A Comprehensive List Of Human Rights


The concept of human rights was invented thousands of years ago by African philosophers, who envisioned a world in which every human is treated fairly and given the resources they require to live a happy and fulfilling life. Throughout most of modern history however, the concept has been applied only to things that don’t require someone else to provide you with the fruits of their labor. But this has since changed, and with this change has come an ever expanding new list of human rights, which evolves to include every new gadget and invention that hits the market. Below is a rough list of human rights that everyone is entitled to – if you believe I’ve missed out anything important, please add it in the comments below!

  1. To live and vote in America or any other western country, and enjoy a first world standard of living, regardless of race, religion or documentation
  2. To claim welfare, medical and food assistance in a western country
  3. A well-maintained house or apartment in an area of your choice
  4. An iPhone with a reasonable phone contract
  5. A macbook pro with a fast internet connection
  6. Two months of paid leave and two vacations a year
  7. Work hours no longer than 9:00 – 5:00 with an hour’s lunch break
  8. To have a sex change and realize your true gender identity, at the taxpayer’s expense
  9. Free jumbo size lattes and cappuccinos
  10. An education in a subject of your choice, and a guaranteed high-paying job in your field of interest after graduation
  11. Travel allowance in the form of a car or subsidized Uber account
  12. Reparations from all white people in the present for any wrongdoing committed by some white people in the past against others who share genetic traits with you
  13. Reparations from all white men in the present for any perceived wrongdoing by powerful law-making men in the past
  14. To be equal in wealth, beauty and status to those in the upper echelons of society
  15. To not be judged or discriminated against in any way, if you’re a member of a victim group
  16. To not hear words you don’t like, if you’re a progressive
  17. To not have anyone find you unattractive at a particular weight, if you’re a woman
  18. To practice your religion and evangelize others in any country you like, if you’re not Christian
  19. To have your disability catered for in every institution, public and private, even if very few people share it
  20. To make any health choices you want and receive treatment for the resulting ailments at the taxpayer’s expense

Here’s an important human right: to have a paid public holiday for every one of the LGBTQ+ awareness days, just written about.


Seattle has finally recognized that it is fundamental human right to have a tax-payer funded, clean, safe-space, with medical supervision to legally shoot up heroin. When will the rest of the country get with the times and recognize this most basic of human rights?


This was a pretty good list, and shows so much awareness and sensitivity beyond those racist “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” entitlements that were proclaimed by slave owners.

Womyn also have the right to not have any attention given to them by men they actually do not want attention from.


Even if womyn go out wearing next to nothing or in so-called ‘provocative’ or ‘revealing’ outfits, having drunk the vineyard dry, they have the right for men to not engage in any unwanted leering or suggestive comments.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

To allow a female to practice Birth control even if it is post birth. Men have no say in this.

To not have law enforcement anywhere close to me or question me. Unless I need them than I want them pronto.

To have any symbol or figure I find offensive to be removed from public view and destroyed so that no one can view it.

My environment needs to be controlled at a consistent temperature that I find comfortable. Any variation to this is extreme weather caused by man and something must be done.