Why Comedy Shows Are The Key To Progressivism


As the accredited media continues to come under fire by an artillery of fake news trying to undermine its credibility, many people are bewildered and no longer sure whether they can trust respected media outlets like CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times. Having trusted these news outlets religiously for decades, many people now feel confused and dejected, and have started looking for other media platforms to reaffirm their progressive narratives. In come comedy shows, which have always been important, but now play an absolutely vital role in maintaining progressive narratives and keeping progressives confident in their beliefs and sure of themselves.

Comedy shows are extremely effective at spreading progressivism and dispelling conservative myths, because they put people in a passive state of relaxation and acceptance. People watch comedy shows to have a laugh, feel smart and to watch their political enemies get mocked. When a progressive comedian like John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert or the indigenous Scott, Jon Stewart, make a snarky quip about Trump and their in-studio audience roars with laughter, the TV audience will see these cues and also laugh, making them feel smart, witty, righteous and on the winning team politically. Watchers of comedy shows never question the comedian’s progressive narratives, or the factual implications of their jokes. If the jokes are grounded in reality, they are proof of progressivism, and if they aren’t grounded in reality, then you shouldn’t criticize them because “can’t you take a joke?”.

Comedy shows are bringing hoards of young people into the progressive movement, and giving them all a sense of moral righteousness and a snarky, sarcastic, dismissive attitude towards anyone with a differing opinion. This progressive army of comedy show fans grows day after day, and no conservative argument, no facts, no statistics and no evidence can ever change their minds. This army of superior, snarky progressives will continue to grow and will eventually trample and suffocate the last vestiges of right wing bigotry. So godspeed to late night comedy show hosts and the informed progressives who watch them! You are the tip of the spear in the war for social justice, and are courageously leading the charge to victory.


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On a slightly different note, I have found an ideal womyn. I think this is how womyn will look in US in 20-30 years if Progressives such as us win:

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