Why Progressives Want Equality, Not Opportunity


It’s no secret that we on the left have a scarcity mindset, and spend most of our time envying others and demanding that things are equal. Rather than encouraging human achievement and excellence in ourselves and others, we worry about what we don’t have, and what we want but don’t have the inclination to work for, or feel that we shouldn’t have to work for. We don’t really appreciate the fact that many poor people in western countries today enjoy lives that are better than what even kings could imagine a couple of hundred years ago. Instead, our discontent only grows, and we continue to fret about societal injustices and deep philosophical concepts that transcend our supposedly wonderful reality.

I think it’s safe to say that we progressives weren’t cut out for this cut-throat capitalist world, where every individual has the freedom to own property, choose their own relationships, and forge their own path in life. Capitalists see opportunity as a blessing and a chance to excel, but we see it as a threat to our feelings. When we see success, it feels like someone throwing salt on our wounds, taunting us with what we don’t have. Money is the root of all evil, because we want it so much, and don’t feel like we can get it. And because we don’t feel like we can get it, we don’t, making us feel even more inadequate and making us even more bitter and resentful. We want everyone to be equal, and we want everyone to win, so that we don’t have to feel bad!

As progressives, we feel deeply inadequate and cannot stand the fact that some people have more than us, even though we have more than even kings did a mere couple of hundred years ago. We don’t want people to be happy and successful – the wealthy have no right to be content. There is injustice in the world, and if you’re wealthy, you should feel guilty and ashamed of yourself! But what do successful people do instead? They laugh in our faces and smile everyday, refusing to see our pain! Well, if successful and happy people won’t see our pain, then we’ll just have to make them see it.

Christianity, Buddhism and the law of attraction teach us to express gratitude every day for what we have, and to focus on the things and people we desire and love, rather than on our inadequacies; but we simply can’t let our insecurities go. They gnaw away at us daily, and torment us. We have to tear down those who seek to rise above the proletariat and reach for the stars. We have to stop them, because they make us feel terrible. They have privilege for goodness’ sake – they need to feel guilty and stop making us feel bad, now!


Competitive people should face criminal hate-crime and hate-speech charges. It’s abominable how they make others feel.



This is exactly why I won’t date white boys – they are so competitive with their jobs and cars. How do they think it makes the people who they are oppressing feel????

Inclusiveness is what counts 🙂


Personal feelings aside, accredited sociologists who are backed by top economists agree that a country is happiest when there few inequalities. Whilst it might upset a small number of wealthy individuals to have their fortunes socialised, it will be to the benefit of the majority and, in time, those who become nouveau pauvre, will be happier than before