It’s Time To End Weight-Based Oppression


Body-shaming overweight and so-called ‘obese’ people is arguably the last acceptable prejudice. Whilst many in society have thankfully (if belatedly) shunned their previous racist, sexist and homophobic outlooks, these same people apparently believe it is perfectly fine to abuse and discriminate against the horizontally-gifted. Instead of understanding, accepting and celebrating fat people for who they are, too many people are quick to judge the obese lifestyle as ‘unhealthy’ or ‘undesirable’, failing to recognise that fatness is a social justice issue.

Since 1969, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) has worked hard to improve the rights and “the quality of life for fat people…[and end] discrimination based on body size and provide fat people with the tools for self-empowerment through advocacy, public education, and support.

NAAFA takes to task the ignorant view, held by many, that fat people are largely (no pun intended) responsible for their own fate; according to this flawed insight, laziness, poor behaviours, lack of self-discipline and willpower, terrible dietary choices, failure to exercise etc. are the cause of obesity. Wrong!

NAAFA wishes to educate society that fat people are not to blame for their body shapes: “Our thin-obsessed society firmly believes that fat people are at fault for their size and it is politically correct to stigmatize and ridicule them. Fat discrimination is one of the last publicly accepted discriminatory practices. Fat people have rights and they need to be upheld!” Quite.

This lady of size is being upheld, but for how long?

Take a walk around your local neighborhood and it is all to easy to see how fat people are discriminated against and stigmatised, sometimes by just the smallest of micro-aggressions:

  • Coffee joints routinely extol the virtues of a ‘skinny latte’ (what’s exactly is wrong with an overweight latté, barista?)
  • Food is much more expensive when you have a prodigious appetite. One Subways sandwich might suffice for a slim person, but someone with greater food needs would have to buy several. We believe it should be mandatory for all food outlets to offer an ‘eat all you want buffet’ option so that each individual can consume according to xer needs
  • Many items of furniture and equipment are simply not built to withstand the additional loading capacities needed to accommodate fat people. How distressing must it be for a large person when a flimsy chair made of oak collapses when sat on, as intended?
  • Shop doorways are often too narrow, meaning that fat people are shamed into entering the stores sideways and can sometimes get painfully stuck at half-way point

We leave the last word to NAAFA:

We Come in All Sizes…
Understand it.
Support it.
Accept it.


This is one of the most unjust forms of discrimination out there. Being fat is NOT a choice – it’s all because of genetics, which exist in this case, but not in the case of race and gender. Being a white male, however, IS a choice, which is why it’s OK to relentlessly single out and blame white males for everything. This is progressive ethics 101.


Being a white male isn’t a choice, however being a male is but only if you started as a female.

But the fact that they are not choices does not absolve you from the need to practice Holocaustianity, which is a requirement for white males to prostrate yourself before jews and PoCs in order to atone for the sin you were born into as a matter of tribal genetics and bloodlines. These things ONLY exist to bind white men to a need to remunerate everyone else for stealing all of the things that for example make the NASM have astoundingly awesome things in it while the native museum next door has 50 wooden canoes. Clearly, items need to be redistributed around these various ethnic museums so that history can show we all shared in technological progress. If that means we credit Sitting Bull with the X-15’s development, that’s fine as it serves progressive goals of inclusiveness.

Stereotyping is wrong which is why ALL white people have privilege and ALL white people are guilty of racism.

About gravitationally-enhanced people, it isn’t their fault! Some idiots may resort to shit like “physics” to explain that adipose tissue is merely an energy intake surplus stored by your body and as a simple matter of calories in vs. calories out, one is overeating to ever have any abundant fat cells. But this misses the point insofar as it attempts to assign personal responsibility to a victim group! You’re not allowed to do that! What would be next, telling the jews that their nonstop predatory business and ethnic nepotism behavior for 1000+ years, along with an inability to get along with anyone combined with their religious ideology making cheating, swindling, lying, and leaving out-group members for dead, culminating in modern religious arguments over whether jews should donate blood being in violation of the Talmud’s proscription to never do anything benefiting a gentile…is the “reason” behind the Holocaust!??!? Do what ANY good progressive would do and that is REJECT any attempt to assign personal responsibility for anything to anyone- except for WHITE MALES who are personally responsible for everything that you dislike while have stolen everything that you do like!

It is the fault of genetics! Genetics DO NOT EXIST when we speak of race, IQ, or even sex, but they DO when we speak of how gravitationally-enhanced members of society are so large. This underscores how liberals and progressives LOVE and WORSHIP science! We had a gd march for science, ffs!


OK, this is getting a little complicated, so let’s break it down:

1. Genetics exist when we are absolving a victim group of responsibility, crediting them with objective superiority or talking about the inferiority of white males

2. Genetics do not exist when we are talking about the superior achievements of white males

3. Choice is important in ethics when we’re talking about fat people being fat by no fault of their own, and pedophiles being minor-attracted by no fault of their own

4. Choice is not important in ethics when we’re morally condemning white males for being white males, who never chose to be white males

5. There are multiple ways to look at being fat or anorexic
a) It’s a social construct and should be encouraged as a form of self-expression
b) It’s a disability, and deserves sympathy
c) It’s a smart lifestyle choice, which should be admired

6. Corporations are evil and exploit their workers, unless they’re trendy companies like Apple or Starbucks

7. We shouldn’t have borders and healthcare is a human right, but we should have a universal healthcare system that only gives healthcare to poor Americans, not people in other countries

8. Russia is a foreign enemy, but nationality doesn’t exist and everybody is an American

9. Bush’s foreign policy was racist and unjust, but Obama’s foreign policy engagements were humanitarian interventions

10. Women should get equal pay and be treated equally, but we should have government programs that focus on WOMEN’S health issues and WOMEN’S issues only, and not men’s issues, but gender is a social construct and there are infinitely many genders

11. Gender stereotypes are immoral and have no biological basis, but it makes sense and is good for trans-females to appear stereotypically female, and trans-males to appear stereotypically male


don’t forget about #10- women are incredibly powerful and capable, but are in need of constant 24×7 protection.


12. White males are terrible people who oppress everybody, but everybody has a RIGHT to live as close to them as possible in a country built by and operated by white males

13. Borders don’t exist, but everybody has a right to live SPECIFICALLY in America, where there are opportunities, rather than in places outside of these imaginary borders

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Frankly, I am tired of all the Overweight people getting the attention.
My anorexic and Bulimic friends are treated much more harshly by society.
Once even close friends or family members discover that you anorexic they go all crazy. Treating it like it an illness rather than a social construct.
My friend, Ralph, was bulimic and was often complimented on how great he looked and how thin he was. Once he was discovered his life changed. People became all concerned on what he was eating and even forced him into a hospital. Rather than compliment him he was stigmatized.
He now has to hide his beautiful skeletal frame under baggie clothing while all the fatties wear spandex.


If anything being fat or anorexic is a disability, which is cool and deserves infinite sympathy in the Current Year. I’ve got 20 diagnosed disabilities for which I’m taking a range of pharmaceutical drugs, so take that! How many disabilities do YOU have?


Anorexics should be given diet pills to support their gravitational fluidity and size identification. We give people who identify as another gender hormones to validate their desires, do we not? Why are we denying anorexics their HUMAN RIGHT to realize their identities!?!??!

Marinated Le Pen
Marinated Le Pen

Jonathan Wells calls “survival of the fittest” as “survival of the fakest”. The current obesity epidemic derives directly from Darwin’s survival of the fittest. For Darwin’s theory to operate in a population, the people should instead of being happy with their health, and relationships in their community, they should project their power, and be happy when they see others in a bad shape. A soldier projecting power in a foreign land on behalf of his imperial masters, looks at the subjugated natives and feels good. Doesn’t matter if he can’t return to his homeland and live a happy life with his family. The soldier can’t, because he is so used to using violence to fix things, and that doesn’t work in a family or small community settings.
People started being taller and well built (when compared to the primitive tribes) with corporate packaged/frozen foods, saw that it was good, and became more fitter by eating more of the packaged foods. Now you can’t tell a fat guy that he can’t walk, or he can’t bend or he can’t climb a tree. Because that would be like shitting on Bill Gates’ face, the hero who brings genetically engineered or over-hybridized foods, and products from big Ag. If we don’t let Bill Gates do God’s work, then Africans will be eating the creepies and crawlies, unlike pure heavenly goodness that the Americans eat.

IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)
IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)

I read a bumper sticker the other day that said “1st Team All-Star Chubby Chaser” and I thought it was great that the driver was bridging the gap with the hefty folks, but as I pulled closer I realized it was a white man behind the wheel and therefore a poor attempt at shaming and hate.