Timeless Wisdom From Pop Culture Icons


As progressive initiatives such as high taxes, cumbersome regulations, welfare, misandry, diversity and the promotion of early promiscuity continue to destroy the racist, patriarchal family unit and create millions of fatherless children, young people are increasingly looking to celebrities as role models. Pop music stars, and particularly rappers, are looked up to by millions of lost young people as the embodiment of success and accomplishment.

In their hopes to replicate the success of celebrities, many youths try to imitate them and glean as many principles from their music videos and media appearances as possible. Unlike traditional patriarchal fathers who teach their boys work ethic, and their daughters how to find a successful and decent man, celebrities now teach boys how to be vein gangsters and players, and teach girls to lust over violent thugs while also having a healthy hatred for men in general. The following are some of the key principles that progressive pop culture is teaching our children:

Don’t Work Hard

Do you ever see rappers working hard, saving money or deferring gratification in their music videos? Never. Instead you see them partying non stop and consuming the finest, most expensive things life has to offer without limitation. What this signifies is that work is for losers. Winners have fun 24/7 and reap the rewards.

Do Hard Drugs

Rap music videos promote hard drugs because they feel good, and doing drugs indicates that you don’t give a shit. From the wealth that rappers display in their music videos, we can glean that doing drugs makes you rich and powerful – another important lesson for children.

Break The Law

The law was set up by racist white males to keep people of color down. Children need to understand this, and should not respect the law or the police in any way. Having a constantly angry, defiant attitude towards the police will get you very far in life, and will have you living like a successful rapper in no time.

Use Violence To Settle Disputes

Resorting quickly to violence without using arguments is the hallmark of progressivism, and has helped the left dominate the world of politics and activism. Successful people don’t negotiate and make deals – they fight and fire bullets at each other. This is demonstrated quite clearly by music videos.

These wholesome principles are the foundation of modern progressivism, and are at the front and center of the Democratic party. Many of these top rappers and celebrities have endorsed the Democrats and denounced Trump. With such a strong set of moral principles, progressives are taking the moral high ground and shaming Trump for his degenerate, sexist, racist views, and the horrible example he sets for young boys and girls in America. We need wholesome role models like Rick Ross in America, not sexist white male pigs like Trump. With such a fine set of role models, millennials will no doubt turn out to be great leaders, and make America one of the most prosperous, diverse and tolerant countries in the world in years to come.


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Who is Rick Ross; the ape in the pic? Do yourself a favor MDB, send this story to your mental health professional.


Beat the Rap - Don\'t Give a Crap
Beat the Rap - Don\'t Give a Crap

I agree with hungrypirana. April fools! hp is an april fool. Rick Ross is the best!

Now this WHITE rapper is sending the wrong message, deplorable.

Beat the Rap - Don\'t Give a Crap
Beat the Rap - Don\'t Give a Crap


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Wow, great article! As a father of an adolescent daughter, I am always on the look out for tips to help her get ahead in life. The old ways are no good and not relevant anymore so it is important to be with the times and spirit of the world.


Pbier – I would also advise NOT to address your “daughter” as her – XER gender might still be unclear, e.i. xer might be feeling like one of 72 genders* after enrolling in one of UC system schools, or at a feminist private college in New England. The fact that you have used term “HER” on xer might have caused irreparable mental damage and suffering.

With respect to the excellent article I have one question to MDB. Is the exceptionally attractive person in photo a transgender male or female. Xer breasts are quite large, which makes it impossible to tell.

*Edit – “one or more of 72 genders”


In an unusual post for me, I recommend watching this oldie but goodie where a smart black man, destroys a stupid stuck up white bitch

Happy April 1st

aaron pryor
aaron pryor

I thoroughly enjoy your brand of satire and it amazes me that so many Zerohedge folks are immune to your charms. They are nitwits, the lot of them.


What should have been an April Fool’s joke

but Wasn’t!



“Did you know that milk has long been a symbol used by white supremacists?”

Accredited Times now knows where it can find more authors of outstanding stature.


I won’t say which part is outstanding.