution that I see is to ignore these facts and not report them at all. Or, we could find one out of 1000 cases when a Jewish cemetery was desecrated by a white male (and not 999 cases when it was a lone wolf), and talk about it in accredited media incessantly so that the other 999 cases are forgotten

P.S. Marking my post as speciesism again, as wolves do not blow anything up.



Thanks for your work unmasking this dreadful womyn, MDB. Fortunately, the White Privilege she ceaselessly works to promote is being constantly washed away by an ever-swelling tide of immigrants, most of whom practice the religion of peace: Islam.

If the electorate can be dissuaded from voting for her – or anyone like her – for another decade or so, the problem of French (and, indeed, European) alt-Right extremism will solve itself; Muslims’ love of children will ensure that Whites will become a minority within a short space of time, and Europe will finally become the multicultural utopia we find everywhere else that diversity has been allowed to flourish!