Trump Humiliated As Obamacare Continues To Succeed


After failing to “repeal and replace” Obama’s hard won Affordable Care Act, Trump smugly claimed that the bill would self destruct anyway, humiliating his critics and political enemies. But like much of what Trump has predicted, this just hasn’t happened. In fact, quite the opposite, which has lead prominent Democrats like Nancy Pelosi to double down in their support for the bill.

It’s now undeniable that Obamacare has significantly increased coverage rates for women and minorities. The ONLY major demographic for whom coverage rates did not increase were white males, who were forced to pay more for the good of society. This explains why Trump’s predominantly white male base is so dead against the ACA – they feel no obligation to society and don’t want to pay more into the system. It’s just another case of white male privilege.

So let’s examine the FACTS about Obamacare:

  1. FACT: Coverage rates have increased for women and minorities
  2. FACT: Coverage rates have increased for low-income Americans
  3. FACT: The percentage of Americans with unaffordable healthcare costs has decreased by 4%
  4. FACT: People with preexisting conditions are now getting coverage that would otherwise have been denied

The main reason people are complaining about Obamacare is the increased premiums and reduced coverage of many middle-class plans, but this is the fault of the greedy insurance companies who focus entirely on profit, and not on the general welfare of society. This is why progressives have long advocated a single payer system. If anything, Obamacare has been a shining success in every way – its only real failure was to leave the private sector model in place. The only lasting solution is to hand healthcare completely over to the government. Healthcare is a human right, and should therefore be run by the state, just like food, housing, automobiles, macbooks, iphones, giant lattes and all other human necessities.

Trump needs to admit that Obamacare was a huge success, and his childish attempts to demonize Obama’s healthcare bill only make him look manipulative and pathetic. If he fails to do so, he risks total humiliation as his disaster predictions fail to materialize once again. Democrats need to show their bold support for the ACA, so that when Trump is shown to be wrong yet again, voters will come flocking back to the Democratic Party.


Please, you’re demonstrating your ignorance. Now that the sophist negro is gone, the white devil Trump must be impeached on grounds of paying insurers “cost-sharing subsidies” from the Treasury absent appropriations from congress. I’m the first one to call for Trump’s impeachment. Why not get on the bandwagon? I can understand your reluctance, Federal appropriations law is kind of boring.


I reckon I stunned you into silence, perhaps the first time ever. Please allow me to offer a humble suggestion….

Introduce new color coding for nuts who post nutty comments; ones that fall in a catch-all category labelled stupefying or brainless. I recommend pink, my favorite color. #ilovepink


Trump getting humiliated is worth the price of admission!

Triggered by Deplorable Speciest Rascists
Triggered by Deplorable Speciest Rascists

The rise of the welfare state and socialization of justice have been THE major success stories of the 20th and 21st centuries. Whereas basic health rights and the like was the privilege of the wealthy few, now everyone can enjoy first world healthcare. What can be remotely controversial about this? We need:

– homes built in the Hamptons for the underprivileged. Why should wealthy bankers alone get to enjoy this beautiful spot?
– government owned private jets for the unemployed and homeless so that they can find work
– weekend jobs for teenagers still at school which pay a minimal hourly rate of $50. It is time to put an end to the exploitation of children and casual labour through paying peanuts.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Our Former not orange President said Obama care is more popular than Trump.


Anon, that’s racist Isamaphobia!. Why doesn’t somebody flag that!. MDB is in danger of prosecution in several countries if he permits unflagged hate speech on his site. If there was even a grain of truth in what you say, it would be front page news in every accredited western newspaper!. Stop these provocative lies!.

The falling life expectancy of red necks across the west should be viewed with grim satisfaction by their socially aware moral superiors because of the harm that they/ their forefathers have inflicted on the health of those in and from the third world, not to mention the exploitation of natural resources etc. People in the third world have to breath the atmospheric carbon effluent from the steel plant that Joe Blows (or Fritz Bosch’s) father worked in before it was dismantled and moved to China (because carbon pollution stays in the air forever); it is only right that he should pay reparations to undocumented Americans/Germans and at least guarantee their basic human rights of free accommodation, health care, government education, childcare etc. If that means Joe/Fritz cant afford to have kids so much the better!.

In any case the economic benefits of unlimited immigration into Europe is undeniable, as documented in this Financial Times article by Gideon Rachman.

Who is going to look after childless Fritz in his old age home if there is not a dynamic growing young Muslim population?. As Mr Rachman states, this is post holocaust payback for past demographic imperialism.