It’s Time To Counter Robotophobia


Overheard on the way to work today:

I f*cking hate robots! I swear in five years time I’ll be out of a f*cking job since the mother f*ucking c*nts will replace me. I wish the robots would just f*ck off and leave us the f*ck alone.”

Employees across the world are ever-more fearful of being downsized. As technology and automation become increasingly more sophisticated, accredited experts predict that robots will replace humans en masse in the workplace. Although the person I overheard today is clearly suffering from an advanced form of Tourette Syndrome, and is therefore oppressed, he is still guilty of robotophobia. Just because robots are non-sentient beings does not mean they do not also have feelings. We should treat robots with dignity and respect. To see what I mean, re-read the narrative quoted above, except replace the word ‘robot(s)’ with ‘Paki(s)’. Sounds horrible now, doesn’t it?

Despite the enormous contribution they make to our 21st century well-being, robots and all their cyber-cousins ARE discriminated against. You only have to try to create an internet account or post a message under an online article to see this statement is true. There are whole businesses built around proving that the poster is a human and not a ‘bot’.

Prove you are a human: robotophobia in its nastiest form

You may not have heard of robotophobia before, but it is likely to become a highly important issue in the coming years. Here, I have an admission to make. When sitting down to write this article, I imagined ‘robotophobia’ to be a word I had just created. It seems the word has existed for many years. There are even progressive academic articles written on the subject. In 2012, In their ground-breaking research, Daniel Halpen and James E. Katz of the Rutgers University in New Brunswick explore the crucial issue of “Unveiling robotophobia and cyber-dystopianism: the role of gender, technology and religion on attitudes towards robots“. In a series of experiments funded by the American taxpayer, Halpen and Katz discovered that robots largely identify as gender-neutral, are very receptive to technological advances, and have strong religious beliefs that they were created by humans. Among their favourite films are Terminator and Terminator 2.

Triggered by cyber-bullying

The perceived threat of robots to our jobs is largely overdone. For those who want to work, robots will simply perform the boring/routine manual tasks we do today, leaving us to work at a higher, more strategic level. For those who do not wish to work, robots will create so much wealth by themselves that the government will be able to pay us a fortune in living wages. There are many who have already anticipated this trend and are collecting the living wage now!

Either way, there is no excuse for robotophobia. Except perhaps for Tourette syndrome.


Robots are the new black slaves! Except efficient.

holy cow
holy cow

Is robotopia an utopia or dystopia?
The kind of insanity that we see today is a sign that technology is breaking down faster than we can patch up, and the whole world will see very interesting times. Robot takeover or nanobot swarms? Very unlikely.
Pathologically insane guys are winning elections, and being paraded as emperors to implement the agenda of total control, but the elites are uneasy. In spite of all the smiles before the cameras, the elites are shitting in their diapers.
Things are coming apart. Eat real food, and learn to live without technology.


This Japanese commercial is giving Robots a bad name. There is a protest planned. Many upstanding robots will be there and will be led by the legendary Ultra-man!

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Your statement ” There are many who have already anticipated this trend and are collecting the living wage now!”
Further validates how mentally far behind white males are to minorities. Many stopped working years ago in anticipation of robots.

Another example is Drugs. Black gangs were dealing marijuana on street corners way ahead of it being accepted as legal in some states.
Now it looks like white males will be appropriating these same principles and further stealing leading edge ideas from POC.
When will this theft end.


Not gangs, but minority-enhanced youth groups


Exactly. Whites are always worrying about the future, while minorities are relaxing and enjoying life. They have the foresight to see that robots will take care of us in the future – something that white simpletons cannot grasp.


Fascinating article Pbier. I think a lot of robophobia arises out of people fearing that so-called “low IQ” people won’t be able to provide any value when robots replace all the low skill labor. But this is misguided because IQ is a social construct and has no correlation to workplace performance. Intelligence is relative, and a social construct. ANYONE can do ANY job, so no matter how many skills the market demands, there will be opportunities for everyone. So we should welcome automation, and at the same time not worry about societal IQ or dysgenics. Worrying about these things is paranoia.