The 10 Commandments Of The One World Religion


It’s no secret that our intellectual elites have long been planning a new world order centered around a set of global governing institutions, with the intention of solving political, environmental and socioeconomic challenges. The pillars of this new world order are a global government, a global central bank, a global currency and a global religion revolving around peace, love, community and unity. In the following proposal, I will lay out a set of commandments that I think would form a solid basis for a new one-world religion. In my humble opinion, the key elements of this religion should closely echo progressivism, as most of the groundbreaking work on ethics clearly falls within this category. So without further ado, let’s lay out my ten commandments of the one world religion:

  1. Thou shalt treat all races, genders, sexualities and species equally, recognizing their differences and lack thereof simultaneously as and when it fits our core progressive narratives
  2. Under no circumstance shalt one criticize another who is higher on the oppression pyramid than oneself
  3. Thou shalt reject all facts, statistics and arguments that contradict progressive narratives, regardless of how convincing they may be
  4. Thou shalt relentlessly guilt and shame anyone not aware of, or non-compliant with the tenets of progressivism
  5. Thou shalt gather in groups and chant progressive slogans loudly and refuse to engage the opposition in reasoned debate
  6. Thou shalt propose a further centralization of power as the solution to every problem
  7. Thou shalt attribute the achievements of those lower on the oppression pyramid to those higher on the oppression pyramid, while viewing the achievements of those higher on the pyramid as evidence of objective superiority
  8. Thou shalt never assume the racial identity of someone higher on the oppression pyramid, unless thou art a high priest of progressivism such as Elizabeth Warren or Rachel Dolezal
  9. Thou shalt roll one’s eyes and utter snarky, rhetorical quips at anyone who questions progressive narratives
  10. Thou shalt follow the accredited news religiously, and watch progressive comedy shows like the Daily Show for relaxation

These are the core principles of social justice and in my view serve as the bedrock for humanitarian progress. I humbly put forward these commandments for consideration by the architects of our brave new world, and hope to one day be ushered in as a priest of this new holy church. Until this religion is constructed, I will continue to loosely practice Islam alongside progressivism, as many feminists and left wing activists are currently doing. But for the good of humanity, I hope this new world order arrives sooner, rather than later.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

I see that MDB, Like Moses, went to the mountain top and returned with the 10 commandments.
Is there not some golden rule that could summarize it all
Like: If even one liberal does not like it then it needs to be outlawed and stricken from all of society.


That would be animal abuse


It’s disgusting that vicious lies are being circulated about MDB celebrating the homophobic, noninclusive, hateful Easter holiday.

Facebook and Twitter really need to do something to shut down this malicious rumor mongering before more damage is done.


Great article, who could argue with any of the commandments?

Julian Felsenburgh of Vermont is well-positioned to take this initiative forward.


They sure ain’t makin’ Jews like Jesus anymore!



I’m so jealous, MDB. What more fun could a progressive have than to trash a public park in Pyongyong under cover of LGBTQ+ rally with the added frisson of knowing Kim Jong Uns thugs might seize you at any moment and tie you to barrel of an artillery piece as cannon fodder.

And all this over Easter!


This should become the established religion for all world governments and on the glorious day that we finally have one world government it will be the only world religion allowed. I pray to the spirit of the intersectional trans-specieist of the earth spirits to bring us this day.

Marinated Le Pen
Marinated Le Pen

I don’t know what you are saying, but it goes well with the article. It is like having chocolate cake while lobbing missiles. I quote the great Leonard Cohen – this is a beautiful sight, mentally ill people, bums on the street or in positions of power wallowing in a steaming pile of shit.