Pedophobic Conservatives Attack Teachers’ Unions For Defending Teacher-Student Relationships


The Russian-backed fake news outlet “Project Veritas” is known for harassing and spying on progressive activists, government officials, unions and academics. The founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, is a known right wing agitator, with multiple charges of criminal activity to his name. In his latest so-called exposé, O’Keefe has targeted possibly one of the most honorable groups in America today – the teacher’s unions, tasked protecting our most hard working and prized government employees.

In O’Keefe’s latest “scoop”, he has recorded a New York Teachers Union attorney recalling an incident in which he defended a teacher who had a relationship with a student. In doing so, the attorney was carrying out his civic duty, and although conservative society is avidly against adult-child relationships, progressives are making headway in advancing the rights of minor-attracted persons, with articles like the following from Salon magazine:

This article has since been removed, because of the death threats and violent backlash from intolerant conservatives.

In the following video, the honorable attorney was recorded reciting a case from a long time ago in which he defended a teacher accused of having a teacher-student relationship from pedophobic conservatives:

As you can see, the attorney is laughing and boasting about the incident – if he was guilty of a crime, do you really think he would be acting like this?

Pedophobia has reached unacceptable levels in our society, and the Accredited Times is not afraid to take a moral stand against it, knowing full well that we will receive an avalanche of abuse and hatred from bigoted conservatives. We are progressives, and we are not afraid to stand up for those who society has rejected. This is the Current Year – pedophobia must end!


Did you hit the triple strength cool-aid this morning?? Pedophilia and stupid are similar insofar as neither can be fixed. Bill Clinton is Exhibit A.

And your story reminds me of another:

A priest and a rabbi are walking down the street and they come to a kid playing in a sandbox. The priest says, “Hey, you wanna go screw that kid?” To which the rabbi replies, “Out of what?”



Timely article, and this is the new frontier of Progressive fight against oppression!

What about animal-attracted hupersons? I believe that is still criminalized as well. Should there be another flag of zoophobia?


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