Days Before London Asian Terrorist Attack, Thousands Protest Islamophobia


Just days before the tragic London incident involving an Asian man, the streets of London filled up with forward thinking progressives, preempting the right’s Islamophobic response to future perceived “terror attacks”. It’s almost as if London progressives had a sixth sense that an event was over the horizon that would give racists and Islamophobes a reason to attack innocent and peaceful Muslims.

Brits from all age groups and ethnic backgrounds took to the streets to protest a range of hateful isms and phobias, including Islamophobia, racism, sexism, antisemitism, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia. The main perpetrators of all of these isms and phobias are of course whites, and most frequently white males.

Informed progressives protest against racism and white privilege

The native, indigenous Brits who took to the streets were of many racial backgrounds, and many of them were first and second generation immigrants from Somalia, Iraq, Djibouti, Yemen and many other countries. These people built Britain, and now they are demanding that British whites shut up and accept them, and they are shaping Britain’s future for the better.

A group of native Brits voice their concerns about Islamophobia

Thanks to the foresight of these wise protesters, London’s notorious neo-Nazi skinheads have yet to attack any Muslims or Mosques, but the police are on red alert nonetheless. White nationalists and white racist groups are being closely monitored by British intelligence and law enforcement to minimize and prevent hate crimes.

Overall, the efforts of European law enforcement have paid off, as few to no hate crimes by whites have been committed in response to any of the perceived terror attacks in recent months. As London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan said recently, terror attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city, and cannot be prevented. What law enforcement needs to remain focused on is white skinhead groups that might respond to these inevitable attacks with racism and Islamophobia. As long as whites are in check, there is no problem. Allah bless these protesters, and may we continue to move forward as one diverse people under progressivism, for the benefit of mankind!


I’m going to buy shares in a candle manufacturer. The post-incident candle-lit vigil in London was as well attended as the recent vigils in Paris, Stockholm, Brussels, Germany etc. I can only imagine that we will have plenty of future vigils as we stand up to racism and various phobias, and so progressives will need candles.

holy cow
holy cow

May not be a good business. I’m guessing they are recycling the actors in the actual attacks, and the actors and candles in the candlelight vigils. Soros is a great recycler, you thought it easy to get money from that miser?


Leftist progressive leaders are really giving the STRAIGHT DOPE to western whites, telling them that they must accept and learn to live with “terrorism” if they are to have the massive, unending, and even magical benefits of living in a diverse society! YOU TELL THEM, guys!


The very term ‘Islamic terrorism’ is of course an oxymoron, as ‘Islam’ literally means peace!. Peacefull terrorism? – I think not, and that is why our progressive betters would never employ such an idiotic and hatefully offensive phrase. Not all muslims are ‘active terrorists’ all of the time, as the far right stupidly claim. The incident in London should persuade us that we need to be more, not less, inclusive to avoid alienating such a valuable demographic vital to social progress. More open borders and less discrimination would probably have prevented the micro aggressions in a life of oppression that lead to such desperate actions, more properly seen as a cry for help than a crime.


Sure, “thousands” protested against Islamophobia; but there are 9 million people living in London; I’m not a mathematician, myself (preferring the “hard” subjects like Trans Studies & Feminism in Pre-Columbian Alaska) but my understanding is that means millions of Londoners weren’t protesting.

I suspect that once all the facts are in, we’ll discover Khalid Masood was probably just trying escape an Islamaphobic mob when he lost control of his car and accidentally ran into those pedestrians.

Yes, I expect we’ll discover this was yet another example of White Privilege destroying lives. Just how long must we endure this curse?