Happy IDAHO!


We were guilty of forgetting the ACE Awareness Day recently, so we made a special effort not to miss celebrating today’s IDAHO, the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia! Hatred and intolerance is everywhere in society but these three phobias in particular need to be stamped out right now.

Transgenderism is entirely natural. Stamp out transphobia now!

It’s actually pretty difficult to forget IDAHO, because it is always five days before Harvey Milk Day, on May 22, and a full week before Pan (Pansexual and Panromantic) Visibility Day, on May 24!

The whole point of setting aside around hundred days like these each year is to raise awareness.  All too often, the LGBTQ+ communities stay silent in the face of oppression; rarely do you see LGBTQ+ representatives in the media, on the streets, in lobbies.  For just one hundred days (+/- 50), we remember these people and celebrate their diversity.

Happy IDAHO!

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Transpecies activist, new age spiritual guru, author and chief diversity coordinator at the Accredited Times.

Happy IDAHO everyone!!


Can you believe that the corner shop down the road from me doesn’t employ ONE SINGLE TRANS PERSON?? I’m calling the police to report this anti-diversity crime right now!



I have had my awareness raised now and I am going to systematically categorize all of the establishments I see that do not have IDAHOs working for them and this list will come in handy after the Revolution succeeds, comrade.


After the progressive revolution prevails we can impose Sharia Law, which grants the most rights to the LGBTQ+ community.

Marinated Le Pen
Marinated Le Pen

Where did you work before, the TSA? You could just walk into a random store, inspect the employees, confirm that they are not transgenders, and then wet your diapers in rage? Looks like the TSA train their people well.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

An un confirmed source reported that Lil Shopping Lucy has not been able to comment so far today because she was so excited she awoke to wish her black sleeping companion Happy IDAHO day.
As Reported He said ” Biach you da Ho every day”
She became so distraught during the ensuing argument she began beating her face on his fists.
Let’s wish her well.


So this is a what…lets ridicule weird people cause we bored? Yea if you dont know those weird people its easy to ridicule them,
But if you had a eccentric person living next door to you and he turned out to be a great Neighbor how long would you be offended by his purple hue or the way he dresses
GROW UP PEOPLE! You cant be a 14 year old jerk your whole life! OH WAIT…SURE YOU CAN!
As long as you surround yourself with jerks that like to bully people BECAUSE YOU WERE BULLIED IN JR HIGH TOO!! So you need to continue it till your bitter last days of your life
..oh well..



May I bring the communities attention to this potentially important paper, being flagged as a ‘hoax’ by far right bloggers:

Abstract: Anatomical penises may exist, but as pre-operative transgendered women also have anatomical penises, the penis vis-à-vis maleness is an incoherent construct……


This ‘hoax’ passed review by accredited peers (it looks legitimate to me – is it a hoax or a double bluff showing just how dumb haters are?).

Better tighten up the editorial policies to make sure nothing slips through here.

Marinated Le Pen
Marinated Le Pen

This has been exposed as a hoax by the authors themselves, who wrote the paper using pen-names that got accepted in a “peer-reviewed” journal – http://www.skeptic.com/reading_room/conceptual-penis-social-contruct-sokal-style-hoax-on-gender-studies/ .

It is a shame, that such eloquence as the following is really a hoax.
It is also observable in the hypermale-performative behavioral
trope of “manspreading,” that is, inconsiderately spreading his legs too widely in public, for example on public transport such as planes, trains, and automobiles, especially subways and buses. The usual excuse given for manspreading is centered directly in the conceptual penis as a male social dis-
course: the (anatomical) penis and testicles are attributed as needing space in order to facilitate the male individual’s “comfort.” This behavior, seen from the perspective of the (conceptual) penis as a (performative) social construct, is clearly a dominating occupation of physical space, akin to raping
the empty space around him, that is best understood via the
machismo braggadocio isomorphism to toxic hypermasculinity (Perkins, 2015).

This is pure poetry!


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