Addressing Motivational Privilege


My favourite blog (after AT, of course) is Everyday Feminism, which provides the only lens through which I can begin to make sense of this crazy world. I strongly urge AT readers to spend a few moments each day digesting the deep wisdom of the articles categorised under the headings “FEM 101″, ” Trans & GNC”, “LGBTQIA”, “Race”, among others. It pains me to think that a simple thing like lack of financial resources threatens the very existence of this Cybersisterhood community.

Some of the wisest of all the wise articles published by Everyday Feminism relate to privilege (see link here). This blog contains literally hundreds of writings categorised under ‘privilege’, which explain how variously being white, male, able, Christian, light-skinned, thin etc. afford deep privileges in life which such individuals need to check RIGHT AWAY!

Whilst I have only glanced at the first 400 or so ‘privilege’ articles on the EF site, it struck me that an important privilege is strangely missing and not written about: the privilege of being motivated in life.

Through no fault of their own, Motivationally-Deficient Individuals (MDIs) suffer in life as they do not have the same advantages as those who feel able to get up each morning with a sense of purpose and energy. Cruelly referred to as ‘lazy’ or ‘layabouts’, and told to ‘get on your bike, sunshine’, MDIs are greatly oppressed and are real victims of a society which moves ahead without them.

Because they have little motivation to work, articulate their thoughts or even to study, MDIs end up being the poorest, least represented and educated individuals in our country, often existing on or below the breadline. They also get bed sores, which is physically debilitating.

There is a simple yet powerful way for this oppression to end. Motivated individuals need to check their privilege and hand over their wallets to the MDIs.


Wow this is such an important one, because it discredits one of the most harmful conservative ideas of all – personal responsibility. How can we be equally responsible for improving our circumstances when some people naturally have more motivation than others, because of genetics (which exist in this case because they are being used to justify a progressive narrative)?

You didn’t build that! You were just gifted with more motivation and drive than the millions of victimized MDI’s!


In fact, maybe we as accredited journalists need to check our privilege here, because we don’t actually deserve any credit for writing these articles. We were just blessed with the motivation and ability to do so.

Anyone who has ever achieved anything is privileged, and the more you’ve done with your life, the more privileged you are! Being a progressive is not about being grateful for the life you’ve been given, and working to make the most of it. It’s about being resentful about what you DON’T have, and dealing with that envy through complaining and protesting, instead of personal responsibility, which is a relic of the white capitalist patriarchy used to oppress the proletariat!

Black Flies Matter
Black Flies Matter

Look where motivation got us people! Too the MOON!!! For what??? NOTHING!!!

Ginko Biloba
Ginko Biloba

Finally I’m a victim!!! I cant wait to tell everyone