A Modest Proposal To Reverse ‘White Flight’


The term ‘White Flight’ originated in mid-20th century America and refers to the large-scale migration of peoples of mostly European ancestries from racially-mixed inner-city neighborhoods to racially homogeneous suburban and rural areas. Examples of cities most impacted by cultural impoverishment include Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Kansas City and Oakland.

Many different theories have been mooted to explain the phenomenon of White Flight. Some historians suggest that ‘population pressures’ were behind the exodus, pointing to the arrival en masse, in northern cities, of black workers from the rural South. There are others, however, who reject the inference that white people abandoned their homes due to black families moving in; they recall that the white occupants defended their space with violence, intimidation and other tactics.

Whatever the explanation for negative urban diversity, White Flight has caused deep and lasting economic and social injustices for the black occupants of inner cities. These injustices include mortgage discrimination, mass unemployment, high crime rates, low quality education and poor academic achievement. The drivers for all of these issues are institutional and infrastructural racism.

Take the example of heavily-pregnant Shanice Washington, 17, who lives in a project on Detroit’s Eastside with her two sons. The presumed father of the boys abandoned her and them several months ago. Her current partner, DeShawn Booker, is currently serving time for armed robbery. Shanice told this reporter of the difficulties she experiences in even getting a job.

Shanice Washington does not hold out much hope for the future

As her boys tuck into their lunch of fried chicken wings, Shanice opens up. ‘There ain’t no work for peoples like me, no sir.‘ she says, dabbing at her moist eyes with a piece of kitchen towel, ‘them employers take one look at my name and address and that’s all she wrote.

How then do we reverse the injustices caused by White Flight? It seems only rational to believe, as Shanice does, that her employment prospects would be improved if white people had not abandoned Eastside. As it is, racist employers instantly reject resumés from people like Shanice precisely because they associate Eastside with black people.

The answer surely lies in persuading white people to return to the areas they willfully abandoned. We propose a range of tax incentives and government regulations to reverse the situation which the amoral free market had created. Firstly, we would levy eye-wateringly high property taxes on homes in so-called ‘white areas’, which would be used to finance urban/inner-city regeneration. We would also provide tax credits to home-owners in places like Eastside, which would allow expenses incurred to be offset against taxable revenues, provided that the taxpayer lived there on a permanent basis. Finally, we would provide generous subsidies and grants to people like Shanice to enable them to move into houses currently occupied by privileged white people.

This modest proposal to reverse white flight and enrich racially homogeneous areas cannot be put into place soon enough.


Fantastic article Pbier. White people shouldn’t be allowed to live in overwhelmingly white neighborhoods, just like they shouldn’t be the majority in any country. Whenever we have a white majority, we have institutional racism and white privilege. Decolonization means that all white areas need to be diversified, and all white buildings and historical monuments need to be torn down, renamed or modified. What have white people even given this world, other than racism, slavery, Islamophobia, antisemitism, sexism and homophobia? Whites need to integrate or die out. WHITE PRIVILEGE AND WHITENESS MUST END!!


It’s a HORRIBLE article.

White people departing an area INCREASES diversity! Nobody has EVER complained that Baltimore or Detroit or Gary, IN aren’t diverse enough! Camden NJ is not “inadequately diverse,” its diversity is excellent! On the flipside, Portland, OR has a diversity problem. Africa isn’t non-diverse. Europe is!

Areas transform into “vibrant” cultures when white people leave and white people should be encouraged to leave! The problem is that white people are taking all of the jobs with them. White people have job theft tricknology that causes there to be no functioning economy, or in some cases even functional running water or basic literacy, when they leave an area. Like they scorch and salt the earth as they go, because they hate the color of the skin of the new residents.

The departure of whites should be celebrated and their return met with violence as is justified in response to “gentrification.” When white people come back, YES, we see a decrease in crime, decrease in blight, increase in basic livability, farmer’s markets and whatnot, but that is NOT because of white people. It is because of forces from another dimension that we cannot comprehend- aka tricknology. When blacks move en masse, we see the opposite trends, but this is only because of tricknology again, sometimes articulated through data driven racism.


I am really torn here. On one hand article proposes higher taxes and financing of minority neighborhoods, which is always a good thing. On the other hand, as Trav points out, if a neighborhood is 100% select* minority, then it is the most diverse. Exclusively white schools get castigated and have their funding cut because they are “too racially homogeneous”, while Historically Black Universities, which have nearly 100% black students and faculty have no problems with diversity.

*Presence of Asians does not increase diversity.


Asians are not a minority because their historical oppression, history of having their countries colonized, and applicability of Jim Crow and other segregation policies to them in the USA has not seemed to create crime, poverty, blight and everything else everywhere they go and instead they outearn whites and outachieve them in schools. Therefore, as they rebut the progressive race narrative, they are to be excluded and ignored. Except when a white person plays a martial artist in a movie or dresses up like a Geisha.


Interestingly though, I have seen an increasing number of Asians in social justice protests shaming whites for their privilege and whiteness. I will happily accept them into the progressive movement as long as they keep voting democrat, which 80% of them do. But they shouldn’t be mentioned in any debate about race because white supremacists will simply use them to dispel progressive narratives.


The protest-participating-Asians are the future of US together with white social justice warriors. They seem to be educated at the same schools and they have accepted the same ideology. What I have observed, though, is that this is largely, and unfortunately, only a California/New England phenomenon – there is a whole group of middle and upper-middle class white and Asian kids, educated at UC system schools, who are SJW’s. The same group of kids educated in Texas or Arizona seem to share a different, very backwards ideology.


I’ve noticed the same thing and it’s sad. However, one remaining demographic truth is that whites are the ONLY race who votes majority Republican. White males even more so. So any demographic that erodes the Republican vote, including Asians, is welcome in America. Whiteness and white privilege MUST be brought to an end!


These are statements we all can agree on!

Edit: Just checked, and a few SE Asian ethnic groups, for example Vietnamese, vote Republican. Perhaps they should be specifically excluded.


Yes, I’m aware of that – Vietnamese are not legitimate minorities for this reason. Apparently Indians voted for Trump too – probably out of Islamophobia. Indians also shouldn’t be mentioned when we talk about progressive racial narratives, because they are also used to back up white supremacist arguments.


MDB, I love your work as you know, and salute your urge to give White people the benefit of the doubt, but it’s time to take the gloves off. Let’s stop pretending we don’t know why White people moved out of inner-city areas: accredited scientists† have already conclusively proved that the reason was racism.

As Whites are incapable of creating anything – after all, White prosperity was built on the backs of colonialism and slavery – the houses Whites live in now must have been stolen from their rightful owners: people of colour.

The notion of returning stolen property to its rightful owner is hardly radical; alt-Right bigots keep raving about “muh property” after all, so they can hardly complain when “their” misappropriated homes (and jobs!) are returned to their original owners. The Whites can move back into the inner city where they came from. Let’s see how they like high crime rates, poverty, living off welfare, drug addiction and all the other social ills that arise from inner-city living.

†i.e, real scientists; social scientists


No you’re right. Everything whites have has been stolen from people of color through colonialism and racism, and none of it has been earned, because of white privilege. Europe belongs to the Muslims, who were kicked out during the crusades, and now they are taking back what is rightfully theirs.


Look at this courageous single mother with 15 beautiful children:

Why aren’t white people HELPING her?? As she say’s, somebody needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE for this!

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

The author has pointed out a serious problem yet tries to take the soft politically correct approach to the solution. A modest approach wont work.

White people don’t pay taxes. They will find some type of loop hole to get out of them and the problem will continue.
The only correct solution is a quick and dirty one. It requires actions taken by a true leader with intestinal fortitude like Jacob Zuma. Seizure and reparations is the only answer.
Something would than have to be put in place to stop the coming gentrification that will follow, Perhaps internment and re-education camps. Maybe we could come up with a reservation system for them like they imposed on our red brothers. If we open borders we could place them in the vacated refugee camps in various countries.
Action needs to be taken as soon as we impeach Trump.


When whites live around blacks it is racism. When they don’t live around blacks, it is racism. Whites oppress blacks and cause ALL of their maladies even when there are no whites around!


All oppression stems from whiteness and maleness. Only those with power and privilege can be racist and oppressive, so this eternal burden sits on the shoulders of white men, and can never be alleviated, no matter how hard they try. But still they MUST try, harder and harder every day, to pay for their sins, while knowing that the work will NEVER be over. This is the white man’s burden.


[…] “White Flight has caused deep and lasting economic and social injustices for the black occupants of inner cities. These injustices include mortgage discrimination, mass unemployment, high crime rates, low quality education and poor academic achievement. The drivers for all of these issues are institutional and infrastructural racism.” […]