10 Policy Recommendations In Response To The Manchester Bombing


In the wake of the recent bombing in Manchester, England, a hotbed of Islamophobia and pro-Brexit racism, many progressives are worried about the impact this might have on the lives of peaceful innocent Muslims living in the West. But since people are demanding action in response to this unfortunate incident, the Accredited Times’ political team has put together a list of policy recommendations to reduce the likelihood of this tragedy recurring. 

  1. Give intelligence agencies more tools to monitor suspicious activity on the internet 
  2. Allow police to wiretap suspicious telephone calls without a warrant
  3. Introduce regular police patrols with random pat downs and strip searches, without racial or religious profiling of any kind
  4. Introduce community outreach programs to help integrate Muslims into Western society
  5. Educate non-Muslims on Islamic customs and cultural practices, to improve social cohesion and reduce conflict
  6. Work to fight Islamophobia and racism, which only exacerbates the problem and causes more isolation, hatred and resentment
  7. Produce leaflets educating Muslims that it is not appropriate to collectively judge a large group of people and indiscriminately assault and kill them
  8. Work to fight ISIS overseas while inviting as many military-age Muslim men into the West as possible
  9. Overthrow regimes that are also fighting ISIS like Syria and Russia, as they complicate foreign affairs
  10. Consult Muslim community leaders, including radical Imams, on the best ways to tackle extremism

As London’s Muslim mayor has pointed out, Westerners need to accept terrorism as part and parcel of living in a modern, multicultural society. But as we become accustomed to these occasional tragedies, there will of course be understandable anger and resentment. It’s important for us to stay calm and collected during these events, and resist the urge to accuse any particular group of committing these crimes at a greater rate than any other group. In the long run, what is needed to heal these divisions is unity, peace and understanding, as it is only through love, not hate, that we can truly create the diverse multicultural paradise that we all want to live in.


London’s Muslim mayor is spot on; yes, there are the occasional unpleasant incidents and these are to be expected. However, there are some ‘glass half-empty’ people who focus exclusively on these without also taking into account all the benefits of cultural enrichment, which are far too numerous to list here.


These are all lone wolves.

The real victims are the muslims who will possibly hear mean things said to them.