The Alt Right Attempts To Rewrite The History Of South Africa


Much has been circulating in the alternative media about the supposed “true history” of South Africa, which was liberated from tyrannical white rule two and a half decades ago. Alt right racists and fake news peddlers are arguing that South Africa is somehow on the same trajectory as Zimbabwe (as if this is a bad thing) and that the liberation has led to decreases in living standards for both blacks and whites. They also argue that the true history of whites in South Africa has been obfuscated and rewritten to make whites look like spiteful racists who invaded an established, populous nation and just wanted to oppress black people for their own sadistic pleasure. But from the accredited media and numerous musicians who sang songs like “free Nelson Mandela” in the 80’s, we know that their view of history simply cannot be correct.

Racist right-wingers are now telling fabricated stories about how whites have been in South Africa longer than they have been in America, and that when they originally landed in the Cape, it was sparsely populated with roaming lighter-skinned peoples known as the Khoisan, who are distinct from the Bantu Africans from further north. According to these charlatans, whites lived side by side with these people with minimal conflict, until the Bantu people migrated south and killed most of them. If this was true, then the current majority population of South Africa would in fact be responsible for killing off the native peoples of what was originally South Africa. But this turns the progressive narrative on its head, absolves whites of a crime, and blames a victim group, and therefore by the laws of identity politics, cannot be true.

These racists argue that if the British hadn’t stopped the Zulu expansion in the north east, the Xhosa peoples would likely have been wiped out. But we know that African tribes lived in peace with one another before the white man came with war and disease, just like the Native Americans, so this is obviously false too.

And as if that’s not bad enough, these awful right-wingers are claiming that the resources stolen from Africa and other countries had no utility before Europeans invented the technology to extract, process and utilize them. Excuse me? We know that oil and other natural resources were very useful to native tribes before white people came, and they were extracting and using these materials in all kinds of innovative ways.

Luckily though, through the white man’s tricknology, the high mortality rate of Africans has been massively reduced, and their fertility rate remains high as ever, causing an unprecedented rise in the black population, not just in South Africa, but globally. And because whites aren’t breeding-machines like many other races, and modern democracies have one vote per person, the interests of whites in the world are rapidly becoming insignificant, which according to CRT, can only be a good thing.

We progressives think in terms of narratives, not facts and statistics, and our narrative states that white South Africans are invaders, contributed nothing to the country, and are just mean and nasty people who got (paid) slave labor to build all their wealth for them. This is the narrative, and therefore no amount of reason and evidence can convince us otherwise, because criticizing such a narrative would be racist. And because whites contributed precisely nothing to South Africa, the now freed native population should be able to produce just as much wealth on their own for themselves, as they did for their white masters, who paid them market salaries for low skill labor. So it’s time for the rightful people of South Africa to get these parasitical good-for-nothing whites off their backs and start creating a truly prosperous country. Since whites are selfish parasites who stole everything, the country should do just fine, and in fact better, without them.


That certainly mirrors what I saw when I was there.

South Africa now is trying economy-enhancing steps like putting large holes in many roads in order to crack down on inattentive driving. This should hugely reduce accidents and fatalities by forcing drivers to pay attention, slow down, and dodge holes the size of moon craters in order to prevent catastrophic damage to their vehicles.

Also, rolling blackouts of electricity to force people to go outside and integrate with one another. Without AC and other electrical appliances, people will be forced out of their segregated homes and into the community areas where harmony and tolerance will spring forth, which means of course, violent attacks against whites, even if like Amy Biehl she was a staunch supporter of blacks!

Regarding The Narrative, blacks are black and so they are all the same in terms of inheriting all of the victim attribution of any other black at any time. This is because they’re all black and by virtue of being nonracist, can be lumped together and stereotyped so long as there is a benefit to them for it. What appeared, for example to be a racial genocide in Rwanda, was actually the white man’s fault as usual. Blacks in RSA have every right to be there even though many are descendants from people who SUPPOSEDLY were illegal immigrants! Can you imagine the audacity of white racists to claim that blacks by the THOUSANDS migrated INTO the “brutal oppression” of South Africa from further north every year? It beggars belief that blacks would EVER go to a place with roads, hospitals, welfare, electricity, away from the harmony of central and west africa, to be BRUTALLY OPPRESSED by having laws applied to them and not having the right to vote!

Africans are always in harmony until the white man observes them! Same as the native americans…like the shawnee, cheyenne, and sioux, in complete harmony and not total genocidal war. The bantus and zulus are simply being given a bad rap by racist whites who want to point out that primitive native peoples are typically in a state of absolute war against one another, which cannot be regarded or admitted as true because of the LAWS of Identity.


Sir Rubber Spear
Sir Rubber Spear

When will the alt-right ever realize that it’s always the fault of evil white people? Can’t they just understand the truth-feel of it?

Maurice Miner
Maurice Miner

Everyone misses the most important aspect of the white invasion of RSA – the destruction of the flying pyramids! Show me a single remaining pyramid in South AfriKKKa (flyable or otherwise), I dare you!

The white invaders have purposefully destroyed any pre-invasion historical artifact, just as they did in Palmyra, with deafening silence from the Western World. Simply reprehensible.