Why You Should Be Worried – All The Time

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The accredited media is a watchdog for all things dangerous and concerning, from gun violence and terrorism by lone wolves (not motivated by Islam) to environmental issues, burgeoning economic inequality and foreign conflicts. The media makes sure that all of these pressing issues are on our minds 24/7, and that we focus on wider political issues constantly, rather than selfishly empowering ourselves and pursuing our own dreams.

Some might argue that there has never been a time more safe, prosperous and abundant for humans on this planet, and that we have relatively little to worry about and a myriad of opportunities compared to our ancestors, but that is only if you have no concern for greater societal and social justice issues. Libertarians and conservatives think they’ve already discovered the key to universal prosperity in capitalism, free markets and the family unit, but social justice warriors understand that this will only lead to economic inequality and millions of people like themselves feeling inadequate. Therefore we must worry about poverty, economic misfortune and lack of opportunity all the time, no matter how much more prosperous many poor people are than even kings who lived just hundreds of years ago.

People who say that China and India lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty with capitalist reforms, the greatest reduction in poverty in history, are missing the point. In capitalist western countries, social justice warriors and hippies have lower status than wealthy white conservatives, and can’t afford the latest iPhones and MacBooks – THIS is why they are so unhappy and dissatisfied with life. Why do we have to watch others have things that we can’t have RIGHT NOW without any work??? What kind of life is that???

Foreign conflicts are also a cause for constant concern, from Al-Quaeda and despotic dictators in the Middle East, to Asian conflicts over the South China sea, to the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. These conflicts should worry us as westerners every day, as they directly affect us through complex geopolitical forces only understood by clever political advisers on TV. We live in a GLOBAL WORLD, and therefore EVERY concern of every other nation, is also our concern. Isolationists who say we should stay out of foreign conflicts, at least at a political level, and focus on our own personal interests, are selfish and immoral. These people would sit by and watch while millions of innocent Syrians are bombarded with chemical weapons, and while World War III breaks out over the South China sea! Foreign conflicts should worry and concern us 24/7.

There are also a myriad of social justice issues to worry about. From minorities, womyn, homosexuals and trans people to undocumented citizens, the list of victim groups in need of constant attention and sympathy is ever expanding. Insulated conservatives argue that these groups already have every right that they are entitled to, protected under the law, but social justice warriors understand that the work has only just begun. Just look at the gender pay gap, where womyn earn 70 cents on the dollar compared to men! This couldn’t possibly be because men and womyn behave differently and that these differences have grounding in biology. That line of thinking is HATE. The gender pay gap can only be because of the patriarchy, and therefore we need bold legislation to correct this injustice, and the law should be applied unequally across the country to promote equality. Another thing to worry about!

So get rid of that smug sense of self satisfaction, stop dreaming and achieving, and start worrying about the greater societal and global issues in this world. Our job as western progressives is to worry about others and fix injustices. Only victim groups (everyone except white males) are permitted to pursue their dreams and focus on their own interests, and they deserve congratulations and medals when they do achieve their personal aspirations. There is no time for gratification and personal empowerment, when there is so much worrying to be done!


I lose sleep worrying about things to worry about, as a progressive.

There’s so much inequality even though we are all identically equal in every way except skin color.

Look at the homicide totals this year in Baltimore. I know some would claim that this is a black city government with a black police force, but it’s clear that the cops are racist. Now they are refusing to police the city, which is causing african anger over slavery to boil over because of poverty and lack of “access.” Clearly this can be traced directly back to white people despite that there are so few of them around Bodymore any longer. The racist white supremacist police force killed the innocent saint freddie gray and now they are killing black lives like it’s a shooting gallery.


Your article rings plenty of bells for me.

Most days I endure an extremely high level of anxiety because I KNOW they are out to get me. I don’t know exactly WHO they are or WHAT they want, only that IT could happen at any moment. I’m also incredibly sad, although watching several hundred cat gifs a day helps me pull through. I take plenty of Prozac to alleviate the worst of my condition; despite doing so, I feel triggered a lot of the time and ready to SNAP at some people for no reason.

Marinated Le Pen
Marinated Le Pen

I consulted the experts at WHO, and they say your’s is a clear case of digital starvation. Trump doesn’t believe much in computers or in flu vaccines, so you have to move to a country with a digital cashless economy, with free wi-fi in public loos, surveillance cameras everywhere, and who require you to take permission and provide your biometric ID to wipe your own ass. That is the only safe way to recuperate.

In the mean time, get on Facebook Live, and make sure to tear huge chunks of meat when you SNAP at people. We need to see more gore than Al Gore. Lick your Prozac, which shows that you are ready to lick and honor the FDA at all times.


The secret to rid yourself of anxiety is: (a) go to youtube, (b) max the volume, then (c) put Ted Cruz speeches on infinite re-play.


Too much vegan and tofu. And I suspect your anti-anxiety meds need to be doubled.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

I feel you missed an important point in this article. It is important that you worry all the time but it is essential that you convey these fears to others.
If you or a friend have small children you need to share with them that the president is an idiot who is trying to kill them. Let them know they may die tomorrow due to a war or from the poisonous environment. You need to let them know that they have white privilege and thus must step aside so others can pass them. Let them know that police and other authority figures are the enemy and not to be respected.
Dress them in protest clothing, Teach them rebellion and resistance is the only answer. Take them with you to protests and marches.
Discuss it with all the adults you know. Post to every medium you can. So much to do and so little time.


Marinated Le Pen
Marinated Le Pen

One of FBI’s agents working in the basement found a perfect DNA match of the black assailant 5000 years later?