How To Help Our Children Understand The Meaning Of Consent


In the dark unenlightened days of yore, school teachers used to educate our nation’s youth about a range of now antiquated subjects. These days, we have largely consigned mathematics, science, geography and languages to the proverbial dustbin. Children simply do not need to learn anything about algebra, geometry, physics and chemistry; these subjects belong to a by-gone age. Kids really only need to recognise symbols so that they can ‘like’ comments on social media, know how to follow and unfollow friends on Facebook and lrn txt spk.

If religion is to be taught at all, it should not focus on Christianity exclusively (except perhaps in a history lesson, to teach about the wickedness of the Inquisition and the Crusades); rather, our children should be taught comparative religion and understand that there is total moral equivalence between all religions, whether Satanism, Wicca, Islam or Christianity.

In our progressive age, kids are best served by learning about the slave trade, the struggles of Harvey Milk, and about how LGBT people were cruelly discriminated against by the military. They should also learn about important concepts such as consent, and what it means to give and withdraw consent. The Huffington Post has helpfully included a link in an article today to a fantastic educational resource.

In this short but insightful video called ‘Queer kid stuff’, ‘the creator and star Lindsey Amer and her sidekick Teddy….[focus on] massively important topics through an LGBTQ lens ― like consent ― in ways that are both educational and accessible…using toys and a song to help kids conceptualize what may otherwise seem a difficult concept to grasp.’

“Consent is something kids can and should understand from a young age whether it’s about sharing their toys or if they are ok with adults hugging them,” Amer told HuffPost. “Teaching kids about their bodily autonomy sets a precedent for their lives that they can take into adulthood: to respect others’ wishes and have their choices respected in return. This episode is our first foray into pseudo-sex education for our audience and we are really excited to figure out what other topics we can tackle.’

We could not agree more and find nothing troubling or profoundly disturbing about ‘Queer Kid stuff’.  Frankly, if a five year old is already old enough to elect for gender reassignment surgery, it is vital that they are taught the basics of what consent means. If an adult wants to give the kid a hug, possibly a ‘special hug’, the kid needs to learn how exactly to give its consent.


That is such a cool video for kids! No doubt there will be a massive backlash though from uptight conservatives and pedophobes who don’t want to teach young children about sex. Sex is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to teach toddlers! It should be top of the priority list when it comes to education, and progressives understand this, which is why they focus on it constantly.


yes those conservatives are always pointing out “facts” like surveys of actual gay people done by gay people who talk about how they were recruited or groomed by older gays. Seriously??!!? This is just hate, we ALL KNOW that gays are ALL born that way but it’s not a genetic defect or anything that might be treated, because that would be hate.

These right wing bigots talk also about how basically it is the dream of every gay male to have sex with underage boys, effectively that all of them are pedophiles, explaining their songs like YMCA and uncommon desire to be Scoutmasters.

I stand with AT in imploring the government to make consent training and homosexual conduct acceptance mandatory for children just as soon as they can walk. Pedophilia is now just a “different orientation.” We know this now, whereas years ago we though these were sick perverts who needed to be hanged.


We all know that homophobic conservatives are all secretly gay too. The only reason you’d criticize homosexuals is if you were secretly gay.

Marinated Le Pen
Marinated Le Pen

Does that hold true for those who criticize homosexuals through satire?

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Our kids learned about consent from our family dog.
He had a tendency, like most dogs, to hump inappropriate things.
You quickly learn there are various degrees of “NO”.
If he was real excited only a boot to his head would do it.
We had him fixed, but only old age cured it.

IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)
IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)

Guys, I’m cool with and really enjoy/support most of the articles published here, but I have to say this one really is the BEST. I’m so glad that Pbier had the genitalia to write this article showing the Progressive Movement’s dedication to bringing the bona fide truth to even the youngest generation. My only hope is that the “Queer Kid Stuff” videos are made mandatory in all schools both public and private.