Our Debt To The Military Industrial Complex


Since the end of World War 2, and the removal of the Nazi threat, our great corporations having been working side by side with the Government to ensure fascism will never find a home in our nation. We have faced down many other powerful enemies, too, notably the likes of Saddam Hussein, architect of 9/11, and countless others. If we and our fellow world citizens sleep peacefully at night, we have our so-called Military Industrial Complex to thank.

In their ignorance, libertarians express hatred for the likes of Halliburton, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Mechanics et al; they claim that every dollar which is spent on tanks, missiles, guns, warships, submarines etc. is a dollar that could have been used to alleviate the plight of our citizens who are sick, hungry, unemployed, homeless, under-educated or addicted.

This argument is weak, and we can even use facts to prove it. Take Lockheed Martin, for example, which employs over 123,000 people in the manufacture of vital defense equipment. But for the jobs which Lockheed Martin has created for its employees, these individuals may well be without food, shelter or suffering from terrible wasting diseases. Worse still, if we did not have the means to defend ourselves, we would be invaded in an instant and our streets would be riddled with Putin’s soldiers.

Undaunted, the libertarians change tack. They use outrageous conspiracy theories to claim that the owners of these arms manufacturers are part of the ‘same 1%’ who own our largest financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, media groups, food manufacturers etc. All of this apparatus apparently comprises a ‘deep state’ which really runs the country rather than our democratically elected leaders. This ‘deep state’ supposedly keeps the nation in total ignorance through devices such as media disinformation, false flags to justify bogus wars, dumbing down of educational standards, promoting low-brow culture, assassinations of subversive enemies, fluoridation of the water etc. etc.

To which we say that extraordinary allegations require extraordinary proof. It seems highly unlikely that a population of 320 million people, living under the world’s best education system, could ever be fooled in this way. Were anyone even to attempt such a a luciferean plot, we are confident that our citizens would throw down their collective iPhones, iPads, remote controls etc. and take to the streets in protest. That this has not happened can only mean that the conspiracy theories have it wrong.

We therefore must thank the likes of Halliburton, Bechtel, Lockheed for keeping this nation safe and free. Other countries are also indebted for the freedoms they enjoy.

Sadly, being the world’s policeman is often a thankless task. The United States gets criticised when it helps sovereign countries to preserve the peace; yet we are admonished if we do nothing!

The truth is that military intervention works. Whilst the death of each and every service person is to be regretted, we know that their life-force was extinguished for a Good Cause. Imagine what state Libya and Iraq would be in today had we not lent assistance to these countries at their time of need. The only reason Assad does not use sarin gas against his people each and every day is because he knows we are watching his every move.

North Korea: don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you. We’re coming very soon.

EDIT: It has been suggested by one commentator that ‘all of the employees of the corporations you mentioned are a bunch of white and yellow dudes hellbent on keeping the rest of us down. However, as the following photos (taken when the employees were unaware there was a photographer in their midst) from the corporations’ websites show, Lockheed et al are committed to diversity and community outreach.

Lockheed Martin: helping the kids
Per Lockheed Martin’s website “Diversity and inclusion are the foundation of our culture, and reflect our values of doing what’s right, respecting others and performing with excellence. By leveraging our employees’ unique talents and experiences, we deliver innovative, affordable solutions and unparalleled customer value.”

Finally, where would we be without the BEAGLES?

No, not the dogs, silly! We’re referring to Boeing: BEAGLES
Boeing Employees Association of Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender Employees and Friends

IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)
IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)

FACTS? Don’t you realize that its not the facts that matter…. Feelings and emotions are what needs to control society because we all are great people on the inside. Besides I’m sure all of the employees of the corporations you mentioned are a bunch of white and yellow dudes hellbent on keeping the rest of us down. This article really offends me….


This article brings a tear to my eye. These companies are out there defending our freedoms and helping agencies like the NSA keep track of all the myriad of threats plaguing our cellphones and emails. These corporations and their executives give so much to us and we should be so thankful.


Yes, these foreign interventions KEEP US SAFE. The only way to defend our nation is to engage in constant excursions overseas, while having an open border at home and welcoming in Muslim refugees by the thousands.


Couldn’t have said it better.


Wow looks like the Accredited Times trio of of you myself and Rich is back today! Great article as usual. Without military contractors and their banker shareholders, how could we possibly continue our successful humanitarian interventions in the Middle East?? Without them, Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein would still be in power, and Lybia and Iraq would still be a total mess instead of the shining metropolises that they are today, with rights for womyn and homosexuals. Now it’s Syria’s time to be liberated, and then Iran. We will not stop until the ENTIRE Middle East (except Israel) has been liberated!

Voltare Marx Martinovsky
Voltare Marx Martinovsky

These evil Libertarians are really Machiavellian operatives hell bent on creating a new era of personal selfishness where people are allowed to frivolously spend their own money the way they see fit. How can our glorious leaders be expected to create the best of all possible worlds when incomes and spending are not controlled and distributed properly by qualified elites. Their opposition to the military-industrial complex is just one example of the bankruptcy of their belief system.


Libertarians just want so-called “successful” people to keep all of their money instead of giving back to the people who helped them succeed, like social justice warriors, single mothers and minorities from the hood.


It’s great to hear about these companies and how diversity is at the very heart of their mission. Thanks Pbier.