Why It’s Time For A New Prohibition


After ‘White Supremacy’ and ‘Compassionate Conservatism’, the phrase ‘alcohol in moderation’ is perhaps the greatest oxymoron known to personkind. Whilst some may not recognise the contradiction in this juxtaposition, the truth, as the UK Chief Medical Officer reminded us in 2016, is that there is no ‘safe’ level of alcohol consumption.

Rigorous scientific tests by accredited scientists have all shown that regular drinking wreaks utter bodily destruction. Just some of the diseases known to be caused by alcohol include cancer, heart disease, fatty liver disease, hepatitis, cirrhosis, obesity, flu, the common cold, and diabetes. Alcohol consumption is also responsible for societal breakdown, loss of productivity, and acting as a powerful ‘relaxant’ which prevents non-progressives from engaging in social justice issues.

Despite the strong recommendation for drinkers to cut back their consumption of alcohol to no more than 14 units a week, the words of warning have largely fallen on deaf ears.  Worse still, powerful lobbies like the drink industry work tirelessly to persuade our nation’s youth that drinking is somehow ‘cool’, glamorous and even sexy.

Oktoberfest womyn: not only is drinking beer extremely dangerous for your health, it is haram

Whilst we have cited health and social justice issues as key reasons for avoiding alcohol, we have so far left out the most pressing argument so far: alcohol is forbidden by the Koran and is haram. A nation which purports to welcome Muslim immigrants and refugees is doing precisely the opposite when it fails to adapt itself to their customs.

Former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, was well aware of the importance of a country ensuring that ‘there’s something worth integrating into’. How can we expect a multicultural society to function harmoniously if restaurants and shops in areas where Muslims live blatantly sell alcohol? Regrettably, since laws in the United States, United Kingdom and elsewhere continue to allow the sale and purchase of alcohol, it is often left to Muslims themselves to lead the protests.

“Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.” David Cameron, Former UK prime minister

We recall one recent incident in the Brick Lane area of London where a brave Muslim preacher, Anjem Choudary, demanded action against local shopkeepers. He suggested (note: in full compliance with Sharia Law) that shop owners who continued to sell their ‘evil products’ should be given 40 lashes.

Unfortunately, since Sharia Law is not yet formalised in the United States (although it increasingly is in the United Kingdom), grievances such as Choudary are left unaddressed and thus lead to a fractured society.

It seems to us that a new prohibition is needed urgently. Pick any reason you like: health, society, business productivity, community harmony. The last prohibition failed largely because it was not enforced sufficiently. We believe that, were a new prohibition to be introduced, our Muslim citizens will be our ‘eyes and ears’ and will swiftly report any transgressions to the authorities.


Nice one Pbier! The last prohibition was a great success, with the exception of Al Capone. But this time we have Sharia patrols to deal with anyone who dares to violate prohibition laws.

White supremacists will of course argue that drinking is a thousand year old tradition in Europe, but this isn’t a thousand years ago – this is the Current Year. Europe is now increasingly Muslim, and the more Muslims immigrate and have children in Europe, the more Muslim it becomes. When the Spanish conquered South America, it became Christian and Spanish speaking. When the British conquered North America, Australia and Southern Africa, they became Christian and English speaking. When the French conquered parts of Canada and West Africa they became Christian and French speaking.

Regions and peoples evolve over time, and we have now entered a post-Christian, post-white world, where Islam will become the norm. The USA is now a Spanish speaking country, and Europe is an Arabic speaking Muslim continent. This is a tidal wave of history that cannot be overcome – it is destiny. Right wingers need to get over it and embrace it.

rebecca the feminist
rebecca the feminist

Alcohol was always part of the life of many “primitive” tribes around the world. Sugar in fruits ferments into alcohol, which is also used to extract nutrients from herbs, and to preserve the nutrients. Alcohol for tribes is less about buzz, and more about medicine – they add tree bark, leaves, seeds, flowers, etc to make the alcohol medicinal.

But western wine, enjoyed by Romans and Greeks, was a lot more simpler, and less nutritious. Then modern whiskey, vodka and rum made it all about alcohol content. Mixed with pills, alcohol proved to be a bad combination. Although initially, western doctors followed the method of various tribes, creating tonics with alcohol in them.

India’s Ayurveda (now supplanted with pathological WHO/UN standards) had a whole lot of medicines that were created through alcoholic fermentation.

Modern prohibition that is now widespread, comes from the fact that whiskey and brandy is just alcohol with no medicinal value. And from the zeal of missionaries, who for some reason disliked seeing the natives in the tropics having fun with mild medicinal alcohol during their social functions. Now an island like American Samoa is blessed by the word of God, and 100% obesity that begins at birth – https://news.brown.edu/articles/2014/02/samoa.

There must have been a mistake in interpretation somewhere, did Jesus not convert water into wine?


dunno, but you are so right- alcohols, which is to say organic compounds with a hydroxyl group (primarily C2H5-OH for consumption), acquires different physical properties when prepared by nonwhites who lack writing and other modern technology.

Lots of things have similarly different effects when prepared in “ancient ways” by people of color. They acquire fantastic abilities to cure viral diseases and whatnot, as well as expand the mind to other dimensions. Alcohol prepared by nonwhites is kind of like magic except real.

We should embrace the medicines of ancient people, as well as consumption of human body parts and such things, because back then, nobody ever died from any disease and they totally knew the operative scientific principles of disease pathology and natural occurrences; why else would the aztecs have sacrificed so many humans?

rebecca the feminist
rebecca the feminist

You just have a single minded focus on Aztecs sacrificing humans (or even children)? Did you also read in that fairy tale that Aztecs ripped out hearts of the humans while they were alive?
Bad, bad Aztecs. Fortunately they didn’t stand a chance against the Spanish conquistadors led by the “christian” church!

Speaking of alcohol, vinegar comes from further fermentation of alcohol, and this was another thing that was used for medicine, and for preserving foods.

Many problems today are from scientists finding one thing, while breaking 10 other things. They can get away with it, because of bad, bad Aztecs. If the Aztecs weren’t so bad, we’d all be eating good food and medicine. May be not, we are already eating wonderful FDA/USDA approved food with high feed conversion ratio.


We can see today how much smarter and wiser people of color are than whites. Why would it have been any different all those years ago? The white man destroyed the many natural cures and ancient wisdom of people of color, and now modern medicine is beginning to check its privilege and realize how flawed it is.