How Christian Missionaries Promote Hate And Bigotry


As the alternative media continues to slander peaceful Muslim immigrants, a modern day form of colonialism is going on unnoticed in the form of Christian proselytism. Third world countries are experiencing an alarming influx uninvited Mormon, Catholic, Anglican and Protestant missionaries, spreading their hateful ideology and irreversibly changing these countries’ cultures and identities.

Countries that once had rich traditions of voodoo, polygamy, cast systems and natural healing methods, are slowly losing their identities to Christian ethics, family values, modern medicine and western languages. The parallels with western imperialism are obvious. In the old days, the British believed that they had discovered the key elements of modern civilization and that it was their moral duty to spread these principles to the rest of the world. Similarly, Christian missionaries believe that their way of life is superior to the ways of the third world, and that they have a moral duty to impose their views on others. Christian missionaries are infecting the minds of people of color with bigoted views about homosexuality, marriage, age of consent and monogamy, and displacing these peoples’ far superior traditions and ways of life.

Muslims and Jews don’t engage in this kind of missionary work, because they recognize that it is immoral. Muslim and Jewish organizations help only Muslims and Jews, as they simply refuse to engage in this modern day colonialism for moral reasons. Do you see bigoted Muslim missionaries indoctrinating children across the Middle East? Of course not, because Muslims believe in leaving people in peace to practice their own traditions, religions and cultures. They simply don’t impose themselves on others like imperialist Christians.

Today, we all know that western civilization and Christianity is flawed, and has much to learn from the rest of the world. Traditional Chinese healing methods using “chi”, herbs and tiger penises are rapidly displacing western medicine. African and Arab traditions of polygamy are displacing monogamy and the family unit as western countries continue to reject conservative Christian values. The consensus about the age of sexual consent in western countries is falling in line with the rest of the world, as magazines like Salon continue to fight pedophobia. Western civilization is checking its privilege and conforming to the quite frankly superior ways of other countries.

A small number of discredited historians claim that number of years of British rule is the number one indicator of how well a country is currently doing, but these views are rightfully dismissed as racist by progressive academics. It’s time for Christian missionaries to realize that they are the colonists of the 21st century, and that the rest of the world is sick and tired of their bigotry and hateful ways. It’s time for the west to shut up and listen for a change, because the rest of the world has a thing or two to teach us.


These missionaries are the most dangerous people on Earth, far more deadly than industrial-scale emitters of CO2.

Per Matthew 24 of the Christian’s textbook ‘And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come’

By preaching the Gospel, the missionaries are quite literally bringing the end of the world much closer. Someone needs to stop them.


One of the commenters on the Prohibition post rightly pointed out how ethanol has different physical properties when prepared by ancient peoples of color. It becomes medicinal- this is not simply witch doctory, or even some kind of absurd voodoo. It’s real. Ancient ways of doing things are why nobody ever died from diseases back then and why average life expectancy was so much higher in the past.

Seriously, nobody EVER died until the white man destroyed their advanced medicinal techniques, such as consumption of human body parts in a stew, or in the case of aboriginal australians, the consumption of the second born by the first born.

rebecca the feminist
rebecca the feminist

You are just a number thumper, just like the bible thumping missionaries. Just give a number like “life expectancy”, and you’ll be thumping with it all your life.
Most eunuchs placed in critical positions are given some number to thump by UN/WHO – could be life expectancy, lack of access to “clean water”, infant mortality, or even percentage population using cashless digital economy. Some of these are good goals, but there may be ways to bring about the improvement, without a few people dictating the bestest solution.

Why are you taking examples where society was broken and use that to extrapolate? Also are you that young, that you’ve never heard of tonics or medicine with alcohol in them? And are you dumb enough not to have read articles about tribes using alcohol to make medicinal extracts from herbs, and tree barks? There won’t be a whole lot of such articles, but even a few of those will show you that tribal people are not that simple minded.

If some one is non-white, should they be reading only about white privilege, colonial occupation, slavery, guns, smallpox blankets, inquisition and the MIC?
Or chat with a person from the Bible belt, and assume whites are simple minded idiots who believe in Christianity and bombing the middle east.

Or read ZH comments, and assume whites are feisty rebels with strong character and moral values.


Kudos for an excellent response – reads like written by a number-hating Ethnic or Gender studies graduate. Why do we need any numbers for life expectancy if we KNOW that evil white man came with his tricknology, hate, and racism all morphed into disease control and antibiotics created to subjugate tribal people living in harmony with Mother Nature! I suggest that large parts of archaeology should be discarded – the parts which show that life in early historical times was short, unpleasant, and riddled with parasites, arthritis, and so on. I suggest also that so-called Ötzi the iceman should be incinerated as he died a violent death at age of ca. 45, and at time of his death he was suffering from whipworm, was sick several times in last half year, and was infected with Lyme disease – he must have been an exception and so these facts should be eradicated. He also had high concentration of arsenic and copper in his body, showing yet once more how much he was living in harmony with Nature. It is also clear from this isolated example that Ancients must have walked around hugging trees until age of 10000.


Perhaps he had been drinking alcohol, not unheard of for White Scandinavian Men. All the symptoms you describe are consistent with consuming this evil substance.


I don’t know why you thought I was disagreeing with you! CLEARLY nobody ever died and alcohol acquires fantastical properties when prepared by people of color. Of COURSE I have heard of medicinal uses that have no basis whatsoever in racist white science! I have also heard of medicinal uses for human body parts- who are WE in the west to dispute these well-known “tribal” facts?!?!

Smallpox blankets are a CLEAR example of white evil- smallpox could be cured by tribal remedies such as the ingestion of human bodyparts or by sacrifice of humans to ancestral gods. Smallpox is reputed to have killed hundreds of millions of people, but clearly this cannot be true as they had ancestral tribal and herbal remedies that predated racist shit like the vaccine which made the last known case of this disease occur in 1977. Enough magic alcohol and tree bark was finally brought to bear against this disease and it was wiped out.

But back to the blankets, CLEARLY white people somehow invalidated the natives’ cure for smallpox using medicinal methods, at the same time as having TOTAL understanding of the viral vectors of this disease despite the virus having not even been discovered yet! More white genocide!!! One wonders why the white people didn’t simply weaponize smallpox with an aerosol, given that they understood the EXACT NATURE of the disease!



my response was to rebecca the feminist, who appeared to be disagreeing with your excellent analysis and who said that you are a “number thumper”. Xer seems to be similar to our dear Anon-Onan in xeir beliefs.

Edit: this also shows how layers upon layers of complexity in our discussions make it difficult to discern what we really think

rebecca the feminist
rebecca the feminist

There are different classes of missionaries, simple minded children (and adults) who think converting a brown person will give them a free ticket to heaven. Aggressive business minded pastors, who want the most bang for a thump of the bible. Then there is the insane, and finally the criminally insane.
There are very few christians who believe that non-christians are equal to them, no better or no worse. Unfortunately those that do are often considered as pagan.

Inquisition just goes on to show how quickly a corrupted centralized system can be run over by the criminally insane.

But missionaries have left a lasting legacy – the use of various mind control techniques, carrot and stick, good cop/bad cop, deceit and trickery to convert people or keep them in compliance. Some non-christian messiahs took mind control to another level, creating zombies who blindly followed cult orders. Today we have the MIC, and organized cartels using similar principles to keep the population controlled with false flags, imaginary threats, etc.
Stories about paganism, shamanism, and voodoo have been mostly written by missionaries, so they may not be totally true.
Take many of the quantum physicists, they quote from Vedas or Bhagawad Gita. Why did they not discard the Vedas as pagan BS?