Interview With Angie of Dissident Voice


Dissident Voice is a radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and social justice. The Accredited Times is happy to bring you an interview with senior editor Angie.

AT. When did you start Dissident Voice and why?

DV. Dissident Voice, an internet newsletter, was founded by Sunil K. Sharma, a writer, musician and activist based in Santa Rosa, California, in 2001 (although the archives show articles going back to 1999!). It is dedicated to challenging the distortions and lies of the corporate press and the privileged classes it serves. The goal of Dissident Voice is to provide thought-provoking, and even entertaining, news and commentaries on politics and culture that inform on the struggles for peace and social justice. Sunil retired from DV in 2010. In February of 2010 then co-editor Kim Petersen asked if I would like to help out as a co-editor. I said yes, and I have been here ever since. My aim is to ensure that DV continues to be the type of newsletter Sunil visualized and to adhere to the level of excellence that he and Kim provided to DV’s readership over the years.

Almost three years or ago DV added its Poetry on Sunday page. We always published poetry but within the Main Page of the newsletter. Now that poetry is a separate entity, it’s become hugely popular. I enjoy very much reading/editing and publishing poems from people all over the world.

AT. The left needs to discuss the universal basic income and its relation to global inequality – how do you feel about this issue?

DV. With respect to the UBI, as long as it provides for income security and human rights as articulated in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, then I support such a measure. However, implementation of the UBI should not be used as a tool to further remove/erode social programmes.

AT. How many bloggers contribute to Dissident Voice?

DV. Dissident Voice has approximately 2,000 writers contributing. Some of those folk have their own blogs. Many of DV’s contributors go back to the beginning of the website, so that is really awesome!

AT. A role model and why.

DV. I have never had a role model. There have been, and still are, any number of people that I admire — people who have a sense of humor, who can laugh at themselves and the world around them, people who are honest, people who DO things that help humankind no matter how seemingly trivial those things are, these are the people I admire most.

AT. What do you see in the future for Dissident Voice?

DV. I hope Dissident Voice will adhere to its stated mission and continue to grow.  It is a totally independent website. It does not accept advertising, so it is beholden to no one, and that is how I like it.

AT. Anything you’d like to add?

DV. I would like to say a huge thank you to the DV contributors who came and stayed, to the people who have subscribed to the DV Digest over the years, and to those who send their comments to DV from time to time. Without contributors DV would not exist — dreadful thought!!!

Thank you for your interest in Dissident Voice.

AT. Thanks Angie – anyone who supports the Universal Income is a friend of ours as it’s obviously the greatest gift that our wise central bankers could give us and would literally solve inequality overnight.

Marinated Le Pen
Marinated Le Pen

Inequality has been solved with mathematical proof –

The government should mandate that people use UBI to buy and eat chocolate cake at Mar-a-Lago while lobbing missiles.


For shame

Using the white mans trickology.

There are Social Justice Warriors that are $100,000 in debt and have a framed diploma that can’t see through that trick.

Have you no shame in rubbing it in?


Wow nice one Rich! The AT has hit the jackpot once again with another stunning interview. Well done!

I totally agree that the UBI is a powerful way to reduce global inequality and to free the proletariat from the clutches of the capitalist class. But I also agree with Angie that we shouldn’t let it displace hard won social programs. We need generous social programs AND a universal basic income. Only this way can we truly begin to create a level playing field where everybody has a shot at success in life.

Marinated Le Pen
Marinated Le Pen

Agreed, without UBI, people who talk with themselves, like Rich in the article above, cannot survive.


I think that he/she/it is sucking up to a different publication in a bid to move to another publication.

200 readers per article (on a good day) does not bring in enough for that penis to vegina surgery that he/she/it is lusting after.

After the balls were cut off the penis is useless anyway, except for pissing.

Onan/ Anon


Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

I struck a nerve!


and nor even the trans flag!

I must say that I am disappointed


Nothing wrong with talking to yourself, if your good company!


In other news

Due to colleges determining that protest rallies can be used as proxies for Final Exams

Job search services are deciding that a college diploma is useless in determining qualifications to get a job

‘No evidence’ that success at university is linked to achievement in professional assessments, accountancy firm says

as a result

Social Justice Warriors continue to live in moms basement, only with the added benefits of a framed diploma and a $100,000 debt.

Such a deal!


In our continuing look at Islam

Today we look at the demonic side of The Great Mo

It is written in the Eternal (put together 100 years ago), and Infallible (yes folks the sun does indeed set in a pool of muddy water) Koran that a messenger from Allah like The Great Mo must be of the people he is sent to, and must speak the language of those people. In other words a Chinese messenger living in the US and speaking only English is right out for sending the Chinese living in China, and speaking only Chinese, a message.

The Eternal (see above) and Infallible (also see above) Koran also states that The Great Mo was sent not only as a messenger to Arabic speaking people but was also a messenger/prophet to the jinn. Jinn are demons.

Thus per the Eternal (see above) and Infallible (also see above) Koran, The Great Mo must have been part demon and spoke the demonic language, otherwise he would not have been qualified to act as a messenger of Allah to the demons living among us.

Hope this helps everyones understanding of Islam.



Glad to see you back, Rich! 2000 SJWs blogging is no mean feat!


I can only dream of the AT one day reaching these numbers. DV are clearly gods of social justice.


All hail AT for promoting DV and the UBI in a PC SJ matrix that includes LBGQT.


Interview With Angie of Dissident Voice

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