The Law Of Attraction – How Doomers Attract Doom


After perusing the right-wing financial site Zerohedge for years in an attempt to educate conservatives and libertarians about progressivism, I came to the realization that these people are almost entirely negative about everything. They literally revel in negativity and cynicism, and it almost seems like they have nothing nice to say about anything. Right-wingers live in a state of constant fear and paranoia, always looking for the next disaster, and attempting to prepare for it – a totally defensive mindset. They rarely focus on what they want, and mostly focus on avoiding what they don’t want. Those of you who understand the law of attraction will know that this is a recipe for disaster.

The law of attraction states that negative thoughts attract negative outcomes and positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. But preppers live and breathe negativity, and in doing so attract the very negative outcomes that they try to avoid, living in a constant state of survival and desperation. In their bid to avoid the various disaster scenarios that they constantly envision, conservatives and libertarians voted for Donald Trump, the most incompetent and corrupt president in US history. And in doing so, they have once again brought about the very disasters they were intent on avoiding. Now affordable healthcare has been repealed, and the economy tinkers on the brink of disaster as millions of undocumented American citizens face deportation.

Conservatives have brought about the very things they fear, because they focused on what they didn’t want, not on what they did want. Party pooper conservatives ruin everything for everyone by being negative all the time, and it’s time for them to change their attitude or simply disappear.


Good one MDB – alt-right losers lost half their money on silly silver coins. Doom gloom and bust.

Meanwhile Goldman shares have doubled – thank you Holder and thank you Obama.


If the Law of Attraction works as stated, these right wing nutjobs are going to attract Planet X/ Nibiru, the Lizard men and the Grays (not Gray-As) all at the same time. Their Gold Eagles, monster boxes of Silver coins and ‘ammo’ will be a fat lot of good then!


Exactly – they’re prepping for Armageddon but according to their homophobic book Armageddon’s the end of the world. What good will some silly silver do then?