America’s New Alt Right Criminal Class


The rise of the alt right and Donald Trump has corresponded with an astronomical rise in hate crimes, fraud and subversion. These non-conventional crimes are almost exclusively committed by alt right white males, and most of them over the internet. Prison cells are filling up at an alarming rate with right wing terrorists, Russian spies and spreaders of fake news and disinformation. The Department Of Homeland Security is still trying to figure out what makes these alt right criminals tick, and what is contributing to this recent surge in hate crimes, but as of yet the forces driving these criminals to do what they do, remain a mystery. Below are some examples of recent sentences:

Name: Larry Daniels

Crime: Hate speech

Sentence: 10 years in prison

Name: Rick McDonald

Crime:  Disseminating Fake News

Sentence: $5000 fine and 2 years of community service

Name: Matt Wallace

Crime: Working for the Russians

Sentence: 20 years in prison

The rise of white nationalism and populism is inevitably going to lead to more crimes of this nature, and progressives are urged to report suspicious activity on the internet to Homeland Security. Although Trump is president, our intelligence agencies are still largely independent and are actively pursuing alt right terrorists and Russian agents. Currently Breitbart and Infowars are under investigation by the FBI for working with the Russians to spread fake news. The alt right’s criminal enterprise is coming apart at the seams as we speak, and it’s up to progressives to ensure that this repulsive movement is destroyed for good, and never rears its ugly head ever again.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

When esteemed News correspondent Jake Tapper informed us that it was illegal to read the Clinton e-mails he was criticized for this by the right.
However for those who failed to heed his words of wisdom I hope you are prepared for the consequences. This was Russian propaganda and if you spread this propaganda than you are a puppet of Putin and your treasonous actions will soon be prosecuted.
I would also hope that you have not been to any of those conspiratorial sites like Breitbart, Drudge or Zero Hedge. Your browsing history can and will be traced back to you. You people on the Alt Right with your Racist, Islamophobic ways have exposed your Nazi views and you are all now all enemies of the state.
You days are numbered.

holy cow
holy cow

That is not the alt-right I know, a couple of the photos show freaks not real guys



Not only are these alt-right bigots spreading hate speech, they also have hateful thoughts. It’s not enough to prosecute words. Both what is said and what is not said should be punished, and these people are literally getting away with murder at the moment.


In another news, I hear that Amish are terrorising London? Saw the picture of terrorist, and he had an Amish beard. Could also been a Muslim beard, but since Islam is religion of peace, I can not imagine the terrorist being Muslim!


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What do you guys think?