Diverse Methods Of Courting Women


Before I checked my privilege, I had a very limited view of how a man was supposed to court a woman. Patriarchal western movies had taught me that taking her on a date, giving her flowers and getting to know her were all essential parts of the process. But recently I was chatting to a Thai air hostess I’m dating, who lives in the very progressive country of Qatar, and to my shock she revealed that the courting methods there and in other progressive developing countries she has visited are far more romantic, and put our western standards to shame.

In the Arab world, most marriages are arranged, and there is no dating whatsoever. Families will simply sell their sons and daughters off to accredited partners. This is much more progressive than the way things are done in the west. With arranged marriages, people who would normally be discriminated against based on their looks can still find good partners; so you can be a member of the fat-acceptance movement, and people are forced to accept you. The Arab world also forces womyn to cover up, creating a true egalitarian level playing field where no woman is more attractive than another, and nobody has to feel inadequate or put any effort into improving their appearance – a true progressive dream!

Apparently the Arabs and Indians who approach non-Muslim women will simply hoot and then hold their phones to the window of the car with their number on it, graciously offering women a chance to take down their number and contact them later – how romantic! This shows assertiveness and decisiveness, traits that we know women like very much. This really sets these Arab gentlemen apart from timid white men who ask women on dates.

Others in developing countries will simply approach groups of women and say “hey, let’s be friends”, and then start barking orders at the submissive women too scared to say no. This helps break the ice, and gives unassertive women the opportunity to be with a man they might otherwise be too shy to show any interest in, who is sure to treat her well if he’s not a wife-beating white male. This sounds like a paradise for feminists.

Clearly white men, the architects of rape culture, have a lot to learn from developing countries, and especially the Arab world, about how to court women. Our patronizing habit of buying them dinner and conversing with them just proves how sexist and out of touch we are. It’s time for us to adopt the more straight forward and honest approach of holding your phone to the window, and shouting at every woman you pass, as this is far more cultured and forward-thinking. It’s time to take down the white western patriarchy once and for all, and bring these cultured dating methods to the west, so that western feminists can finally get the proper treatment that they deserve.


Well, we know from their articles in the likes of Huffington Post and the Daily Kos that Western feminists have a deep appreciation for the Arab culture and how superior it is to our patriarchal society; I sometimes wonder why they don’t all move en masse to places like Qatar and Saudi Arabia where they can be treated to very modern romancing techniques.

Some say that Saudi culture frowns on alcohol and drugs, but this can’t be right as I’ve frequently read of women there getting stoned all the time.


We also know that women DO NOT LIKE SEX. They hate it. It’s rape.

If it weren’t, why would they so frequently get drunk, engage in it, and then call it rape a few days later?


Thank goodness that’s not happened to me yet, Trav. Fingers crossed for you in the meantime.

It is definitely better to have arranged marriages so that every single person involved in that relationship consents properly up front (except for the couple itself of course).

Marinated Le Pen
Marinated Le Pen

American marriages, that come out of pure love, expressed by the man who goes on his knees with a diamond ring that he can’t afford, and with a sweet “Will you marry me?” grin, ends up in 60% divorce rates.

The whole love marriage thing is so good, one should do that several times. If possible one should love several likely marriage partners at the same time.