The Evil Of Fairy Stories And Why They Must Be Banned


There is an ongoing war for the minds of our innocent children. While the government tries to impress on our youth the evils of racism, sexism, transphobia and Islamaphobia, there are other sinister forces at play trying to reverse these life teachings.

In essence, the war is fought over two distinct time zones, day and night. During the daylight hours, our brave school teachers devote their energies to teaching our young the guiding principles of critical race theory, the beauty of the Koran, gender queer theory and cultural marxism. At night, unchecked and unregulated, millions of unaccredited ‘parents’ undo all the good of the daytime through the telling of so-called ‘fairy stories’.

Despite their description, these stories in fact have nothing to do with the gay community. Rather, they seek to enforce the patriarchy, promote ideas of white-superiority and the monarchy, normalise the disturbing notion of talking animals and unapologetically raise heterosexual marriage as an ‘ideal’. Our children as essentially brain-washed by people who should know better.

Take Jack and The Beanstalk for example. After having exploited the milk-generating abilities of the family cow companion for some time, an elderly single-mother decides to send her male offspring to sell the poor animal as soon as its dairy-productive capacities are sub-optimal. Jack, a white caucasian child, displays absurdly poor negotiating skills by swapping the cow for some ‘magical’ beans. A year’s subscription to the Daily Kos or Accredited Times would have been a far better trade-off. Despite the beans being high in magnesium, Vitamin B1 and B6, protein and Iron, the single-mother betrays a wastefulness typical of the 21st century consumer by throwing them out of the window to rot. At this point, our innocent child reader is expected to suspend belief entirely and imagine that the beans grow into a vertically-enhanced beanstalk which trespasses on the humble dwelling of an outsized male with anger management issues.

The rest is, of course, well known. Jack is willful of forced entry into the giant’s lodgings. He appropriates a valuable musical instrument (harp) as well as a goose which lays golden eggs. Jack apparently is oblivious to the truth that you cannot eat gold. When the giant quite reasonably asks for the return of his life savings, Jack murders him and the ecosystem by cutting down the beanstalk.

There are worse ‘fairy stories’ out there and some have more progressive themes. Despite its politically incorrect title, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is essentially a tale of female empowerment in which a modern womyn lives in polygamy with several vertically challenged males.

Overall, however, fairy stories poison our children’s minds and set back the progressive cause by centuries. These stories need to be banned immediately. A child with sleep issues would be better served by reading (or having read out to it), Das Kapital and other Soviet literature of the early 20th century.

We leave the final word to the UK Guardian, which makes a number of important comments in its recent article, Fairy Tales are not just harmless, innocent fun, they need to be interrogated. Over to the authoress, Kathryn Heyman, who has the following to say about the so-called Respectful Relationships program, which seeks to inform early childhood education and tackle family violence:

Critics of the Respectful Relationships program seem to want it both ways. On one hand, fairy stories are sacred, innate to human life and, like the Bible, have been handed to us by divine forces – but have no real impact on the listener or the reader. Harmless, innocent, fun. On the other, if we change them, or merely critique them, terrible things will happen. Boys will grow breasts, girls will wield swords, society will fall apart.

In fact, the Respectful Relationships program aims to have children look at traditional fairytales and take on a “fairytale detective” role, asking what the messages are, and what might happen, for instance, if “the girl had the sword and the boy had to wait for her to rescue him”. It does not – as far as I can tell – advocate locking boys up in towers or making them wait to be rescued. It simply suggest interrogating the text. As the Premier said, “That’s called learning.”

In Puss in Boots a homeless, cross-dressing, talking cat changes his life – and the life of his homeless human buddy – simply through telling stories. Story is everywhere, and it affects every choice we make: where we live, what we buy, what jobs we do, who we fall in love with. 

When children hear stories, they are making sense of the world, and casting themselves in the various roles. That’s one of the reasons girls grow up wanting to be princesses, if they’re not careful.


Wow, what a fantastic article Pbier! Everywhere we social justice warriors look, we see the patriarchy and white supremacy rearing their ugly heads. Fairy tales and English literature in general promote traditional stereotypes of gender, race and sexuality, which continue to shape children’s minds and promote hate and bigotry. Even Shakespeare promotes these antiquated patriarchal concepts with traditional male-female relationships such as Romeo and Juliet.

These works of literature simply do not reflect reality in any way. Men wielding swords and women being submissive and pretty has no grounding in biology – these are just social constructs. Progressives understand that if we normalize boys playing with barbies, and girls playing with toy soldiers, then society might look very different to the one created by bigoted white men.

People are the way they are solely because of culture, and in no way because of biology. Humans will be whatever we want them to be.


yes. There are no differences between the races OR sexes. These things are just social constructs. Every piece of culture comes as an accident…want to talk fairies? Basically the Culture Fairy bestows culture onto various groups. Behaviors are not a function of biology in any way, shape, or form. This is simply UNACCEPTABLE thought, despite what any “mountain” of data-driven racist “evidence” to the contrary might show.

Peter the denier
Peter the denier

What a timely article, there are indeed hidden meanings to these stories, ban them all! Meaning of Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty


BTW we have a special surprise for AT readers tomorrow – a long awaited bombshell interview. I’m very excited to share it with you!


I know you meant well Pbier, but I’m afraid you crossed a line this time. Not with the article itself – it is as spot-on, well-researched, and highly relevant as one would expect from an accredited publication. However, the graphic depiction of drug-facilitated sexual assault that you chose as an illustration of the disgusting influence of those fairy tales on our children goes too far!

I’m sure simply explaining to our young readers how Snow White got roofied with an apple, and how the prince took advantage of her helpless state would have sufficed. You didn’t have to post a picture of it! Such imagery objectifies womyn, trivializes sexual assault, and desensitizes the readers. Even when posted with the intention to expose those very calamities.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

LaserProphet, I agree, next he will be posting images of Bill Cosby with one of his many victims and giving lessons on how to slip a girl a Mickie or Spanish fly.
So glad you called him on this indiscretion.