How To Spot A Lone Wolf


We recall the tragic events of last week, when a crazed Asian man from Kent brought carnage to London’s streets. We still have no clear idea of his motivation for this attack. What we do know is that America needs protecting more than ever. If terror can happen in England, it can certainly happen here.

As always, we rely on our brave government agencies for our security. We must trust that they have sufficient powers and budget to stop all would-be ‘Lone Wolves’. What we do not need is the alt-right warning about ‘an ongoing encroachment of our civil liberties’. How exactly did ‘civil liberties’ help the poor victims in London?

Unfortunately, unlike organised terror groups, spotting a Lone Wolf is easier said than done. Lone Wolves are, by their nature, entirely unpredictable, operating completely alone. They could come from any strata of society, race, community, and certainly from any religion or none. Who can say what their motivations are?

It was for precisely this reason that, in his great wisdom, former Attorney General Eric Holder introduced anti-profiling rules in 2014. As the Washington Post reported at the time, “..expanded Justice Department rules for racial profiling [have been introduced] to prevent FBI agents from considering gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity, in addition to race and ethnicity, when opening cases. The department also is banning racial profiling from national security cases for the first time.”

Racial profiling is racist and does not work

Imagine you are tasked with protecting America from a future terror incident. Perhaps you work at an airport, monitoring incoming passengers; or you may be a member of one of the country’s intelligence services.

Now, study the below profiles carefully and try to identify anyone who looks potentially dangerous.

Now you begin to get a grasp of just how difficult it is to spot the lone wolf: it could be any of these people, apart, of course, from the upbeat man in the first profile.

The only way of stopping a would-be Lone Wolf is an increase in surveillance. The government needs to increase its collaboration with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and any other organisation it deems useful in the war against terror. Whilst the intelligence agencies can already access and record all your emails, phone calls, bank transactions, physical movements, conversations, social media accounts, shopping, this is not enough. The next challenge is for the government to be able to read your thoughts, predict your movements and actions, so as to prevent them from happening if necessary.

This is not the time to bleat about ‘privacy’. After all, if you have nothing to hide, what can you be worried about?


Very wise article Pbier. Racial and religious profiling DOES NOT WORK. What about all the white male Christians threatening to blow up planned parenthood?? The accredited media references them all the time, but racists never suggest profiling them. They only want to profile Muslims, blacks and Hispanics!

I think it’s a travesty that border patrol agents are STILL targeting Hispanics for documentation checks! How is a Hispanic any more unlikely to be undocumented than a white American?? It’s 100% racism!!


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Racial and religious profiling does not work, and is 100% grounded in bigotry and hate |
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Accredited studies have found that there is no correlation between race or religion and any form of criminal activity. All races and religions commit all crimes at about the same rate. Studies show that those in favor of profiling are mainly white male Republicans, i.e. racists.

hasta la vista
hasta la vista

Countries are tying bank accounts, phone SIMs, driver’s license, and travel to biometric unique IDs. Just one number, and all information about an individual is available to the government agents, and anyone else who has access, legal or otherwise, to the database. Privacy is dead, everyone get on with the program, and do just what the govt believes is best. No thinking on your own, survival prepping, or making your life resilient.


An outstanding article! I have seen on numerous occasions that TSA personnel single out and check friendly people such as the ones on first picture, but then realize their racism and Islamophobia and to make up for it, they check 100 nuns which are next in line, and which are well-known to be prime suspects for and perpetrators of hate crimes.